Updated DAF LF truck range unveiled

A variety of changes and improvements have been made to the new LF The new DAF LF truckfamily of HGVs from market leader DAF, according to Commercial Fleet.

One of the biggest alterations comes in the form of the latest 3.8 litre diesel engine from PACCAR, which sits onboard each new LF model and is available with between 156hp and 172hp, with torque topping out at 600Nm.

DAF’s designers have also addressed the aesthetics of the range inside and out, meaning it shares all of the same cues as its siblings in the CF and XF ranges.

The manufacturer claims that by opting for a 3.8 litre engine, it will be ensuring that the updated LF models are especially well suited to urban use, where they will generally be expected to take on distribution jobs and other tasks on congested roads, where efficiency and emissions are important considerations.

Buyers will be able to specify higher powered PACCAR power plants, including a 6.7 litre unit that develops up to 325hp. Even at the upper end of the spectrum, fuel savings have been made possible thanks to improved engine software that allows for a number of key optimisations.

Overall, the powertrains of these trucks have been tweaked to offer more torque at lower revs, with increases of up to 12 per cent available on some models when compared with outgoing trucks.

This not only means that performance is improved and efficiency is enhanced, but that the engine actually makes less noise when working in its optimal rev range, which is less disruptive for the driver and less of a nuisance for other road users and residents in the area.

Both manual and auto transmissions are available on the latest LF trucks, with many of the gearboxes tuned for the same city use that has defined a lot of the other choices made by the engineers.

DAF wants to cater to a variety of customers with the LF, providing plenty of different configurations and wheelbase setups. This has the additional benefit of meaning that larger fuel tanks can be fitted to increase the range of each truck and minimise downtime on longer trips.

Another advantage of the new DAF LF is its flexibility in terms of the different body types that it can accommodate. A modicum of modularity means that third party firms can adapt the basic platform provided by the truck to their own needs without finding this task to be overly taxing, so expect a lot of custom options to hit the market in the coming months.

On the inside, the dashboard has been augmented with a reconfigured information panel for the driver, which not only brings a welcome touch of modernity to the cab but also means that lots of information is now available at a glance. For drivers who want to monitor their performance and beat their targets, this could be a real help.

This is made easier still thanks to features like adaptive cruise control, while safety capabilities include a lane departure warning system.


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