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The trailer market is a vast one, serving all manner of applications. The industry offers a huge variety of trailers, from basic flatbeds and skeletals to more complex and specialist pieces of kit. These specialist applications can include enormous trailers to support abnormal loads up to 150 tonnes. Such giants of the road have actually become more common in recent years, with many specialist trailers being built to support the growing wind farm industry.

The huge trailers are the only way to transport the massive turbines to their destinations. These large multi-axle trailers are often extendable and also work to support the aerospace and defence industries.

On a slightly smaller scale, low loader trailers are used to transport construction plant and machinery, efficiently moving loads between jobs and returning them to base. Semi trailers, hooked up to tractor units, form the backbone of our distribution industry, hauling all manner of goods. 


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Trailer Fruehauf 65 Yard Step Frame Bath Tub Tipping Trailer
Trailer Fruehauf 65 Yard Step Frame Bath Tub Tipping Trailer £9,500.00
2008 | Tippers 2008 65 Cubic Yard, Bathtub, Step Frame, MX on Chassis Weigher, Remote Electric Easy Sheet,Disc Brakes on Mercedes Axles, Jan 2018 MOT, £9500+VAT
Dixon Commercial Exports Ltd
2001 | Tippers 2001 65 Cubic Yard, Bathtub, Step Frame, PM 1155 On Chassis Weigher, Manual Sheet, Front Lift Axle, Drum Brakes on ROR Axles, Dec 2017 MOT, Great Condition for the Year
Dixon Commercial Exports Ltd
Trailer Knapen Trailers Lightweight Walking Floor Trailer For Sal
Trailer Knapen Trailers Lightweight Walking Floor Trailer For Sal POA
£127.09 Weekly
2010 | Walking Floor Knapen Walking Floor Trailer For Sale 130 4.2 meter high - larger volume than standard BPW drums 10 mm floor thicker than standard 3 meter x 2 m x 3mm wear plates both sides at rear 43 mm thick Moving headboard Front Catwalk Thicker than standard roll over sheet 4 Ferry lashing rings chassis mounted 14 pair internal floor mounted lashing rings Stainless steel rear door lock. 131 cu yd Fitted 3x
Newton Trailer Sales
1995 | Flats | 38000kg CartwrightáTri Axle Chassis. 45Ft Flatbed C/w Hardwood FlooráSteel Mesh Dropsides And Raised Headboards. Rope Hooks Mounted To N/s And O/s Body. ROR Axles C/w 385/65 R22.5 Wheels And Tyres. Air Suspension C/w Raise And Lower Controls. Full Drum Braking System. Steel Side Guard Safety Rails. Dual Speed Landing Legs. Plated Weight : 38,000 Kgs. Design Weight : 38,000 Kgs. King Pin Plated Weight :
Walker Movements
Trailer Wilcox 65 CU YD PLANK SIDED BULK TIPPING TRAILER - £9,450.00
2006 | Tippers | 37500kg Wilcox Tri Axle Step Frame Chassis. Wilcox 65 Cu Yd Aluminium Plank Sided Tipping Body C/w Single Piece Tailgate, Grain Hatch Sock AndáAir Locks. Front End Ram. Electric Roll Over Easy Sheet. SAF Axles C/w 385/65 R22.5 Wheels And Tyres. Full Disc Braking System. Wabco ABS System C/w ISO Susie Connector. Air Suspension C/w Raise And Lower Controls. Front Lift Axle. Alcoa Aluminium Wheels. Jost
Walker Movements
Trailer Weightlifter  63 CU-
Trailer Weightlifter 63 CU- £9,450.00
2006 | Tippers | 39000kg Weightlifter Tri Axle Chassis. 63 Cu Yd Aluminium Plank Sided Tipping Body C/w Single Piece Tailgate, Grain Hatch SockáAndáAir Locks. Front End Ram. Electric Roll Over Easy Sheet. Mercedes Axles C/w 385/65 R22.5 Wheels And Tyres. Full Disc Braking System. Haldex ABS System C/w ISO Susie Connector. Air Suspension. Reverse Camera C/w Susie Connector. Dual Speed Landing Legs. Weigh Cells C/w Susie
Walker Movements
Trailer 2005 SCHMITZ 4 METRE
Trailer 2005 SCHMITZ 4 METRE £1,800.00
2005 | Curtainsiders 2005 schmitz 4 metre curtain saf disk brakes £1800
North Norfolk Vehicle Solution
Trailer 2003 SDC 4.2 CURTAIN BARN DOORS 13.6M
Trailer 2003 SDC 4.2 CURTAIN BARN DOORS 13.6M £1,750.00
2003 | Curtainsiders 2003 sdc 4.2 curtain barn doors 13.6 metre long bpw drum brakes slideing posts water tight £1750
North Norfolk Vehicle Solution
Trailer PACTON CHEREAU Premium
2011 | Tractor Unit | 40000kg Premium 430 DXi 4x2 Tractor Unit 2011 **CHOICE** Air Suspension, Fixed 5th Wheel, Sleeper Cab, ADK, Cruise Control, Hillstart, Air Con, Sunvisor, Sunroof, Electric Windows/Mirrors, Heated Mirrors, Radio, CD, Digital Tachograph, Automatic Gearbox. - STOCK NO. R232 - CHOICE
C J Leonard
Trailer STOKOTA 45ft
Trailer STOKOTA 45ft POA
2013 | Walking Floor 45ft Walking Floor Trailer 2013 120cu yards 45ft Walking Floor Trailer, 120 cu yards, Air Suspension, Cargo Floor, SAF Axles, Disc Brakes, Easy Sheet, Barn Doors Tool Boxes. - MOT Nov 2017 - STOCK NO.R075
C J Leonard
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Other specialist trailers include the drawbar trailer. This is used in conjunction with a rigid-bodied truck to create a longer combined unit capable of providing more load volume than traditional trailer and tractor units. Other common trailer units include the fridge trailer. This is equipped with specialist insulation which keeps the temperature down in conjunction with the refrigeration unit and allows for the delivery of much of our fresh food.

