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In Volvo, the Swedes have created one of the most recognisable brands on our roads – and that doesn’t stop at cars. Volvo’s trucks are renowned for their reliability, sturdiness and overall safety, so, whether you’re a distance hauler or a heavy goods distributor, you can’t go wrong.

Popular adverts for Volvo Trucks have displayed the manoeuvrability of the vehicles to great effect and that certainly transfers to the road in what is an impressively vast range. From the FE to the new FMX, there’s a Volvo for every type of trucker.

Find out more about which of the Volvo trucks for sale on is suitable for your business.

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Volvo FM 12
Volvo FM 12 POA
2000 | Tractor Unit VERSION 1, YEAR 2000, 6X2, MANUAL, 12 SPEED GEARBOX, SLEEPER CAB, 420HP
Volvo FH 12
Volvo FH 12 POA
2004 | Tractor Unit YEAR 2004, 4600HP, 6X2 ,SLEEPER, MANUAL
Volvo FH 480 D13A 6X2 AT AIR DF GLB XL
Volvo FH 480 D13A 6X2 AT AIR DF GLB XL POA
2007 | Tractor Unit | 44000kg 24837 2007 RHD VOLVO FH480 D13A 6X2 AT AIR DF GLB XL TRACTOR H3RPR YV2ASW0C87B481275 89066 839403km Tractor Units
R. C. Tuxford Exports
Volvo FL 10
Volvo FL 10 POA
1994 | Tractor Unit | 44000kg - 6x2 Tractor unit
Cormac Leonard Commercials
Volvo FM 9.300
Volvo FM 9.300 POA
2002 | Combi Vans - 6x4 Bin Lorry - Steel Suspension - I-Shitf - Day Cab - Bin Lift
Cormac Leonard Commercials
Volvo FH 13
Volvo FH 13 POA
2006 | Tractor Unit | 40000kg 2006 Volvo fh 440 flat cab, euro 3, 4x2, flat cab single sleeper cab, 2 seats, 440 horse power , 12 speed manual gear box, tested till october, 716000 miles, tyres over 70%, diff lock, full wind breaker, volvo engine brake, fixed 5th wheel, spot lights and bar, beacons, . This truck is clean original condition ready for work. 440HP. Euro 3
Curran Commercials
Volvo FE 320
Volvo FE 320 £24,995.00
2008 | Curtainsiders | 26000kg Fitted with an 8.5 Metre Body, 1,500 kgs Dhollandia Tuck Away Tail Lift, Rear Barn Doors, Sleeper Cab, Night Heater, Rear Lift Axle, Locking Diff, Cruise Control, Engine Brake, Multi Function Steering Wheel, Radio & CD Player, Heated Mirrors, Sunroof, Electric Windows, Digital Card Tacho, Euro 5, LEZ Compliant. On Air suspension. The gearbox is an 9 Speed Manual. The engine is rated at 320 BHP.
Addlestone Commercials
Volvo FH FH480 Globetrotter XL 6x2 Tractor Unit
Volvo FH FH480 Globetrotter XL 6x2 Tractor Unit POA
2007 | Tractor Unit | 44000kg Prestige leather trim,climate control,electric windows/mirrors,cruise control,exhaust brake,Radio/Cd player,remote central locking,fridge,full air kit,twin tanks,sliding fifth wheel,top light bar c/w warning beacons and 4 x spotlights,sunvisor,i shift gearbox,very nice condition,all export enquiries welcome,for more info please phone 0121 326 6950 or visit,for the latest stock
Junction 6 Commercials Limited
Volvo FL 10
Volvo FL 10 POA
1998 | Tractor Unit YEAR 1998, MANUAL, 4X2
Volvo FH   GLOBETROTTER 480, 6 X 2 TRACTOR UNIT - 2007 - DX
Volvo FH GLOBETROTTER 480, 6 X 2 TRACTOR UNIT - 2007 - DX £11,750.00
2007 | Tractor Unit | 44000kg Volvo 480 Bhp Euro 4 Engine, VEB, Ad Blue, I Shift Semi Auto, Tipping Hydraulics, Midlift, Air Suspension, Disc Brakes, Alloy Wheels/Fuel Tank, Sunvisor, Beacons, Sleeper Cab, Electric Windows/Mirrors, Sunroof, Air Con, Night Heater, CD Player, Cruise, Di Volvo FH Series Sleeper Cab. Volvo D13A 480 Bhp Turbo Air To Air Charge Cooled Euro 4 Engine C/w Ad Blue System. Volvo Multi Stage Engine Brake
Walker Movements
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Click on the dates in the timeline below to view interesting events in Volvo's history
Volvo is Founded
Volvo begins operations in Sweden, with production of road cars beginning one year later; however, the company had already started designing trucks by the end of this year.
Volvo Starts Making Trucks
The first Volvo truck rolls off the production line; named the ‘Series 1’, the truck was not particularly powerful, and utilised a petrol engine which delivered only 28 bhp. Not much use for haulage today, but a massive leap forward in the 1920s.
Volvo Introduce LV Truck
The LV series is introduced, and Volvo had already developed a reputation for producing high quality light and medium-duty trucks; the company had quickly become the dominant manufacturer of automobiles in the Nordic countries.
Volvo Trucks launch L36
Volvo releases the L36, with the L37 coming a couple of years later. The trucks are notable for being among the last Volvo lorries with bonnets, and among the first to feature the modern diesel engines for which Volvo would soon become famous.
Volvo are first for cab-over design
Volvo pioneers tilt-cabs, which would become standard across most manufacturers’ trucks a couple of decades later.
The F Series Begins (Forward Control)
The F series is first introduced in the form of the F82 and F83. Newer versions of this series are available to buy on, but it all started here. Named ‘F’ to denote that the trucks were forward control, these two trucks were still powered by petrol as many of Volvo’s customers ‘preferred good performance to low fuel consumption’.
Globetrotter Cab Annouhced
The Globetrotter first appears. The Globetrotter versions would not only become the most successful trucks in Volvo’s history, but also the benchmark for luxury cabs for more than 20 years.
Volvo Launches FM Series
The FM series arrives, heralding the release of the trucks that are currently available on this site. Though it was introduced as a successor to the previous F range, massive advancements in technology and comfort meant that the FM series gave Volvo the opportunity to dominate the heavy trucks market – especially once the Globetrotter cabs were introduced to the FM range.
Volvo Launch FE and FL
The FE and FL series first become available, representing Volvo’s strongest light to middle weight trucks to date.
Volvo Launch FMX Construction
2010 saw the release of the Volvo FMX, which is intended for very heavy duty construction work.
New Euro 6 FH Launched
650,000 FH trucks sold since the first FH rolled off the production line back in 1993, the new Euro 6 truck takes automation to a new level with the I-See package.
Volvo Launches their famous FH Truck
Still using the FH brand today, the development of the FH truck was a gamechanger for Volvo. It has become one of the most desired trucks on the road today.
Volvo truck video

