Used Iveco Trakker AD340T36K Tipper | A Trucklocator Review

Clearly the tipper market is a specialist niche but even if you never drive one, the cab layout in this Iveco will seem familiar. That is because these cunning Italians share so much of the design features between their cab platforms. The Cursor engine is a well-known feature too and this Cursor 8 Euro EEV unit is totally at ease in the spotlight. It is a six-cylinder turbocharged engine, delivering its maximum 360hp between 1,690 and 2,400rpm. It also pumps out a healthy 1,500Nm of torque between 1,125 and 1,690rpm. This is a capable performer, happy to tug at the reins while still being quiet enough for you to hear your passenger’s chat. A dual-speed electro-magnetic cooling fan keeps things cool and a peerless fuel injection system delivers exactly the fuel needed.

iveco trakkerThis engine is paired with Iveco’s 12-speed Optidriver gearbox as standard but a ZF 1620 TD manual was sometimes specified as an option. The auto box is not the fastest changer on the market and cog transitions take a full second to complete. That sounds a lot but the momentum of the Trakker carries it forward without any discernible loss of pace and the experience is more relaxed than frustrating. Although the unit cannot see the road ahead, it still copes well with undulating surfaces and the driver will rarely feel the need to intervene. It is also not afraid to skip a number of gears in order to find the right ratio.

The brakes are well up to the task too. A turbo engine brake provides 300hp of stopping power and all-round ventilated discs are easily capable of reining in this heavyweight in short order. Even prolonged use and heating seem not to reduce their effectiveness and that left pedal continues to bite hard whenever it is asked to. Getting the suspension right on a weighty tipper is absolutely vital and the Iveco Trakker AD340T36K does not disappoint in this respect, with a suitably no-nonsense set-up. Steel parabolic springs are in situ all around and at the front these are aided by shock absorbers and an anti-roll bar. At the back end things are kept in harness by a stabiliser rod. This robust arrangement is mirrored by the no-nonsense chassis, which is clearly built to withstand the rigours of a long and harsh working life. The power-assisted steering is properly weighted and gives predictable steering both at speed and in low-gear manoeuvres. The lock is also impressive for an 8×4 rigid.

Inside the cab, there are some creature comforts for the driver. In Active Day format there is plenty of storage space in bins behind the seats and above and below the windscreen. The trim level is as hard-wearing as you might expect and should last the pace even on a second-hand truck. All-round visibility is good, with an excellent mirror set-up. The comfort of Iveco’s driver’s seat remains a high point. In this glamour-free market, the Iveco Trakker AD340T36K is a suitably dependable and powerful workhorse.


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