Trailer units also include the familiar box unit, which must be one of the most common in the industry. A modification of this basic design is the curtainside trailer. This is a more flexible solution than the box van, allowing loading and unloading to take place at either side or at the rear. Specialist trailers are also available for the car transporter market and waste disposal.

Over the years, trailers have become more specialised and more sophisticated. Whereas the basic trailer was just a pulled load space, modern trailers have many more components to consider. Larger trailers will have their own suspension system and perhaps independent brakes too. The largest trailers may also have a hydraulic or powered steering system to aid manoeuvring of these huge beasts. Because of the specialist nature of many trailer operations, many of the major trailer companies work closely with their clients to create custom trailers built to their exact requirements. This means that there can be an even greater variety of trailers on the second-hand market, and even although an operator may feel his application is very specific, it may be that another company has already built such a trailer.

With such a large variety of trailers on offer, there are many different buying criteria to consider. These include ensuring that the total axle configuration between tractor and trailer is appropriate and that the overall length is acceptable. The sort of connection must also suit the tractor in question. Thereafter it is a matter of checking out all of the components, along with the structural integrity of the chassis. Major manufacturers include Nooteboom, Montracon and King, among many other reputable suppliers. In general terms, the trailer is built to last and has fewer moving parts so should last even longer than the truck it is hooked up to.

A Testing Time For UK Trailers


When it comes to reviews and column inches, most of the haulage industry tends to focus on the actual trucks themselves. It is not surprising, of course. The truck units are where lorry drivers live and work, and they contain the engines and all of that new technology. But what about the trailers? It is the trailers that actually carry the loads, and they must also be made and tested to the highest standards.

Most of the large-scale production of trailers takes place on the continent, but the UK does have its own bustling trailer industry. Producers may be smaller, but they build and test their trailers using the latest techniques and test them using modern software packages. The trailers must carry heavy loads safely time and again, so they undergo the most enormous stresses. The latest software can identify areas of potential stress at the design stage, and the manufacturer can then alter the design to reinforce that area. The same software can identify the root of a problem after it appears.

Cracks or faults can often appear in one area and be the result of stresses in quite a different location. This can lead to repeated attempts to fix the problem that do not succeed because the underlying problem area has not been identified. The software used can quickly identify such areas and achieve an effective fix in good time, with no costly repeat procedures. This is especially important in the smaller UK trailer market, where trailers are often custom-built especially for one operator. Even small changes in design can alter stress points significantly.

The Tests

Trailers are often tested to EN12642-XL specification. This measures the ability of the unit to safely retain loads inside the trailer in a variety of circumstances. Clearly, this can be a major concern when it comes to curtainsiders, which are not usually considered to be part of the load-restraint features of the trailer and are normally the weakest component of the trailer's load-restraint capabilities. The curtainsides are tested by placing large airbags inside the trailer. These are then inflated, exerting a controlled and measured pressure on the curtainsides and also to the front and rear of the trailer. The curtainsides are attached to a steel frame, and the whole unit is measured against how it performs under such stresses, with results such as the extent to which the curtainsides expand out from the frame recorded.

In addition to static tests such as these, dynamic tests are performed to examine how the trailer performs in moving conditions much like those experienced in the day-to-day operations of any trailer. In such tests, the trailers are driven along winding roads with S bends and are accelerated and decelerated. The internal loads are measured for movement and the stresses they present to the trailer unit. The tests are monitored by an independent body, such as TUV Nord in Germany, to ensure their validity.

The UK market may not be as large as some of their European counterparts, but these trailers are often being put through the toughest of tests to ensure their quality.

Trailer market collapses

Europe's leading trailer maker, Schmitz Cargobull says the European trailer market has collapsed. The firm says registrations are down "drastically" and trailer makers have seen orders drop... Read More

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