DAF CF65 reviews

1.5 Average

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Why not? 4/5 by Doug the Driver on 15th Jan 2014 It does what it says on the tin - it's not dear, it's not flash, but it does the job. Why pay more? I'm running out of slogans, but seriously the CF65 is as good as any other 18 tonner - especially on distribution work.
An excellent choice for my local distribution work: powerful, reliable and comfortable. 3/5 by Alan Slater on 24th Feb 2014 I run a DAF CF65 18 tonner box body of 2009 vintage. I’m an owner driver, so this is my only wagon and it’s vital that it performs. My work is in local and regional distribution and I have to say that the CF has been an extremely good fit for this work. I love the GR220 engine, which gives me more than enough grunt whenever I need it. I just have the standard day cab, as I rarely do overnight work, but I have to say that it is well laid out and comfortable. The air suspension cab helps a lot with the dodgy road surfaces I encounter every day. I can’t really fault the CF, it gives me exactly what I want without any drama.


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