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ARB produces a range of specialist low loaders and stepframes. These include the UK IV R and RS models. These are tri-axle stepframe trailers designed for plant and machinery, rated at 53 tonnes or 56 tonnes gross. Depending on the tractor attached, the approximate maximum payload is 44 tonnes. Trailer length is 13.3 metres and width is either 2.55 or 2.74 metres. The R and RS have air suspension and a raise / lower facility with hydraulic ramps. Other equipment includes top deck Ramps, SAF axles, a lift axle and telescopic outriggers.

The SPM UK VI R and RS trailers are again plant and machinery stepframe trailers, rated at 42 GTW. Payloads range from 25 to 28 and 33.5 tonnes. Length is 13.6 metres. There is air suspension with a raise / lower facility and a set of hydraulic ramps (double acting). Access is easy to the top deck and there is a lift axle, together with a shallow load angle and outriggers. SAF axles are also featured.

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Trailer ARB UK6
Trailer ARB UK6 POA
2005 | Low Loaders UK6 Tri-Axle Step Frame Plant Trailer. Air Suspension. Beavertail and Ramps. M.O.T. December 2017.
De Mulder Enterprises
Trailer ARB SPM4D/80
Trailer ARB SPM4D/80 POA
2003 | Low Loaders SPM4D/80. 4 Axle Step Frame Plant Trailer. Air Suspension. 2.75 Metres Wide. Beavertail and Ramps. 9ft Wide plus Outriggers. Self Tracking Rear Axle. Lifting Front Axle.
De Mulder Enterprises
Trailer ARB UK6
Trailer ARB UK6 POA
2011 | Low Loaders UK6 Tri-Axle Step Frame Plant Trailer. Beavertail and Ramps. Air Suspension. M.O.T. July 2017.
De Mulder Enterprises
Trailer ARB
Trailer ARB POA
1994 | Low Loaders
De Mulder Enterprises
Trailer ARB  SPMUK4
Trailer ARB SPMUK4 £8,750.00
2001 | Stepframe ARB 56 Ton triaxle stepframe,hyd fliptow ramps, lift axle,9ft wide + outriggers.
Thomtrucks Ltd
Trailer Plant  V8 ENGINE & GEARBOX
Shelton Motors

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The SPM UK 4D/80 is a four axle stepframe plant and machinery trailer. It has a 75 tonnes GTW and is 2.74 metres wide. Lengths are 13.3 .or 14.3 metres. Air suspension with raise / lower programme is standard and top deck ramps are power operated. This trailer also has a self tracking rear lift axle and telescopic outriggers.

The ARB range continues with the UK7 extendable multi-purpose trailer at 47 tonnes GTW. In addition to the usual equipment there are double hydraulic flip over ramps and twist locks for both 20ft and 40ft ISO containers. The SPM UK 8 is a tri-axle extendable low loader with power steering and detachable goose neck. The SPM UK10 rounds off the range. It is a four axle low loader rated at 95 tonnes GTW and has a seven metre load bed with Tridec power steering and a hydraulic knock out neck.

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It just gets on with the job in hand. Absolutely no problems so far. 5/5 by Jim Park I use an ARB low loader trailer for my business, transporting plant around. I bought it second hand and it is a good few years old now and still going strong. It would be fair to say that it takes a... Read full review


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