DAF Remains UK’s Best-Selling Truck Brand

DAF Remains UK’s Best-Selling Truck Brand DAF Trucks is coming close to hitting a quarter of a century on top of the truck market in the UK, outselling all of its rivals over the course of 2017 and continuing to prove its dominance in a number of segments as it remains UK’S Best-Selling Truck Brand.

DAF accounted for 29.5 per cent of all trucks over six tonnes registered nationally last year. And while there was a 2.6 per cent dip in HGV sales during this period, it is still sitting pretty at the top of a market which is enjoying consistently solid performance year after year.

Company spokesperson Robin Easton said that there were a number of reasons for DAF’s continued success, including the diversity of the truck options it offers and the excellent after-sales support which is available to customers.

He also said that its trucks were more efficient and cost-effective than ever, with the newest versions of the CF and XF ranges delivering reductions in fuel consumption of up to seven per cent compared with their predecessors. This can deliver savings of more than £3000 annually for each of its modern HGVs.

International Truck of the Year 2018

Its latest trucks were awarded the International Truck of the Year 2018 title, and a quick look at the specifications makes it easy to see why.

The CF range is built to be tough yet comfortable, targeting businesses that need trucks for distribution work or to take on the tricky conditions usually encountered in the construction industry.

The XF range is tailored to long-distance transport duties, coming with spacious cabs, cutting-edge PACCAR engines and a chassis that is sturdy enough to remain stable and composed after hundreds of thousands of miles on the road.

DAF’s engineers have even managed to squeeze an extra 100kg of additional payload capacity out of each truck type by optimising the design and using lighter materials where possible. Meanwhile, the aerodynamics have also been tweaked, allowing each truck to slip through the air with minimum effort and maximum efficiency.

The interior of the cab is well appointed, with lots of room and premium materials used throughout to make it feel like more than just a commercial vehicle built for work. From the intuitively laid-out instruments to the ergonomic positioning of switches and buttons, it will feel like a real step forward for drivers who are used to DAF’s older trucks.

Various standard features are consistent across all new CF and XF models, including safety-enhancing technologies like forward collision warning, adaptive cruise control and lane departure warning.

The vehicle stability control system is also worth mentioning, as it helps lessen the likelihood of jack-knifing when the brakes are applied in an emergency.

There is even predictive cruise control on board, which makes adjustments to the speed according to the conditions that will be faced on the road ahead. This is just one of the ways in which fuel consumption has been cut, and a sign of why DAF continues to lead the truck market in the UK.


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