Scania Finalises Rollout of New Trucks

Scania Finalises Rollout of New Trucks
Shown: Scania L Series

Over the past year and a half every major model in Scania’s line-up of trucks has received a complete overhaul, beginning with the S and R Series back in 2016 and concluding with the L Series late last year. The Swedish firm has revealed this week that the European introduction of these HGVs is now complete, and it is turning its attention to a broader rollout around the world.

Company spokesperson Andrew Jamieson said that the intention was to offer modern, affordable trucks across every conceivable segment of the market, from compact models built for urban distribution to large powerful tractors that are ideal for long-distance transport duties.

He claimed that customers have responded positively to the updated ranges and were pleased to see enhanced fuel efficiency as well as class-leading reliability on offer throughout.

Scania is also working towards making its entire business more sustainable, starting with trucks that are cleaner and less ecologically problematic throughout their life spans. This means that once these newcomers enter the second-hand HGV market they will continue to cut emissions and give operators the ability to lower their carbon footprints.

New Series’ Features

The new S Series offers a wide range of power train set-ups, starting at 370hp and rising to 730hp on the biggest of the bunch. Fuel consumption has been slashed by three per cent thanks to optimisations to the engine and chassis, with Euro 6 compliance assured and future tweaks capable of creating even cleaner running capabilities.

Inside the cab the driver benefits from better levels of visibility thanks to a reworked seating position along with more glazing all round. More space means more room to sleep and live when not on the road, and there are plenty of comfort-oriented customisations as well as style-specific aesthetic changes which can be made to the specification.

The R Series shares many of the same features with its stable mates, with the promise of exceptional build quality and overall ruggedness allowing it to withstand use in the toughest conditions over the greatest distances. An intuitive control layout coupled with lots of changes throughout the interior, including additional storage spaces and accessory options, keep it feeling modern and refined as well as practical.

Shown: Scania P Series

The P Series is suited to city use as well proving an effective tool on the motorway, with engines of between 250hp and 450hp available. Scania has also chosen to future-proof this range by making the engine compatible with a range of alternative fuels, so diesel as well as bio and natural gases can be chosen without much trouble.

The G Series is destined for use in industries like construction and mining, with day and sleeper cab set-ups giving buyers more flexibility of choice. Excellent manoeuvrability is also on offer, while the modular underpinnings allow for all sorts of body types to be selected or added.

With all new models now offered throughout Europe and more global regions set to get them between now and 2019, Scania’s game plan for the year seems set to succeed.


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