Volvo is a good bet for all trucking requirements, especially considering the company’s unerring dedication to safety and quality of build.

It is the second largest heavy duty truck brand in the world, with the company having started out in the 1920s in Sweden. Production now happens in 15 countries across the world, which is a clear marker that it has become one of the most trusted truck brands around.

Which Volvo truck is right for me?

Volvo FE series

The Volvo FE has been available since 2006 (as was the FL series), so gadgets are all present and accounted for on most second hand trucks for sale. The FE operates between 18 and 26 tonnes, with a 7.2 litre engine (again, the same one as the FL). Mid-range, and great for tipping work.

Volvo FH series

The FH series has been around since 1993, and is arguably the most successful truck in history – and with good reason. Twice winner of the ‘Truck of the Year’ award, and selling more than 400,000 units to date, the FH series is perhaps the best solution for long haulage, as it has the most spacious cab and is remarkably efficient.

Volvo FL series

The FLs are a fairly recent addition to Volvo’s repertoire having been first made available in 2006, which means the gadgets are guaranteed to be present when you purchase a used one. The FL series is medium duty.

Volvo FLM

The FLM is widely utilised by the fire service, and as such is quite rare when it comes to the second hand haulage market. A fantastic truck nonetheless.

FM series

The FM series of trucks has a more restrictive cab than the FH range, which means that the FMs are inferior for long haulage – especially where a co-driver is required. Still a solid, reliable truck for short haul, and is available with a sleeper cab if necessary.

Volvo FMX

Volvo prides itself on offering the best possible solution for any business requirement, and they’ve arguably surpassed themselves when it comes to extremely heavy duty construction work with the release of the FMX. Volvo have maintained a strong hold on this market since 1931, so the FMX is guaranteed quality and extra-tough.

How Volvo Trucks has Introduced the New Range to Volvo Dealers

Volvo has invested a lot of time and money on the launch of their new Euro 6 range, so much so that their Q3 financial results were down sharply as it funded the launch programme for Volvo and subsidiary, Renault Trucks. Take a look at how Volvo has prepared its sales operation for the introduction of the new range of trucks in the short video.

Volvo FH Races the Koenigsegg One:1

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Volvo Trucks Wins Quality Award for Second Year Running

Volvo Trucks has been honoured with the coveted European Quality Innovation of the Year Award for the second year in a row. The company landed the gong in recognition of its new... Read More

Truck Design Requires Insight Into The Future

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Volvo Trucks Offers 360-Degree Visibility With New Technology

Volvo Trucks has announced a new technology that eliminates accidents caused by restricted visibility. The new system can conduct a 360-degree scan around the truck and then process the... Read More

Volvo Trucks Launches A Unique Gearbox For Heavy Trucks

Volvo Trucks is now launching I-Shift Dual Clutch - the first automated transmission for heavy vehicles with a dual clutch system. Thanks to power-shift gear changes torque is... Read More

Volvo Trucks Lands Prestigious Advertising Awards

The 'Live Test' campaign showcasing Volvo trucks has landed some top prizes at the advertising industry's top awards, the Cannes Lions. The Swedish company received a total of 20 awards,... Read More

Volvo Launches Industry’s First Automatic Dual-Clutch Gearbox

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Volvo Dynamic Steering System

There have been many enhancements to trucks over the last few decades. All drivers will be familiar with the increases in efficiency that have culminated in trucks meeting the new Euro VI... Read More

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