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A Volvo FM hookloader has to be able to handle very heavy loads, which is not a unique attribute in itself, since this is something all trucks must offer. But the attribute which sets these vehicles apart from the rest of the market is of course the hook loading mechanism mounted on the rear, enabling a variety of containers to be lifted on without the use of additional equipment.

The Volvo FM range is already packed with models that are easy to operate, and its array of 8x4 hookloaders which weigh in a 32 tonnes are worthy contenders in this competitive marketplace. Buying used will let you choose a truck that fits your specifications and budget.

Many of the second-hand Volvo FM hookloader trucks that are sold today will come with the standard body to accommodate rigid containers, making them suitable for use in waste management and construction. 

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Volvo FM FM12/ 420
Volvo FM FM12/ 420 £11,750.00
2005 | Hookloaders 2005 Volvo FM12 420 hookloader. I shift gearbox. Tested August 2017. Fitted with Multi lift hook equipment and easy sheet. Call for further details- 01384 424522. £11,750+VAT
Prestwood Commercials
Volvo FM 12-420
Volvo FM 12-420 £10,995.00
2002 | Hookloaders | 32000kg Fitted with Multi Lift Equipment, Sleeper Cab, Night Heater, Air Conditioning, Onboard Weigher, Reversing Camera, Cruise Control, Locking Diff, Electric Windows, Engine Brake, Heated Mirrors, Radio & Cassette, Sunroof, Sun Visor, Euro 3, Draw Bar Spec. On Steel suspension. The gearbox is an 12 Speed Manual. The engine is rated at 420 BHP. Please quote ref: VOHO11225
Addlestone Commercials
Volvo FM 12-340
Volvo FM 12-340 £7,495.00
2001 | Hookloaders | 32000kg Fitted with Multi Lift Equipment & Electric Easy Sheet with In Cab Controls, Cruise Control, Locking Diff, Eminox Exhaust, Engine Brake, Reversing Camera, Heated Mirrors, Radio & CD Player, Sunroof. On Steel suspension. The gearbox is an 9 Speed Manual. The engine is rated at 340 BHP. Please quote ref: VOHO11235
Addlestone Commercials
Volvo FL 10 320
Volvo FL 10 320 POA
1990 | Hookloaders | 32000kg Volvo FL10 320 8X4 Hookloader can be sold as Cab/Chassis Rigid Trucks
Willenhall Commercials Ltd
Volvo FL 6.180
Volvo FL 6.180 £8,350.00
2006 | Hookloaders | 18000kg 18 tonne short wheelbase fitted with PALIFT hook-lift gear. MAY sell with one demountable RoRo skip body MOT'd until end of September 2017Air Conditioning Cruise Control, Radio/CD player, Electric Windows, Tipping Equipment, Tacho - Digital
Volvo FM 13.420
Volvo FM 13.420 POA
2013 | Hookloaders | 32000kg 2013 Volvo FM13.420 8x4 Roll on Roll off, Boughton Equipment, With Hydraulic Easy Sheet, I-Shift Automatic Box, Reverse Camera, Low Mileage. For Further Information Please Call.
Volvo FM 7-310
Volvo FM 7-310 £5,995.00
2001 | Hookloaders | 32000kg Fitted with Hyva Equipment, Electric Easy Sheet, In Cab Controls, Locking Diff, Cruise Control, Electric Windows, Heated Mirrors, Radio & Cassette, Sunroof, Onboard Weigher, Reversing Camera. On Steel suspension. The gearbox is an 9 Speed Manual. The engine is rated at 310 BHP. Please quote ref: VOHO10985
Addlestone Commercials
2003 | Hookloaders | 32000kg Day, D9A300, 760097km, Manual, Steel, Diesel,
R. C. Tuxford Exports
Volvo FM   410 EURO 5 8X4 HOOKLOADER
JGE Truck & Plant Ltd
Volvo FE  320 4x2 Hook Loader With Reload Systems Trailer
Volvo FE 320 4x2 Hook Loader With Reload Systems Trailer POA
2009 | Hookloaders Hyva Hook Lift Equipment With Sheet System, Stainless Steel Storage Cabinets, Trailer Reload Systems 2009 , BPW Axles, Drum Brakes, Air Con, 9 Speed Manual Gear Box, 320 Horse Power Engine,,,, RIGIDS
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Some FM bodies have been adapted to allow for vehicle transport, with a hookloader mechanism also proving to be a vital feature here. The exact parameters of the loader must be looked at before you make a purchase, because the type of container or payload that an FM truck will be able to tackle can vary. It is not just about the maximum weight that the body can cope with, but also the length of the skip that can safely be loaded on to it.

Volvo has redesigned the FM range regularly enough that modern hookloaders are loaded with the latest equipment to ensure fuel efficiency, driver comfort and safety. The dynamic steering system featured on later FM hookloaders means that drivers can adjust the course of the truck or turn it around in a tight spot without over-exerting themselves in the process. This lightness of touch minimises fatigue while ensuring that drivers are alert and engaged over long distances.

A Volvo FM hookloader is typically set up to cope with short- to medium-distance haulage, which is why you will often find used models which feature day cabs. Cabs can come equipped with comfort features as well as driving assists such as parking sensors, reversing cameras and of course cruise control. More recent models feature I-Shift gearbox technology which is managed by software designed to deliver optimal levels of fuel consumption, reducing costs by up to five per cent.

Volvo’s own diesel engines power the FM hookloader range, and more recent models feature Euro 4 and Euro 5 compliant power plants, which again can have a big impact on fuel use and emissions. If you choose an older unit, then chances are that the engine will not be quite as efficient, although the upfront costs will be lower, which can help to balance this out.

The strain put on the hydraulic rams integrated with the hookloader mechanisms on a Volvo FM vehicle can lead to wear and tear over time. So if you want to buy a second-hand example, then it is important to check that all the rams are operating correctly, as maintenance costs may be steep if replacement is necessary.

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