Scania Sweeper Picked for Stansted Cleaning Duties

As a major global airport, London Stansted deals with hundreds of planes and thousands of passengers each day. This means that maintaining the runway is a vital task that requires constant attention and the assistance of some specialised vehicles. 

The latest truck to join the cleaning team is a specially adapted Scania P 250 which is equipped with a sweeper body built by Schmidt, according to UK Haulier. It is the tenth machine from Scania to be deployed at Stansted and marks a continued partnership between the airport and this renowned Swedish firm.

Spokesperson Giles Peeters said that without this truck and the others in the cleaning fleet, it would be difficult for the airport to keep up with the sheer number of craft which land and take off every 24 hours. He also said that the P 250 was the perfect truck for the job because it was not just equipped with the right body type but also able to offer drivers a comfortable and convenient platform from which to do their job.

Peeters described Scania as being a manufacturer that has managed to ingratiate itself with several generations of duty managers working at Stansted, with its trucks proving to be reliable and resilient. These are two qualities that are essential in the highly pressured environment of an airport.

It is not just the main runway that is regularly cleaned by the sweeper and the other specialist vehicles but also the tarmac surfaces that planes use to taxi before take-off. The P 250 will even be put to work to keep other parts of the airport pristine, as there is no room for mistakes or complacency when lives are effectively on the line.

The P Series provides a suitable underpinning for a variety of rigid body types, with Scania’s lightweight design meaning that it is economical without losing any of the all-important toughness that is required for urban use, delivery and distribution work.

The latest models in the range come with Euro 6 compliant engines with up to 450hp at their disposal. Some engines are intended to run on biodiesel if required, while adaptations which make natural gas power trains a reality are also available.

Sweepers are not generally expected to cover long distances but rather head out on regular routes moving at slow speeds, so the accessibility of the cab as well as the comfort levels offered are important. The P Series range benefits from an appealing cab layout, low access points for convenience and great visibility to ensure total awareness of surroundings.

The P 250 model specified by the Stansted team has been outfitted not only with a sweeper body but also with other official accessories to enhance its visibility to other site users. This includes the addition of warning lights and working lights so that it can perform effectively at any time of day or night. An airport never closes its doors, and cleaning may be required at any time, after all.


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