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King was started in 1962 by a Canadian engineer named Vernon King. The company then went on to become the biggest producer of lowbed and heavy haulage trailers in the UK. This dominant position is reflected in the impressive statistic that there are more lowbed stepframe trailers in Britain made by King than any other manufacturer.

This is obviously a low-volume market and it allows the King engineers to become closely involved with their clients, building custom trailers according to exact client specifications. These specialist vehicles include transporters for aircraft engines and airframes, submarine parts and lots of military and nuclear applications.


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Trailer KING GTS 44
Trailer KING GTS 44 POA
2003 | Flats
Peter Gilder & Sons Limited
Trailer KING GTS
Trailer KING GTS £24,950.00
2010 | Flats 2010 GTS 73 4 axle Step frame TrailerHydraulic double flip toe ramps, rear steer, lift up axle, outriggers, one company owner, just off service £24,950. +VAT
Phillip C Smith Commercials Ltd
Trailer KING GTS 38/3
Trailer KING GTS 38/3 POA
1992 | Low Loaders TRI-AXLE FOLDING NECK LOW LOADER TRAILER, air suspension. MOT August 2018
De Mulder Enterprises
Trailer KING GTL70
Trailer KING GTL70 £17,750.00
2004 | Low Loaders •Knock out neck•Hydraulic power steering•Hydraulic front end fold down ramps•Electric power pack•Outriggers•Direct from work•Very clean outfit
Trailer 2007 Legras Tri Axle Walking Floor Trailer
Trailer 2007 Legras Tri Axle Walking Floor Trailer £10,500.00
2007 | Walking Floor 130 Cubic Yard Trailer, BPW Axles, Drum Brakes, Hydraulic Rear Door, Manual Nets, TRAILERS
Trailer King Trailers GTS48
Trailer King Trailers GTS48 POA
2007 | Low Loaders | 38000kg Step frame heavy duty low loader trailer with with 8 ton winch and hydraulic rampsMoT Due Nov 17
Hopkinsons Fairdeals Ltd
Trailer 2008 King Tri Axle Low Loader
Trailer 2008 King Tri Axle Low Loader £17,500.00
2008 | Low Loaders Gigant Axles, Front Lift Axle, Hydraulic Flip Toe Ramps, Front Lift Axle, Gantree Mesh On Ramps,Remote Control Super Winch, Out Riggers, Storage Cabinet, Drum Brakes, May 2017 M.O.T. TRAILERS
Trailer KING STG056
Trailer KING STG056 POA
2005 | Low Loaders Year 2008SAF Axles,Drum Brakes,Air Suspension,Rear Lift AxleHydraulic Ramps C/W Side Shift,Outriggers,Lashing Rings9FT Wide
P F Tideswell & Sons
Trailer King Low Loader
Trailer King Low Loader POA
2011 | Plant King Low Loader Tri Axle Trailer with Twin Hydraulic Ramps. 13700 Long x2550 Wide on 235/75r Tyres. Shipping can be arranged anywhere at an additional cost, for more information please call.
Pawson Commercials Vehicle Sales
Trailer Wilcox WALKING FLOOR
Thomastown Trucks
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King Established
Business changes hands
King Transport Eqip Lts Founded

King TrailersThe company has also branched out to supply truck equipment for aerial access work and traffic management. Trailers remain at the core of the business, however, and King’s range of trailers is extensive. It includes drawbars, extended trailers, stepframe and hydroneck low loaders and various specialist applications and truck bodies. King also produces hookloaders and skiploaders.

The firm provides solutions for abnormal loads up to 150 tonnes and their expertise is reflected in the number of specialist projects they are asked to complete. This led to the formation of King Transport Equipment Ltd in 2007 to focus entirely on these bespoke solutions.

The specialist trailers manufactured by King are some of the most popular in the UK, benefiting from a long-standing dominance in this marketplace and an enduring relationship with many British companies. Plenty of King trailers have been built specifically for a client based on specifications agreed between the two parties involved, meaning that they are often adapted for a particular purpose. This means anyone who is buying a used trailer from King needs to pay close attention to things such as the dimensions, features, payload capacity and more. In addition, it is necessary to check that any systems which are in place, such as ABS, hydraulics and more, are working normally and do not look as if they will be in need of repair in the short term.

The durability of a King trailer, as well as the kind of load it can handle, will be determined by the material from which it is constructed. Standard alloy trailers are light and efficient but may not be well suited to irregular loads because of the damage that might be caused. Steel trailers with thick, bulky bodies will take a little more fuel to shift but will be better equipped to deal with rubble, earth and other bulky materials. When buying a used King truck trailer, you need to reflect on the kind of things you want to achieve with it and then pick a model that meets your needs. Even if you are not securing a new model, there is enough choice out there to give you plenty of options.

While King products for general use are widely seen and available on the used market, those buyers who need a more bespoke form of truck trailer are also not going to be left looking for long. There are models with refrigeration units in the rear, with specialised cargo floor systems, with convenient tool-box kits attached to the chassis and with many more features besides. Of course, more features and specific configurations will require a more thorough approach to pre-purchase examination. Systems and mechanisms should be operating normally. If they are not, they should be identified as being in need of attention. A seller that is open about the state of a truck is worth trusting, and ideally you will be investing in a trailer that is not in need of major repairs, because this will ensure that you can get it out and on the road without delay.

Other things which need to be checked include aluminium side skirts, which can be damaged through collisions with other vehicles and other objects. It the trailer has a rollover roof cover, barn doors at the rear or any other moving part which requires attention, make sure it receives it before you commit to a purchase. That being said, the reputation of King for producing sturdy trailers that are capable of satisfying all the needs of its customers should means that you don't have any issues when buying a used model, however many miles it has covered in its past life.

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