Iveco Introduces Construction-Friendly Truck Model

The Stralis X-Way is the latest truck to be launched by Iveco, and the company is promising to cater to the needs of those in the construction industry with a design that makes it suitable for driving both on the tarmac and off it, according to Transport Engineer.

When it arrives in September this year, the X-Way will be able to deliver class-leading performance both in terms of payload capacity and fuel consumption, with Iveco spokesperson Pierre Lahutte talking up both of these elements during the truck’s launch last week.

Many of the features on the X-Way have been pulled across from the recently updated Stralis range of HGVs designed for long-distance road-based transport. So it should be more efficient and comfortable than its precursors while still being tough enough to operate off-road without succumbing to wear and tear.

Construction-Friendly Truck

Iveco Stralis X-Way
IVECO is preparing to launch the Stralis X-WAY, a truck that raises the stakes in light off-road missions with the highest payload in its segment.

The chassis is based on the Trakker set-up that Iveco has used for several years, meaning it has solid foundations to underpin all of the newer advancements which are bolted on to it. And in its Super Loader iteration, with an 8×4 axle configuration, the X-Way should be lighter than any other construction truck on the market, tipping the scales at nine tonnes.

Three different engines will be available with this range, all of which feature efficiency-boosting technologies that help to drive down fuel consumption by up to 11.2%, providing the driver uses economical techniques to get from A to B.

Emissions are managed via the Hi-SCR system developed by Iveco, so the X-Way will be able to meet and exceed current standards in most parts of the world. And for businesses that want to boost their eco-credentials, it could be a good investment.

Plenty of different cab set-ups are planned to be present on this range, from the compact AD cab with its small dimensions ideal for easy manoeuvring to the AS which provides a sleeping compartment and more room for the driver.

In terms of running costs, the X-Way should be comparatively affordable to keep on the road thanks to a combination of its aforementioned efficiency and the longer intervals which are required between services. This bodes well for the truck’s eventual arrival on the used marketplace, when it should be an even better investment for fleet operators in the construction industry.

Iveco X-Ray Production Begins in Madrid

Iveco is gearing up to begin production of the X-Way at its manufacturing facility in the Spanish city of Madrid, where both left- and right-hand-drive models will be built to serve the market throughout Europe, including the UK.

The all-new Stralis range was introduced last year, with the Stralis XP taking on long-haul duties and also catering to urban use. The arrival of the X-Way will help to build the range further and ensure that it is competitive across all major segments of the marketplace.

Taking on rivals like the Scania G-Series and the Renault Trucks C-Range, the Iveco X-Way is a welcome addition which will give buyers more choice.


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