Urban-Focused DAF Designs Emphasised

A pair of trucks currently offered by DAF were showcased during last week’s CLOCS Progress Conference, which was held in London, making the manufacturer one of a growing number of firms that are taking road safety more seriously than ever.

A DAF LF 180 FA with a tipper body and a LF 260 FT tractor were able to share the limelight during the event, demonstrating the advantages of the design changes and updated systems which make them able to operate on city streets as safely as possible, according to UK Haulier.

The LF 180 FA…

Mackworth Cycle VisionThe LF 180 FA came equipped with a special Cycle Vision door from Mackworth on the passenger side, giving drivers a better view of cyclists who might be coming up on the inside and thus would otherwise be obscured from view at a crucial point.

The door also has a sensor system which provides an alert to cyclists and other road users who get too close and stray into a dangerous position, ensuring that truck drivers can operate with confidence.

The truck itself is set up for use in towns and cities in a number of ways, with its compact wheels and reduced turning circle meaning it can complete manoeuvres which would be tricky for rival HGVs to attempt.

Mackworth Cycle VisionAn advanced camera system in combination with an integrated event recorder means that all aspects of the truck’s surroundings are monitored and captured in real time. So when an incident does occur, all of the relevant information can be recalled and any confusion or conflicting claims can be cleared up without any questions remaining. This approach to safety has become more common in recent years and may well grow further as more firms embrace it as an option.

The body of the LF 180 FA is decked out with high-visibility decals and LED lights to provide warnings to other road users about its presence and the potential issues they may face if they get too close. It also has rails at the side and rear to provide additional protection and safety, lessening the likelihood of serious accidents occurring.

The LF 260 FT…

The LF 260 FT, also known as the ‘urban artic’ because of its city-friendly design, helps to further boost DAF’s reputation as a truck manufacturer. It shares many of the same safety features as its rigid tipper sibling but boasts a larger cab that can seat a driver along with two passengers for those operations that require a full crew to complete effectively.

The 19.5-inch wheels are fitted on this truck to give the driver a better level of visibility, especially of pedestrians and cyclists who are lower down than their usual seated position.

Up front is an array of sensors that can detect the proximity of other vehicles and obstacles, which in combination with a selection of five cameras mounted around the truck can help to ensure that every manoeuvre can be completed both safely and efficiently. DAF’s underpinning designs are being combined with cutting-edge trailers and safety technology from other companies to make this possible.


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