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2.5 Average

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Had a bad one.... 0.5/5 by Briggsy on 9th Jan 2014 I had one a couple of years ago - forever in and out of the workshops - been on tipping work and would regularly let me down - have an MAN now - no Adblue either - much better!
Who wants an XF105??? 4.5/5 by DAVE on 10th Jan 2014 I have the space cab tractor unit 85 and there's loads of room in it - I get a better payload on it - why would I want the massive XF cab? It's like the difference between a sports car and a big SUV - I'll take sports car every time!!!
A great automatic gearbox, fine engine and comfortable cab make the difference. 3/5 by Andrew Kidd on 18th Mar 2014 My company runs two DAF CF85 6x2 tractors. They are powered by the 12.9 litre MX engine, which pumps out a very handy 460bhp. I say handy because our routes take us across the Pennines in Northern England and we really need those horses on some of the inclines. What has also been a boon is the ZF As-tronic 12 speed automatic gearbox. All those hills have meant lots of gear changes in the past and it is far more relaxing, and safer, on those narrow roads to let the auto box do the work while you keep your eye on the road. We also do some longer runs into Scotland and for these the Space sleeper cab is top-notch. Service intervals are 100,000 km and for us that’s about once a year. We’ve found service costs to be reasonable so far.


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