CF Construction FAD DAF Trucks Make UK Debut

CF Construction FAD DAF Trucks Make UK DebutLast month saw the arrival of DAF’s latest CF truck model with a design tuned to meet the needs of businesses working in the construction industry.

The CF Construction FAD features an 8×4 wheel configuration and a cab which is positioned a little lower than its other stable mates in the range. This gives it better visibility for operations on building sites, where safety is paramount and making manoeuvres in tight spaces is par for the course.

This truck is also surprisingly light in spite of its tough and durable set-up. The example demonstrated at the UK Concrete Show to launch the wider range was also kitted out with a modern drum which weighs less than previous generation set-ups and helps to deliver improved fuel efficiency without limiting the output of material that is achievable.

Other CF Trucks at the UK Concrete Show

Elsewhere at the show another of the latest CF trucks with a FAD chassis was displayed, this time by machinery maker Liebherr. It had its own unique drum set-up and array of added equipment to make it a practical choice for many British operators.

The weight has been shaved off the CF in a number of areas, including the exhaust. So it complies with the latest emissions regulations, treating the gases to remove harmful particulates and other unwanted substances before they leave the system.

Even the brakes have been adapted to save a few kilos, which makes this truck a good choice for any organisation that wants to modernise its fleet.

Three different engine outputs are available for this range, ranging from 365hp to 444hp. Cement-mixer-bodied models will take advantage of a PTO system that provides power to the drum directly from the engine.

Most buyers will want to pick the automatic TraXon transmission which is set to be standard on the CF Construction FAD, but DAF is also adding a manual gearbox to the line-up for those that prefer such a set-up.

International Truck of the Year 2018

Spokesperson Phil Moon said that this latest CF would be a good choice for many construction firms around the country, especially those looking for a platform which can support concrete mixing, according to Transport Engineer.

The CF range was voted International Truck of the Year 2018, alongside its big brother the XF. And as part of the DAF Transport Efficiency movement, it is able to consume seven per cent less fuel than its predecessors and handle 100kg more weight. It requires servicing once every 200,000km (125,000 miles).

All of this adds up to a truck that can save operators money and be a welcome addition to any fleet thanks to the comfortable interiors, modern equipment and impressive levels of customisation on offer.

The rugged construction-oriented editions are not just tooled to provide concrete mixing capabilities but can also be effective when endowed with tipper bodies and a number of other popular set-ups. And with plenty of used DAF trucks for sale in the UK, it is obvious that this manufacturer builds HGVs that can withstand the test of time.


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