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Operating with a maximum train weight of 40 tonnes, sales of two axle tractor units have struggled of late, as increased payloads of nearly four tonnes can be gained through the addition of an extra axle. 4 x 2 tractor units will be used for international transport or lightweight deliveries that still require the use of tractor and semi trailer. 

For major national and European long-haul work, the 6x2 is the gold standard in the UK and Europe. The 6x2 is a tractor unit with three axles, with only one of the axles being driven. Being a tractor unit, it can be quickly hooked up to a huge variety of trailers. The 6x2 also has a gross train weight of 44 tonnes, meaning that they have both the versatility and the capacity to get the toughest jobs done.

A 6x2 tractor is often the key foundation of any operator’s fleet.

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Volvo FH
Volvo FH POA
2005 | Tractor Unit Volvo fh12 globetrotter 2005 05 reg 6x2 500 hp rear lift tag axel manual Gear box July 15 mot poa call 07831855787
DAF CF75 FT .360 TRACTOR UNITS £4,500.00
2005 | Tractor Unit | 40000kg 2005 55 DAF 75 360 Sleeper Cab Tractor Units,MANUAL GEARBOX,Choice in Stock
DH Commercials
DAF Unknown XF 510
DAF Unknown XF 510 POA
First Choice Commercials
Scania R Series R420
Scania R Series R420 POA
Trucks 2 Go Limited
DAF CF75 FT .360 TRACTOR UNITS £4,500.00
2005 | Tractor Unit | 40000kg 2005 55 DAF 75 360 Sleeper Cab Tractor Units,MANUAL GEARBOX,Choice in Stock SORRY SOLD SUBJECT TO CONTRACT
DH Commercials
1981 | Tractor Unit | 32000kg 2 WHEEL DRIVE, PICK UP HITCH, POWER STEERING
Shelton Motors
Volvo FH 12 380 6x2 Tractor unit
Volvo FH 12 380 6x2 Tractor unit POA
1997 | Tractor Unit | 44000kg
Roy Howell Commercials
Volvo FH   GLOBETROTTER XL 480, 6 X 2 TRACTOR UNIT - 2007 -
Volvo FH GLOBETROTTER XL 480, 6 X 2 TRACTOR UNIT - 2007 - £10,950.00
2007 | Tractor Unit | 44000kg Volvo 480 Bhp Euro 4 Engine, VEB, Ad Blue, I Shift Semi Auto, Air Suspension, Midlift, F.A.D.K, Sunvisor, Air Operated Slider, Alloy Fuel Tank, Twinsleeper Cab, Electric Windows/Mirrors/Sunroof, Air Con, Night Heater, CD Player, Cruise, Digital Tacho, Tes Volvo FH Series Twinsleeper Cab. Volvo D13A 480 Bhp Turbo Air To Air Charge Cooled Euro 4 Engine C/w Ad Blue System. Volvo Multi Stage Engine
Walker Movements
Man TGX  26.480 D2676LF05 6X2 AT AIR DF XXL
Man TGX 26.480 D2676LF05 6X2 AT AIR DF XXL POA
2009 | Tractor Unit | 44000kg 24883 2009 RHD MAN TGX 26.480 D2676LF05 6X2 AT AIR DF XXL TRACTOR SF09EVC WMA18XZZ29W128678 51520950922094 559725km Tractor Units
R. C. Tuxford Exports
Man TGS  26.440 D2066LF31 850 6X2/2 AT AIR DF SLP
Man TGS 26.440 D2066LF31 850 6X2/2 AT AIR DF SLP POA
2008 | Tractor Unit | 44000kg 24853 2008 RHD MAN TGS 26.440 D2066LF31 850 6X2/2 AT AIR DF SLP TRACTOR AU58BXB WMA24XZZ59W127203 50520781432077 434638km Tractor Units
R. C. Tuxford Exports
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A quality 4x2 tractor unit can be converted to a 6x2 through the addition of an extra axle, although this is usually cost prohibitive for older vehicles. Other options are to convert the two axle tractor units into box or curtainside rigids, as demand for these types of used trucks often outstrips demand. Leading the 4x2 tractor unit market is DAF with their CF85 trucks, whilst the Mercedes Axor has been designed specifically for this type of local distribution.

The 6x2 tractor has a distinct advantage over the range of rigid trucks available. Because it is completely independent of the trailer, it means that the 6x2 can be out on the road and earning its keep while the trailer is being loaded. Back at base it can simply swap its now empty trailer for a loaded one. Clearly, this has a positive impact on productivity.

Quick turnaround and full capacity are big selling points but so is the nature of a tractor in general. Instead of being forced to estimate contract loads and future demands, the operator is able to use 6x2 tractors for almost any kind of work. This means that the operator needn’t invest in separate tipper trucks, fridge trucks, tanker or curtainsides. Instead, he need only buy the appropriate trailers or lease them when required, which is far more economical. The 6x2 tractor can also be more manoeuvrable than the same size of rigid truck and stresses can be lower as loads are shared across a number of axles. The 6x2 tractor can also raise one of its axles, when hauling lighter loads, for example, and this reduces tyre wear.6x2 Tractor Unit

Because there is no trailer to worry about, buyers can focus more on the type of cab they prefer. The 6x2 tractor is teamed with a variety of cabs to suit most operating circumstances. These can include day cabs, sleeper cabs and double bunks. There are also more specialist short-cab and low-roof versions. Some studies have shown that 6x2 tractors are more fuel-efficient than their 6x4 counterparts, and drivers have reported an improvement in steering characteristics, with the 6x2 having less of a tendency to understeer. Although the versatility and ability to seamlessly interchange the 6x2 tractor with a number of trailers is a major advantage of the configuration, some 6x2 tractors do come modified for use in particular industries. Such modifications can include the addition of a crane mounted behind the cab to carry out loading duties. These can be efficient but will clearly reduce the load area and weight available. Some 6x2 tractor units are also modified to haul tankers with flammable liquids. These have a number of alterations included to reduce the risk of ignition and fire.

Buying a used 6x2 tractor is fairly straightforward. In addition to the normal mechanical, engine and body checks you would carry out on a rigid truck, you should make sure the axle lift mechanism is working properly if fitted and also that the trailer connection mechanism is fully operational. Modern 6x2 tractors are extremely well built and you should be able to look forward to a service life in excess of a million kilometres.

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