Mitsubishi Fuso Canter Wins Top Industry Accolade

At this year’s Van A2Z Awards the light truck which took home the top prize was the Fuso Canter, meaning that Mitsubishi has managed to triumph in this particular category for an impressive four years in a row, according to UK Haulier.

FUSO Canter - VansA2Z Awards
Trophy hunter: Special Vehicles Communications Specialist, Natalia Valverde, collects the FUSO Canter’s award from VansA2Z Editor, Neil McIntee.

A variety of features helped the Canter to continue its winning streak, with judges praising both the resilience of its build quality and the excellent driving experience it offers to owners, meaning it is an excellent truck for urban use – even coping well on cramped city streets.

Another asset of the Canter range is the eco-friendliness of the power trains that are used across the board, from the efficient and modern diesel engines to the hybrid and all-electric models.

Customers in the UK will be able to pick up the eCanter later in 2017, meaning that a zero-emissions light truck will be joining the fray and ushering in a new era of clean, green transport capabilities. So with this model on the horizon, it seems likely that the Canter will be able to retain its title for at least another 12 months.

‘A Fine Part of the Current Line-Up’

Awards spokesperson Neil McIntee said that the standard 3.0 litre diesel engine was a fine part of the current line-up while also highlighting the fact that the Canter is generally a class leader in its weight category in terms of the load capacities that it offers.

He went on to comment on other features offered by Mitsubishi which have allowed this truck to maintain its position at the head of the market, including the Duonic transmission that benefits from an impressive dual-clutch set-up. This gives it a smoother and more efficient performance potential than other automatic gearboxes.

eCanter: Most Exciting Fuso Model on the Horizon

Mitsubishi Fuso eCANTER

The eCanter is undoubtedly the most exciting new Fuso model on the horizon at the moment and is not that far away from arriving on British soil, with a trial scheme set to kick off in London before the end of the year.

Full production of the eCanter is not expected to begin until 2018, but the fact that the UK is being used as a proving ground for this truck shows that Mitsubishi and partner Mercedes-Benz are both convinced that it will find success in this marketplace.

In particular, the arrival of stricter emissions regulations and increased charges for using diesel engine vehicles in the capital will mean that shifting to a hybrid or zero-emissions truck will be seen as the best way to go, especially in terms of making long-term cuts to running costs.

With spacious and comfortable cabs, a good deal of manoeuvrability and modern stylish designs across the board, the Fuso Canter range is undoubtedly the light truck to beat at the moment. It also looks like it will only be improving in 2017 and beyond, giving rival manufacturers an even bigger mountain to climb.

Being able to buy a used Fuso Canter means that going through main dealers and waiting for new models is unnecessary, which is a big bonus.


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