Volvo Trucks Reinforces Safety Commitment at CLOCS Event

This week Construction Logistics and Community Safety (CLOCS) held a meeting in London in order to discuss the progress which is being made and to highlight the vehicle and equipment manufacturers that are taking the biggest steps to make their products better at integrating with the rest of the modern world.

Transport Engineer reports that Volvo Trucks was a major presence during the event, bringing with it a total of four different HGVs to draw attention to the cutting-edge safety features that have been added to its trucks.

Truck Displays

Volvo FM display 1Both FM and FMX truck ranges were represented at CLOCS Progress, along with the FE LEC, which is a model which benefits from a low-entry cab that provides exceptional levels of visibility and means that drivers working in urban areas and on busy sites are not encumbered by the problematic blind spots found on many other vehicles of this size.

The FE LEC truck which was present at the meeting was equipped with a construction-ready body, enabling it to handle heavy loads of loose material while also offering air suspension to deliver its own safety benefits. Because the truck is mounted 20 centimetres lower than the equivalent non-LEC model, the operator is not elevated so high that they cannot adequately assess their immediate surroundings from moment to moment.

Volvo FM display 2In addition, the doors come with integrated glass panelling low enough that the driver can glance in either direction and observe other road users and potential hazards with ease, even if they are not in view via the mirrors.

As with other contemporary HGVs from Volvo Trucks, the low-entry cab models come equipped with cutting-edge engine and transmission technologies. Power outputs range between 330hp and 500hp, giving the FE LEC plenty of torque and enabling it to take on tough terrain as well as the tarmac.

The low-entry cab comes with many of the same features as the standard trucks from Volvo, with the added bonus of being easier to climb into and out of when on the move. This can be a boon not only in terms of enhancing safety but also when it comes to making the truck more convenient for the driver to use from day to day.

Technology and Safety

One of the main reasons to choose a Volvo Trucks model of any type today is the I-Shift gearbox, which has consistently proven itself to be one of the most reliable and efficient systems on the market at the moment. This is in part made possible thanks to the range of software options that can be added to further optimise the transmission, although as with other aspects of the range, some of these are not standard features.

Truck safety has led to a growing debate in recent years, especially in London, where safety campaigners, fleet operators and manufacturers are attempting to work more closely together so that HGVs can share the roads with other vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists in a way that lessens the likelihood of accidents occurring.


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