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Volvo trucks are robustly constructed and sensibly designed, which are two things that help to make its tippers a top choice for many organisations and commercial operators. Tippers cannot be anything less than tough if they are to take on tasks in the construction, agriculture and waste industries. And this Swedish manufacturer makes units that will satisfy the needs of drivers who regularly tackle large loads in unforgiving environments. From nimble 7.5 tonne tippers to the all-conquering 32 tonne alternatives, Volvo’s range is packed with choice, especially if you are looking to buy a used model rather than paying for a new equivalent. And with competitive specifications, efficient engines and well-appointed cabs, there are lots of benefits to owning a Volvo tipper truck.

Volvo’s heavy-duty FM tippers occupy the upper echelons of the market in terms of weight, payload capacity and technology. Front-end hydraulic rams lift steel bodies elegantly and quickly, while Euro IV and V engines sip at fuel rather than guzzling it, allowing short- or long-haul trips to be completed at a lower cost that you might imagine. Sleeper cabs and day cabs are available on various models in this range, while extras such as reversing camera systems, air conditioning and digital tachographs are also quite easy to find on the used market. The 8x4 axle configuration gives the Volvo FM tippers a planted position on any terrain, while the drivetrain delivers plenty of power to the wheels to ensure that the tyres can gain traction even when the truck is being driven on surfaces other than tarmac.

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Volvo FM 7.290
Volvo FM 7.290 £8,995.00
2001 | Tippers fm7 290 6x4 Tipper (WU51 CFO) s/n 2726 Year: 2001 26 tonnes, sleeper cab, double drive on springs, 9 speed manual gearbox, eminox exhaust, sunvisor. Clock reds: 600000kms H: 3.3m W: 2.5m L: 8.3m
GS International Trucks Ltd
Volvo FM 12.380
Volvo FM 12.380 £13,995.00
2005 | Tippers | 32000kg FM12 380 8x4 Tipper (LX54 OMJ) s/n 2704 Year: 2005 32 tonnes, steel body, double drive on 9 leaf heavy duty rear springs, 12 speed manual gearbox, eminox exhaust, sunvisor. Clock reads: 347842 miles H:3.3m W:2.5m L:9.4m
GS International Trucks Ltd
Volvo FM 380
Volvo FM 380 POA
2011 | Tippers | 32000kg - 8x4 Steel Tipper - Thompsons Body - Day Cab - 8spd Manual - 8x4 Steel Tipperá - Volvo FM Series Day Cabá - 8spd Manual Gear Boxá - Volvo D13 6 Cylinder 380Bhp Engineá - Thompsons Steel Bodyá - Easy Sheetá - Manual Tail Doorá - Edbro Front End Ramá - Single Ally Fuel Tanká - Ad Blueá - Single Reduction Drive Axlesá - Diff Locksá - Drum Brakesá - Front 2 Leaf & Rear 3
Cormac Leonard Commercials
Volvo FM 380
Volvo FM 380 POA
2011 | Tippers | 32000kg - 8x4 Steel Tipper - Thompsons Body - Day Cab - 8spd Manual Gear Box - 8x4 Steel Tipperá - Volvo FM Series Day Cabá - 8spd Manual Gear Boxá - Volvo D13 6 Cylinder 380Bhp Engineá - Thompsons Steel Bodyá - Easy Sheetá - Manual Tail Gateá - Edbro Front End Ramá - Single Alloy Fuel Tanká - Ad Blueá - Single Reduction Drive Axlesá - Diff Locksá - Drum Brakesá - Front 2
Cormac Leonard Commercials
Volvo FM   8 X 4 STEEL TIPPER  - 2007 - KU57 JFK
Volvo FM 8 X 4 STEEL TIPPER - 2007 - KU57 JFK £14,950.00
2007 | Tippers | 32000kg Volvo FM Series Day Cab. Volvo D13A 400 Bhp Turbo Air To Air Charge Cooled Euro 5 Engine C/w Adblue. Volvo Engine Brake. (VEB). Volvo 9 Speed Manual Gearbox. Volvo Single Reduction Drive Axles C/w Diff/Cross Locks. Steel Drive Axle Suspension. Thompsons Steel Tipping Body C/w Single Piece Tailgate. Binotto Front End Tipping Ram C/w In Cab Controls. Electric Flip Net C/w In Cab Controls. Aluminium
Walker Movements
Volvo FM 8 X 4 ALUMINIUM INSULATED TIPPER - 2006 - RK06 C £13,450.00
2006 | Tippers | 32000kg Volvo FM Series Sleeper Cab. Volvo D9A 380 Bhp Turbo Air To Air Charge Cooled Euro 3 Engine. Volvo Engine Brake (V.E.B). Volvo I Shift Semi Automatic Gearbox. Volvo Single Reduction Drive Axle C/w Diff/Cross Locks. Steel Drive Axle Suspension. PPG Aluminium Insulated Tipping Body C/w Split Tailgate, Air Lock, Tarmac Shutes, Front Gantry And Steps. Electric Roll Over Easy Sheet. Edbro Front End
Walker Movements
Volvo FM 10-320 8x4 Tipper
Volvo FM 10-320 8x4 Tipper POA
2001 | Tippers | 32000kg 2001 Volvo FM10- 320 8x4 Tipper Manual Gear box. Day cab. Spring Suspension 32T Gross. 596, 453 kms
Roy Howell Commercials
Volvo FM 13.400
Volvo FM 13.400 POA
Thomastown Trucks
Volvo FL 180
Volvo FL 180 £4,750.00
S Chamberlain Ltd
Volvo FM 400
Volvo FM 400 £16,750.00
2007 | Tippers 2007 57 PLATE FM 400 8X4 TIPPER TRUCK 397000 MILES VERY GOOD OCNDITION ANY INSPECTION WELCOME For More Trucks Like This Please Visit Our Website Or Call Tel: 07757689678 Whatsapp/Sms/Call FROM ABROAD 00447757689678 CALL/SMS/WHATSAPP 24HCURRENTLY WE HAVE OVER 100 TRUCKS IN STOCK For More Trucks Like This Please See Our WebsiteTEL: 07757689678 Call / Sms / Whatsapp 24h From Abroad: 00447757689678
CVE London
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Used Volvo TipperFor lighter tipping duties, the Volvo FL range can suit second-hand buyers, since these models tend to embrace a dropside body at the rear and can also offer additions to the body such as higher mesh sides and even grabber mechanisms. Having a grabber can be advantageous if you want an all-in-one platform for loading and transport of loose materials, since it means you will not need to procure or rent a mini excavator as well as buying a tipper truck.

Even older models can offer Euro-compliant engines, although since Volvo tippers can last for years it is sensible to find out about the exact specifications of used models, covering everything from the type of body to the maximum load capacity and the service history of the unit so that you are up to speed with what is on offer and what you can achieve with a vehicle.

Buyers will usually provide information about the state of things such as the tyres and brakes, which should give you a rough idea of the time frame within which maintenance will be required. But it also pays to check the body for wear and tear and also look at how the hydraulics on the tipping ram and the grabber are operating, if applicable.

Repairs can be expensive, so having your wits about you when buying a used Volvo tipper will mean that you can avoid complications and get a great new vehicle for your business.

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Volvo Curtainsiders

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Volvo Tractor Unit

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DAF CF Tippers

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DAF LF Tippers

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Iveco Eurocargo Tippers

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MAN Tippers

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Scania 4 Series Tippers

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