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Rather than investing in a full truck, you may decide to buy a used Volvo tractor unit to accommodate the trailer body of your choice. And in terms of cost-effectiveness this can certainly be the most attractive option available. Large reliable tractor units are available from Volvo, with multiple cab options and a range of engine types hiding within. Long-distance vehicles with expanded fuel tanks can be sought out, while there are also more compact alternatives for more basic distribution and delivery duties.

Volvo is a reputable manufacturer and one whose second-hand trucks can be trusted to go the distance. But each used tractor unit should be treated on its own terms, while buyers must bear their own needs in mind to successfully navigate this market.

The Volvo FM family of tractor units can take its place in an array of different deployments, allowing for both short- and long-haul trips that make it suitable for domestic and transcontinental use. As such, you can find used models with a lot of road miles under their belts but plenty of power left under the surface. Sleeper cabs are common, and you can find efficient Euro IV and V engines combined with things such as cruise control, digital tachometers, air suspension and disc brakes to make the driver's job easier. Power ranges from 330hp to 500hp, with turbo systems and advanced cooling helping to ensure engines are reliable.

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Volvo FH 13.480 Globe XL, I-Shift, Choice of 2
Volvo FH 13.480 Globe XL, I-Shift, Choice of 2 POA
2007 | Tractor Unit | 44000kg Globe Trotter CL Cab, I-Shift Gearbox, Twin Bunk, Over Haad Storage, Air Conditioning, 6x2 Mid Lift, Low KMS, Tested, Sliding 5th Wheel, Choice of 2, Very Clean Trucks, Call!
Dixon Commercial Exports Ltd
Volvo FH 13.480 Globe XL, I-Shift, Choice of 2
Volvo FH 13.480 Globe XL, I-Shift, Choice of 2 POA
2007 | Tractor Unit | 44000kg Globe Trotter CL Cab, I-Shift Gearbox, Twin Bunk, Over Haad Storage, Air Conditioning, 6x2 Mid Lift, Low KMS, Sliding 5th Wheel, Choice of 2, Very Clean Trucks, Call!
Dixon Commercial Exports Ltd
Volvo FM  12 460
Volvo FM 12 460 £7,950.00
2005 | Tractor Unit | 44000kg Front Suspension:Springs - Rear Suspension:Air - Front Brakes:Disc - Rear Brakes:Disc - Transmission:Automatic - Number of Speeds:16 - Gearbox Make:I Shift - Cabin:High Sleeper Cab - Seats:2 - Tachograph Type:Digital Card Engine make: Engine BHP: 460 Truck Dimensions: - Length6.20 m - Height3.50 m - Width2.50 m MoT: Yes
Volvo FM FM13-460
Volvo FM FM13-460 POA
Thomastown Trucks
Volvo FH 13
Volvo FH 13 POA
E M Rogers
Volvo FM FM11-450
Volvo FM FM11-450 POA
Thomastown Trucks
Volvo FH  480 6x2 Midlift Tractor Unit
Volvo FH 480 6x2 Midlift Tractor Unit £9,950.00
2008 | Tractor Unit | 44000kg 2008 Volvo FH 480 6x2 Midlift Globetrotter XL Tractor Unit, 12 Speed I Shift Gearbox, Twin Bunks, Full Wind Deflector Kit, Excellent Condition - We can organise shipping to any Worldwide Destination - Contact for a quote
Law Exports Ltd
Volvo FM  480 6x2 Midlift Tractor Unit
Volvo FM 480 6x2 Midlift Tractor Unit £7,950.00
2006 | Tractor Unit | 44000kg 2006 Volvo FM 480 6x2 Midlift Globetrotter Sleeper Cab Tractor Unit, 12 Speed I Shift Gearbox, Single Bunk, Excellent Condition - We can organise shipping to any Worldwide Destination - Contact for a quote
Law Exports Ltd
Volvo FH GLOBETROTTER XL 480 EURO 4, 6 X 2 TRACTOR UNIT - £9,950.00
2008 | Tractor Unit | 44000kg Volvo FH Series Twin Sleeper Cab C/w Flat Floor. Volvo D13A 480 Bhp Turbo Air To Air Charge Cooled Euro 4 Engine C/w Adblue. Volvo Multistage Engine Brake (VEB). Volvo I Shift Semi Automatic Gearbox. Gearbox Driven Tipping Hydraulics C/w Chassis Mounted Aluminium Tank And In Cab Controls. Volvo Single Reduction Drive Axle C/w Diff Lock. Ecas Drive Axle Air Suspension C/w In Cab Raise And Lower
Walker Movements
Volvo FH  12 420 BHP
Volvo FH 12 420 BHP £10,250.00
2000 | Tractor Unit | 44000kg fh12/420 globetrotter 6x2 centre lift axle 12 speed manuel gearbox 2 bed sleeper cabin we can also arrange shipping worldwide, Transmission Speed: manual; 6x2
Bruce Charles Commercials
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Volvo Tractor Unit for SaleFor true long-haul performance the Volvo FH tractor units are your best bet from this brand, as they are powered by the latest engines that offer between 400hp and 750hp. This means that the top-tier models can deal with a combined weight of up to 100 tonnes when matched with a trailer and a full load, allowing for the efficient transport of a range of goods, machines and materials.

These tractor units tend to feature a 6x2 axle set-up, with twin wheels often present to allow for better weight distribution and traction. Heavy-duty models with more durable axles and undercarriages can be procured if you need to take a truck off-road and on to construction or waste sites. Meanwhile, drivers can relax in spacious cabs with a selection of single or twin bunk configurations available on the used market.

Volvo certainly does its best to avoid making the interior of its commercial vehicles feeling austere; instead, the cabs are an inviting place to spend time and benefit from air conditioning, full electrics and modern entertainment and navigation solutions.

Used Volvo FM Tractor UnitIf you want to buy a used Volvo tractor unit, you need to dedicate some serious time to the task, researching not only the second-hand models that are available but also analysing your own requirements to make sure that any vehicle you purchase is capable of meeting them. This is not just about avoiding any units which may not have been properly maintained or are in need of repairs, but also about keeping clear of tractors which are simply not suitable in the case of your particular organisation.

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DAF XF Tractor Unit

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