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The smallest in the range of vehicles from Volvo, the FL is seen as solid and dependable, two qualities which everyone would hope for when buying a truck. Initially, some trucks within the FL range operated at 7.5 tonnes GVW, although that has now changed to a far more capacious 12 tonnes GVW, increasing up to 18 tonnes.

After undergoing a total revamp in 2006, the Volvo FL range has a wide choice of cabs available, not to mention engines, gearboxes and even the amount of power you can extract from each engine. Some of the older FL models still sell pretty well, even though they can seem a little basic by comparison to the post-2006 trucks. They’re best for use as recovery and tipper vehicles.

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Volvo FM  12 6 X 2 DRAWBAR SPEC FLATBED/CRANE - 2006 - CU06
Volvo FM 12 6 X 2 DRAWBAR SPEC FLATBED/CRANE - 2006 - CU06 £11,750.00
2006 | Crane Vehicles | 18000kg Volvo FM Series Globetrotter Twin Sleeper Cab. Volvo D12D-420 Bhp Turbo Air To Air Charge Cooled Euro 3 Engine. Volvo Engine Brake (V.E.B.). Volvo 14 Speed Syncromesh Manual Gearbox. Volvo Single Reduction Drive Axle C/w Diff Lock. ECAS Front And Rear Axle Air Suspension c/w In Cab Controls. Gearbox Driven Rear Mounted Atlas 92.2 Crane C/w Dual Controls And Front And Rear Hydraulic Stabiliser
Walker Movements
Volvo FL FL220
Volvo FL FL220 POA
2006 | Tankers | 18000kg Whale medium volume tipping jet vac P 32142 with rear hydraulic jetting real and side auxilary jetting hose as well as gully armMoT Due Jul 15log book present
Hopkinsons Fairdeals Ltd
Volvo FL FL220
Volvo FL FL220 POA
2006 | Tankers | 18000kg Whale 1800 gallon medium volume combination jet vac with gully arm; rear hydarualic jetting real and side auxilary jetting hose; Eminox exhaustMoT Due March 15log book present
Hopkinsons Fairdeals Ltd
Volvo FL 220
Volvo FL 220 POA
2004 | Tankers | 18000kg Whale P31617 medium volume 1800 gallon jet vac with pusher plate and rear hydraulic jetting hose as well as auxilary jetting hose and boomMoT Due Oct 14log book present
Hopkinsons Fairdeals Ltd
Volvo FL 240
Volvo FL 240 POA
2006 | Tractor Unit
Expert Truck Dismantlers & Sales
Volvo FL 220
Volvo FL 220 POA
2007 | Tractor Unit
Expert Truck Dismantlers & Sales
Volvo FL 280
Volvo FL 280 £28,500.00
2009 | Sweeper 2009/58 FL 280 4x2 Fitted with Scarab Hydrostatic Twin Sweeper with Power Wash. Direct local Council, new brushes all around, Cab air-con, 126K from new, super clean £28,500+VAT
Trucks R Us
Volvo FL 290
Volvo FL 290 POA
2010 | Tractor Unit | 40000kg 2010(60) FL4x2, 290 Bhp, Euro 5, Medium duty day cab, Urban Artic,I-Sync Automatic, 3.5m WB, 26t GCW, very tidy, low kmsTRAILER: 2011, One Major drinks company owner, Tested till June 2018, Gross weight is 20,340kgs, Dhollandia platform tail lift, Anderson socketLeft Hand Drive
Volvo FL 290
Volvo FL 290 POA
2012 | Tractor Unit | 40000kg 2012(62) FL4x2, 290 Bhp, Euro 5, Mediumduty day cab, UrbanArtic, I-Sync Automatic,3.5m WB,26t GCW, verytidy, low kms,TRAILER: 2011, One Major drinks company owner, Tested till June 2018, Gross weight is 20,340kgs, Dhollandia platform tail lift, Anderson socketLeft Hand Drive
Volvo FL 180
Volvo FL 180 £4,750.00
S Chamberlain Ltd
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Click on the dates in the timeline below to view interesting events in the Volvo FL's history. Click on the circles in the timeline to view key model updates and face lifts
New FL Launched
More than just a facelift, the FL got a new cab with three size options, day, comfort and crew cab. For operation at 12, 15 or 16 tonnes GVW, the FL uses a 7-litre at 240 or 280hp
Second generation launched
Latest version of the FL launched, with engines to meet Euro 6 requirements.
FL Series Introduced
The FL6 was the first truck in the FL range (Forward control Light cab), taking over from the F4
FL12 Introduced
Primarily aimed at high payload tipping work, the FL12 was a 12-litre and a lightweight cab.
FL Revised again
The FL kept the cab but got a brand new chassis along the same lines as the FM and FH Trucks

