DAF LF45 reviews

2.5 Average

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Why not? Cheap enough 3.5/5 by Trucks R ME on 15th Nov 2013 I've had a few of these 45 series - looks a bit old fashioned, but good to go to work in.
Workhorse - Does the job well 4/5 by James Dennis on 17th Nov 2013 I operate five of these - they are reliable and the oldest is now eight years old and has 450,000kms on the clock. I only buy used - usually three years old coming off a contract that has had main dealer servicing involved. I don't use main dealers - just my local guy, but he tells me they are easy to work on.
Simple, easy to use and cheap: the LF45 is perfect for the job. Especially on short urban runs. 4.5/5 by Alan Campbell on 3rd Apr 2014 The LF45 is my daily work partner. I drive a 45.160 box van from 2008 with 5 speed manual box. We do lots of local multi-drop deliveries and I cannot think of a better truck for this work. It’s nippy, very economical and easy to get in and out, which saves my back a lot of grief. Ours is the 22ft version and it is surprisingly easy to manoeuvre into tight urban spaces and loading zones outside of High Street shops, which is where we do most of our deliveries. The cab is fairly basic but again straightforward, with nothing there that is not needed. I think I’ll be driving this for a long time yet.


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