DAF Brings New CF and XF Demo Trucks to UK

British fleet operators and truck buyers interested in checking out what the new DAF CF and XF have to offer will be able to see them up close now that demonstration models have been rolled out nationally, according to Commercial Fleet.

daf truck cv show 2017
The new DAF trucks were unveiled at this year’s CV Show.

It was back in April that the next-generation CF and XF were first shown to the public at the CV Show 2017 in Birmingham. Even without the promotional push involving more than 200 tester trucks being distributed throughout Europe, DAF has managed to secure 600 orders in the UK alone.

The first deliveries of the updated trucks will be received over the next couple of months, but DAF is hoping to build even more momentum and drive fresh sales by bringing demonstration examples to as many places as possible.

DAF Domination

A third of the HGV market in the UK is dominated by DAF, making it the biggest player here. The new CF and XF are set to cement its enviable position, as they boast a range of technological advancements which promise to lower ownership costs in the long run.

Cutting-edge engines from PACCAR promise to improve fuel efficiency by up to seven per cent, while modern emissions reduction systems will cut harmful pollution from the exhaust fumes. And of course it is not just the power train which has been built with efficiency in line, as the cab designs have been altered to reduce drag and squeeze even more out of each litre of diesel.

The reliability and ruggedness of the CF and XF trucks have been boosted as part of this generational shift, showcasing the engineering prowess that DAF offers. This has enabled it to raise the service intervals to 200,000 kilometres, which is an impressive feat that not all of its rivals are able to match.

The various cab set-ups available on these new models are competitive in terms of the kit that is on offer to keep drivers comfortable, entertained and safe throughout each journey. The climate control system has been overhauled to enable even more precise automation of temperature management, while a host of optional extras mean that the interior can be made as opulent as required.

DAF Drivability

DAF has always emphasised the drivability of its trucks, and with various axle configurations available, in both rigid and tractor forms, the CF and XF should sustain this reputation in 2017 and beyond. New navigation and transmission software should work in unison to make each long-distance stint on the roads of the UK and Europe as seamless as possible.

The success of DAF in the British marketplace means that there are plenty of used CF and XF trucks available to buy, so waiting for the manufacturer to clear its full order books over the next six months in anticipation of a new model is not necessary. That being said, the opportunity to check out demo examples is still worth taking, if only to see what direction technology is pushing HGVs in at the moment.


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