Before 2006, the engines available with the FL series were 6-litre Volvo D6B diesels equipped with power ranging from 180bhp to 250bhp. Post-2006, the new engine was a 7-litre Volvo D7F engine with 240bhp, 260bhp or 280bhp, making it considerably more powerful to help cope with the increased payload.

Before the FE range was launched, the FL was available as a tractor unit, a 6x2 chassis unit or even as an 8x4 tipper with a whopping 10-litre engine. This model was known as the Volvo F10, which is still available if you look hard enough for a used model. They’re still surprisingly common on the roads today.Volvo FL Euro 6

In terms of cab choice, there are three options for the newer FL trucks – a day cab, a medium cab and a crew cab. The latter is probably the best choice for recovery trucks, while a medium cab has enough capacity for a small crew. Each cab is pretty well-equipped with security and entertainment features coming as standard.

Suspension depends purely on which FL truck you decide to buy. With the FL L, you get 19.5in wheels for light distribution, while the medium-sized FL M truck has a steel suspension with 22.5in wheels, ideal for use as a skip or tipper. The Volvo FL H (Heavy) truck comes with either steel or air suspension, useful for light construction jobs.

Volvo FL in a nutshell

The Volvo FL, despite being relatively small, is capable of doing various jobs, but seems to come into its own as a tipper or skip.

The Volvo FL range of trucks is the most compact variety it offers at the moment, making them ideal for urban use where things such as agility and efficiency are invariably important. And the FL models with vacuum tank bodies attached can come into play in a variety of situations when high volumes of fluid substances need to be transported with minimum fuss. Used Volvo FL vacuum tank trucks are up for sale, with these compact models proving durable enough to cope with the demands of multiple owners over the years. And as with any truck that features a vacuum tank on the rear, you need to look at the functionality of this hydraulically operated unit as well as any other features which may require maintenance.

The cabs available for the FL vacuum tank family include a standard day cab along with a comfort cab and the all-important crew cab, the latter of which is capable of accommodating a full team of workers in a single trip. Under the skin you can find modern engines ranging in power from 210bhp to 280bhp, while both manual and automatic gearboxes are on offer. In general, these trucks weigh in at the 18-tonne mark, and recent models are available alongside those that have been operating for a longer period, ensuring that the range of prices is suitably varied.

The vacuum tank body on a Volvo FL will usually be mounted with a tipping mechanism to allow vertical elevation of the front end for improved performance during evacuation. A rear-mounted hydraulic hose can dispense the contents of the tank efficiently, while models will also come equipped with an auxiliary hose built on one side for added convenience. The primary hose can come with a gully arm to give the truck added reach, so check that this mechanism is in full working order, along with any other systems that are crucial to the consistent operation of this vehicle. A medium- to high-volume Volvo FL vacuum tank can hold around 1800 gallons or more, so of course the volume you pick should be determined by your requirements.

Driver comfort is a given for most modern trucks, especially those that are part of Volvo’s FL range such as the vacuum tank models on sale here. But this manufacturer has also integrated many components which are designed to make life easier for the person behind the wheel and any passengers. The latest version of the FL vacuum tank truck can feature impressive features such as regenerative braking, automated diagnostics, Euro V and VI engines for competitive fuel consumption and also features to make maintenance less of a hassle. So when it comes to hitting the road repeatedly without much downtime, this type of truck should be an economical option.

If you are buying a second-hand Volvo FL vacuum tank truck, then make sure that things such as a recent MOT certificate and a well-ordered logbook are present to give you information about its history and also confidence in its future.

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