Volvo FH16 Drawbar – Fantastic!

Coles of Devon boss, Richard Cole needed as much power and payload as he could get for his new Volvo FH16 drawbar combination.  Life long Volvo Trucks fan, the Coles have always had a great relationship with Volvo’s local dealer for the Avonmouth area, Wales and West Truck and Bus Ltd – it was a no-brainer to head to them to order the company’s new flagship.

Volvo FH16Cole worked closely with Wales & West’s Justin Fisher to spec the truck and agrees that he may have gone a little over the top.  The truck has as much as 600hp, Volvo’s I-Shift, Globetrotter cab and ‘skin and wind’ inside – not to mention the polished alloys and afridge to keep the Coke cool.

Configured as a drawbar, Cole, who also drives the truck, is skilled at reversing the truck and trailer combination into tight spots and therefore prefers to have an A-Frame drawbar, rather than the trailer with central wheels.

Weighing in at an acceptable 15 tonnes including the trailer, Cole can manage a payload of 29 tonnes operating at 44 tonnes – despite the larger 16-litre engine, Globetrotter cab and all the goodies loaded onto it.

The new FH16 isn’t the only drawbar on the Coles fleet – the company also has a Volvo FM 6-wheel drawbar combination moving fertilizer, hay and straw and similar products.


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