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Faymonville is an internationally renowned manufacturer of trailers based in Belgium, with its products used worldwide to cater to a range of specialised haulage needs. It does not do things by half measures, which is why its large, heavy-duty trailers are designed to help with the transport of large, heavy-duty machinery. And if the price of a new unit from this firm seems a little steep, you can find used Faymonville trailers that are still fully capable of coping with the largest loads on the longest journeys.

The most popular Faymonville trailers are low loaders, which are built to accommodate large machinery that would otherwise pose a problem for transport on a standard-height unit. The Multimax trailer is just one of the options available, featuring an extendable body that allows it to reach a maximum of 50 metres. 

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2016 | Low Loaders 2016 75ton Extendable Lowloader, 4 Axle 2 Self Tracking Rear Steer axles, Hydraulic Ramps with Hydraulic Side Shift, Outer Riggers, Any Inspection Welcome.Model: 75TON
Trailer FAYMONVILLE £45,000.00
2011 | Stepframe 4 axle step frame trailer, NEW MOT great condition
Trailer FAYMONVILLE £35,000.00
1900 | Flats five axle extending trailer

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Between two and ten axles can be featured on this trailer, depending on the specifications required by the original buyer. And so this degree of variability is something you should consider when looking for a second-hand unit. The Multimax range is also equipped with beavertail ramps at the rear so that wheeled equipment can be loaded quickly, while integrated outriggers will allow for improved stability during this process.

A number of other extendable stepframe low-loader trailers from Faymonville are on offer, from the Gigamax with its gooseneck set-up and supplementary axle upfront to the Telemax, which can extend to up to 65 metres where necessary, quadrupling its standard length. Some models offer self-steering capabilities which help when manoeuvring very long and large loads, while others such as the Powermax are even self-propelled. Availability can vary along with specifications, but when you consider the breadth of the range that this manufacturer offers, it is easy to see why it has attained its position of pre-eminence in this market sector.

Faymonville MultimaxIt is important to check the functionality of any features included with a Faymonville trailer, as many models offer things such as hydraulic widening, suspension elements and beavertail ramps. Any mechanical part which might be worn down by regular use needs to be examined to ensure that it works as it should. You should also work out what kit is included with a purchase, as even if a model had ramps for loading from new, there is no guarantee that these will still be present when it is being sold second-hand. The state of the tyres and the style of the brakes used, whether drum or disc, will also be on your checklist so that the Faymonville trailer you procure is of the correct specifications.

The thing to keep in mind when looking at Faymonville trailers is that you will not only need to pick a used example which is in good condition but will also have to make sure that you have access to a tractor unit which is capable of hauling it effectively. If the right trailer from this firm comes on the market, then there should be little reason to hesitate in your selection.

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