Money for Old Curtains

A used truck comes into stock, it looks straight, but is let down by shoddy curtains. If you have to go to the lengths of getting them replaced, why not earn a couple of quid selling off the old ones for recycling into trendy bags?

Before – piles of used curtains at the Freitag factory

You can spend money on correctly disposing of your used truck curtains. Or you can make money by selling them off to FREITAG. Since 1993, the Swiss company has been making bags and accessories from used lorry curtains – and successfully sells them around the world.

The company is always on the lookout for more material. Over 18 years ago, FREITAG started producing bags and accessories from used materials coming from the streets: used lorry curtains, bicycle inner tubes, car seatbelts and airbags. Inspired by the long haul traffic passing by in front of their flat, the brothers Daniel and Markus Freitag made their first messenger bag. The durability and rugged design triggered a new wave in bag design.

Today, FREITAG manufactures 400,000 products per year, made from a whopping 440 tons of used truck curtains delivered to their factory in Zurich every year. Thanks to the different colours and designs of the lorry curtains coming from all over Europe, every FREITAG product is one-ofa-kind. At the same time, FREITAG makes sure they stand up to the truly Swiss quality expectations of the brothers. FREITAG products are largely manufactured in Zurich and are sold through nine own FREITAG stores, the Online Store and 400 retail partners worldwide.

Freitag have tried to make the process easy. You give them a call in Switzerland, and they’ll organise the pickup, weighs the usable curtains and pays according to weight and colour.

Since the curtains are cut up in the process of making bags, company logos will no longer be recognisable. Also, dirt, cuts, wear and tear are of no importance to the FREITAG employees judging the quality.

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freitag 1
After – Waiting for shipment – the upcycled bag

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