More Range T Models Offered by Renault Following UK Demand

More Range T Models Offered by RenaultThe launch of the right-hand-drive edition of the latest Range T trucks last year was bolstered by plenty of demand from customers in the UK.

In fact, the amount of interest in these models has been so intense that Renault has decided to provide even more configuration options to customers who want to invest in its cutting-edge HGV.

Company spokesperson Nigel Butler explained that while just three iterations of the new Range T were offered at first, there was so much call for this truck amongst buyers that it made sense to extend the offerings even further.

The aim is to allow operators with more specialized needs to select the idea set-up rather than limiting them to less flexible platforms.

Range T Features

The Range T High cab retains its various features, including its impressively spacious dimensions, comfort features and entirely flat floor surface to make life easier for drivers. But now there are even more benefits available, with extras that could help it to outdo the competition more effectively.

From more storage space to revised seating and high-tech hardware built into the dash, the list of Range T options is a lot longer than it was just a few weeks ago. And while Renault Trucks may not be the market leader in the UK, it is clearly eager to court this marketplace and win new admirers for its flagship long-haul family of vehicles.

As you might expect from a modern truck, the Range T comes equipped with Euro 6 compliant engines, with outputs ranging from 440hp to 520hp.

The High Sleeper Cab is one of the best in the business, providing lots of room for driving, working, sleeping and relaxing during downtime.

Ergonomics and Testing Process

Drivers will appreciate the ergonomic layout of the controls as well as the number of automated features that allow them to keep their attention on the road ahead without losing out on any of the advantages offered by modern systems.

Even the driving position has been overhauled to make sure that the person behind the wheel can sit comfortably, reducing fatigue and keeping them feeling fresh for longer.

While the typical Range T model is expected to spend most of its life on the motorways of the UK and Europe, it has still been subjected to some pretty serious testing during the development process. This means it is robust enough to work across a wide range of temperatures – from 40 degrees below freezing to 60-degree heat.

Extensive impact testing has also been conducted to improve safety for both drivers and other road users.

Things like a lane departure warning system and autonomous emergency braking system come into play when weighing up the protective capabilities of the Range T. There is even a system which keeps tabs on tyre pressures to improve efficiency and avoid unnecessary safety risks.

With added options galore, this Renault Trucks model is more appealing than ever, which should help it to succeed in the UK throughout 2018.


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