Latest Low-Emissions Truck Volvo FM LNG Makes UK Debut

Latest Low-Emissions Truck Volvo FM LNG Makes UK Debut

A new Volvo FM truck with an LNG power train has arrived on British soil for the first time, adding to the growing momentum that natural gas HGVs are developing in the marketplace at the moment.

The Volvo FM LNG generates a fifth less carbon dioxide than its equivalent diesel-powered stable mates while still benefiting from a powerful 460hp engine that has enough range to make it suitable for long-distance transport.

As well as slashing carbon emissions, it also puts out lower volumes of damaging particulates, which can contribute to environmental damage and the degradation of air quality in many parts of the country. So it is easy to see why LNG and CNG trucks are become more popular amongst operators in the UK and further afield.

Benefits of Natural Gas

The liquefaction of natural gas has the added benefit of making it take up less space for the purposes of storage, so it can be kept in higher volumes on board compatible trucks. This means that covering hundreds of miles without the need to refuel regularly is a straightforward task.

Volvo Trucks spokesperson Martin Tomlinson said that LNG is one of the most impactful options for operators looking to move away from traditional fossil fuels for their HGVs. He described this special new FM model as being an indication of his company’s ongoing support for sustainable transport as well as its commitment to coming up with solutions which are workable immediately.

Tomlinson went on to point out that the UK’s infrastructure for natural gas refuelling is being improved all the time, with suppliers like Calor making major investments in order to increase the number of service stations that offer it as an option to drivers.

The competitive pricing of LNG is another of its advantages as well as being something that will become increasingly relevant as it crops up alongside diesel in a greater number of locations. This level of visibility will help to raise its profile and perhaps convince more operators to take the plunge.

Meeting Euro VI Standards with the Volvo FM LNG

The need to cut emissions and move to more efficient power trains is becoming increasingly relevant at the moment as a result of stringent new regulations which impact the HGV market and the broader transport sector in general.

Next February will see the introduction of greater levies against any trucks which have engines that do not meet Euro VI standards. Anything from Euro V downwards will be subject to a £1200 levy, while cleaner Euro VI trucks will have to pay £300 less each year.

The government estimates that the majority of vehicles across the country will not be impacted by this change, but that still leaves tens of thousands of trucks in line to face steeper expenses from 2019.

Both carbon and nitrogen oxide emissions are seen as especially damaging by campaigners and regulators alike. This makes LNG even more attractive and will help the latest Volvo FM to establish itself in Britain this year.


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