Traffic Management Dropside Trucks For Sale

Traffic management trucks feature standard cabs fitted with specially adapted bodies that can accommodate all of the equipment associated with properly controlling the flow of vehicles on highways of all sizes. Because these vehicles are intended to be deployed on busy and dangerous roads, they come with features that will not be found elsewhere. And a variety of used models in this category are available for contractors that are looking to extend their fleets as their business grows.

The dropside trailer is a common feature of traffic management trucks, providing operators with easy access to the equipment in the rear. Many models will also come with reversing camera systems to make sure that manoeuvrability is not compromised if they are being used in confined spaces or places with restricted visibility. While some of these trucks will be capable of taking on a fairly broad range of roles on the road, others are customised further, with incident vehicles that feature workshops which specialists can use for on-the-fly maintenance and the repair of equipment. A buyer will need to decide which type of traffic management truck will fit their needs, although the limited availability of bespoke models may help to make this decision a little easier.

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Mercedes-Benz Axor
Mercedes-Benz Axor POA
2009 | Traffic Management Dropside | 18000kg 19'6" Crash Cushion Euro 5, AdBlue Digital Tacho Air Seats CD Stereo Cruise Control Exhaust Brake Sun Roof Electric Windows Electric Heated Mirrors PRICE - £POA AVAILABLE WITH MODIFICATION/ENGINEERING IF NEEDED (PTO, Extension, Body building, Paintwork plus much more can be arranged and quoted) 3, 6, 9 OR 12 MONTHS DRIVELINE WARRANTY AVAILABLE FINANCE AVAILABLE - SUBJECT TO
CRS Trucks
Mercedes-Benz Axor 2528
Mercedes-Benz Axor 2528 POA
2003 | Traffic Management Dropside Mercedes 2528 Motorway Traffic Management Lorry With Cushion and Lights ready For Work
Mercedes-Benz Axor 2528
Mercedes-Benz Axor 2528 POA
2003 | Traffic Management Dropside 2003 mercedes motorway crash cushion lorry all fully working fitted with 2009 ACKLEA system
Iveco Eurocargo 130E18
Iveco Eurocargo 130E18 POA
2003 | Traffic Management Dropside Crash Cushion with all lights and markers
DAF LF45 45.160
DAF LF45 45.160 POA
2008 | Traffic Management Dropside THIS VEHICLE IS EX TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT WITH ALL SAFETY BARS 314501 KMS TRAFFIC LAMPS AT REAR PLEASE SEE FULL VEHICLE SPEC ABS Brakes, Adjustable Steering Wheel, Arm Rest, Bulkhead, Immobilizer, Power Steering, Rope Hooks, Seat Belts, Speaker System, Suspension Leaf, Tacho Digital, Warranty Body Length: 20.11ft. This truck is rated as a Euro 4 The engine's power output is 160 HP. Right Hand
Cromwell Truck Sales
Iveco Eurocargo  180E23
Iveco Eurocargo 180E23 POA
1998 | Traffic Management Dropside 1998 Cargo 180E23 4x2 Line Marking Vehicle. MOT 28/02/2014. Right Hand Drive
Commercial Transport Export Ltd
DAF LF55 55.220
DAF LF55 55.220 POA
First Choice Commercials
Mercedes-Benz Axor
Mercedes-Benz Axor POA
First Choice Commercials

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Traffic Management Dropside TruckSafety Features

One feature that will need to be present, correct and operational on a used traffic management truck is the rear direction arrow, which performs a vital function when the truck is being used in areas of high congestion or where drivers are travelling at speed. This illuminating arrow and other beacons around the truck will ensure that drivers coming towards it from behind will know on which side it is safe to pass, rather than having to play a guessing game. And such safety and warning equipment is just as necessary to keep the crew safe, which is why second-hand models must be inspected to check that everything operates as expected.

Integrated Crash Cushions

The body of a traffic management truck may be built of aluminium to help keep the weight down and improve fuel efficiency. It can also come with cone wells so that traffic cones can be stored safely and accessed quickly when they need to be deployed on the road. Modern models can come with integrated crash cushions so that damage to other vehicles and road users in the event of a collision is minimised. And because of the hazards that these vehicles invariably face in daily use, buyers of used models should establish the history of any that they consider and look out for any major repairs or signs of damage.

Day cabs will room for three are typically used in conjunction with traffic management bodies. And the previous owner may also be providing a range of signage and other equipment to go with a second-hand model, helping to keep costs down as long as the kit is in a usable condition. Air conditioning, electric windows, satellite navigation and digital tachometer technology can be found in contemporary cabs, improving comfort levels and ensuring operator satisfaction.

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