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2.5 Average

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I sell these all day long 4.5/5 by Wayne Truck Dealer on 22nd Nov 2013 For a rigid over 7.5 tonnes and under 18 tonnes these are hard to beat - usually run by councils and looked after, they'll give great service second hand and the payload whoops any 7.5 tonner on the market.
Does anyone read these reviews? 0.5/5 by R. Sole on 5th Jan 2014 If you are buying a truck, buy one you have experience of, don't listen to others - there work might be different to yours!
I need help 3/5 by Mossa Trading on 7th Jan 2014 I read the reviews as I'm no expert on all trucks - if you only buy what you know you'll never get anything better?????
The LF55 is like a 45 on steroids. A bit more power that is ideal for heavier local deliveries. 5/5 by Mark Smith on 4th Apr 2014 I drive for a builder’s merchant and we run an LF55 4x2 with a flatbed and crane conversion. This is really just a pumped up LF45 with a bigger engine. Everything else is the same. Having said that, it is ideal for our kind of work. The more powerful engine is ideal for lugging the bricks, paving and other heavy loads that we carry and it doesn’t impact the fuel economy at all. Like the LF45, the cab is pretty basic. We have the day cab, which is fine without being outstanding. I suppose the highlights of this truck are more the engine and the economy. They are reasonably priced and pretty cheap to run, so they are hard to beat in our market. The manual gearbox needs a lot of changes when fully loaded and that can be a bit of a grind.


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