MAN TGS 32.400 8×4 BB Rigid Light Tipper | A Trucklocator Review

This MAN light tipper looks much the same as its TGS 35 heavyweight big brother, but the chassis is of 7mm steel construction rather than 8mm. It also features drive axles with single reduction, rather than hub reduction. The D20 engine has the same power output of 400hp, with the lighter machine utilising a direct top Tipmatic gearbox instead of the overdrive to be found on the 35 series. Another difference is in the drop beam axles and all-round ventilated disc brakes.

MAN TGS 8x4 Tipper
MAN TGS 8×4 Tipper

The MAN TGS rigid chassis range has long been popular with many operators, at least in part due to its title of 2008 International Truck of the Year. Since then it has proven to be a reliable beast, with the added attraction of low running costs. These MAN trucks have long been thought of as engineers’ trucks – not the cheapest but with build quality and design excellence to make them an excellent long-term investment. Clearly these are ideal qualities to have on a second-hand truck. The D20 EGR engine meets Euro 5 emissions targets and comes in either 360hp or 400hp power ratings.

These trucks shipped with either a ZF16 manual gearbox or MAN 12-cog auto Tipmatic box. Where payload is a concern, it is worth considering that the Man auto box is an impressive 65kg lighter than the ZF. Suspension is provided by all-round parabolic steel springs aided by hydraulic dampers and stabiliser bars on the hypoid rear drive axles. Depending on configuration of the body, the truck can tip the scales at as little as 12,360kg, giving a superb payload capacity of 19,640kg. This tipper also features the option of a CCTV system offering all-round visibility. This is a welcome addition to the safety features, especially when manoeuvring around busy sites. Safety is also boosted by audible warnings that deter cyclists or pedestrians from getting too close to the truck’s side under-run bars.

The 400hp engine is more than capable of delivering performance in this 32-tonne truck. The six-cylinder overhead cam unit has twin turbos and common rail fuel injection to boost power. The 10.5 litre engine gives out its maximum 394hp at 1,900rpm and provides 1,900rpm of torque between 1,000 and 1,400rpm. Fuel economy can reach around 10mpg. The Tipmatic gearbox is well proven and the ungraded software package seems to result in faster gear changes and excellent ratio selection. This is wedded to a single-plate clutch. The selection comes via a rotary switch on the floor to the left of the driver’s seat and manual intervention is possible via a right-hand steering column paddle. The truck also features a CDx gearing mode, which is tuned to site work and lets the engine speed rise higher than normal to reduce changes and loss of traction on difficult surfaces.

The power-assisted steering is accurate and well weighted and allows precision positioning on the road. Vented disc brakes all round are boosted by ABS and provide plenty of stopping power. The additional engine brake is on hand to keep these main service units cool for use when conditions call for heavy braking.

The MAN TGS 32.400 8×4 BB rigid standard cab design is getting a little long in the tooth but it is still clutter-free and functional. The trim and switchgear are of high quality and are easy to clean, which bodes well for a long working life. Taken together, the features of this MAN TGS 32.400 8×4 BB rigid light tipper make it an extremely attractive proposition as a second-hand purchase.


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