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I like it 4/5 by Anne Fox on 2nd Jan 2014 I thought I'd give all you guys the benefits of my wisdom - don't queue up to thank me! I drive a 1 year old CF75 26 tonne 6x2 fridge truck for a popular supermarket (if any can be called popular). It is easy to drive, (even though I can 'manage' a 13 or 16 speed manual why would you unless you had to these days). The sleeper's plenty big enough and visibility is good all round. I get what I'm given to drive, but each new DAF model I get seems to get better and better. Can't wait for my Euro 6 one in a year or two's time
Don't knock 'em 3/5 by Ian The Bad on 6th Jan 2014 I love my CF75 tipper - I've never driven anything better - fuel is great, it's never let me down - sure it's not flas and there are plenty around - maybe that's for a reason? I bought it second hand when it was three years old and I'll keep it for seven years - it'll owe me nothing for the last few - who'd buy a new one for £70k? that's just vanity!!!
It is a strong choice when you’re spending your own cash 3/5 by Graham Cooper on 17th Mar 2014 I run a DAF CF75 box body rigid with the 310hp 9.2 litre PACCAR engine. It has 100,000 mile service intervals and is a Euro 5 complaint power plant which I think gives a good balance of performance and frugal fuel consumption. I have obviously driven other makes in the past but I find the DAF CF75 to be totally reliable and maintenance cost are low. I need the sleeper cab for my work and I’ve found it to be comfortable enough, with good under bunk storage. I really like the wraparound dash, which feels almost car-like to me. The ride is good and the seat allows lots of adjustment to get the driving position just right. Like I say, I’ve driven other, maybe more premium, trucks in the past but when it’s your own money I wouldn’t look far past the DAF.


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