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New Electric Truck Contender Emerges From Thor Trucks

Just weeks after US firm Tesla revealed its first zero-emissions HGV, yet another outsider organisation has announced its intention to try to build an electric truck which will be able to compete with traditional diesel-powered models. Thor Trucks provided the first details and images of the ET-One this month, promising that its all-electric power train … Continue reading “New Electric Truck Contender Emerges From Thor Trucks”

Emissions-Lowering Solution Proposed by Cummins

Truck-engine manufacturer Cummins is set to help bus operators in London with preparations for the introduction of the Ultra Low Emissions Zone by adapting older models which do not comply with tighter regulations so that they can become significantly cleaner. Transport Engineer reports that vehicles which do not comply with Euro 6 emissions standards will … Continue reading “Emissions-Lowering Solution Proposed by Cummins”

Truck Operators Warned Over Vehicle Theft Risk

A change in police policy on investigating criminal incidents could make trucks operating in the capital a more attractive target for thieves, according to the Road Haulage Association. Crimes which result in the damage or theft of property worth under £50 are not likely to be considered serious enough to warrant in-depth attention from the … Continue reading “Truck Operators Warned Over Vehicle Theft Risk”

Updates to Truck Battery Technology Brings Driver Benefits to Volvo Trucks

Volvo is updating its truck battery technology for both the FH and FM ranges as part of a move to improve their usability and make life easier for drivers. Company spokesperson Samuel Nerdal said that with this cutting-edge system it would be possible to deliver plenty of power so that the comfort and productivity-oriented features … Continue reading “Updates to Truck Battery Technology Brings Driver Benefits to Volvo Trucks”

Mercedes-Benz Econic Gets New Transmission Technology

The popular Econic range of urban trucks has been given an expanded selection of transmissions this year, with the PowerShift 3 now joining the fray as an alternative to the standard six-speed automatic gearbox, according to Commercial Fleet. Mercedes-Benz said that the addition of this 12-speed alternative was brought about as a result of customers … Continue reading “Mercedes-Benz Econic Gets New Transmission Technology”

Refrigerated Truck with Electric Power Train Launched by Renault

A zero-emissions HGV from Renault Trucks has made its debut this month, offering a refrigerated cargo area and excellent urban driving capabilities that will be put to the test during real-world trials over the course of 2018. Created in conjunction with French logistics firm Groupe Delanchy, the truck is entirely powered by electricity, avoiding any … Continue reading “Refrigerated Truck with Electric Power Train Launched by Renault”