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Stepframe truck bodies are associated with the low-loader family, allowing particularly tall pieces of equipment to be transported where normal flatbeds would be unsuitable. You can also find modern curtainsider bodies that harness the stepframe approach to provide an increased capacity for goods, as well as second deck set-ups that make them more versatile. There are many used stepframe trailers available to purchase with extra features to improve things such as handling, ride quality and safety. So it is important to thoroughly examine any second-hand unit to see how it has handled the stress and strain of use and also to establish whether it will be right for you.

A standard open stepframe trailer will feature two decks that can vary in size significantly. The higher deck sits closest to the cab and may be compact to allow the lower deck to take up the majority of the length. The ratio of these decks to one another will determine the types of equipment that the trailer can accommodate. For very large pieces of equipment with a lot of height, including tractors, excavators and other agricultural and industrial machinery, a stepframe of this kind will be an ideal transportation solution.

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1995 | Stepframe 1995 STZ- L6-62/80 6 AXLE STEPFRAME BALLAST CARRIER TRAILERAir suspension, Power steeringPrice ...£POA
De Mulder Enterprises
2005 | Stepframe 2005 OSD-50 4 AXLE EXTENDIBLE STEPFRAME TRAILER.Air suspension,Low bed trailer, Extension 5.4 Mtr.Price ...£POA
De Mulder Enterprises
Trailer Nooteboom  OSD 78-04
Trailer Nooteboom OSD 78-04 POA
2010 | Stepframe 2010 Nooteboom 4 axle stepframe lowloader, 2.75m wide fixed bed,2 steer axles,fliptow ramps rear trough,nice condition.
Thomtrucks Ltd
Trailer Nooteboom  OSD41-03
Trailer Nooteboom OSD41-03 £9,750.00
1999 | Stepframe 1999 Nooteboom triaxle stepframe,beavertail + hyd ramps,outriggers,nice trailer but needs paint
Thomtrucks Ltd
Trailer DON BUR
Trailer DON BUR £6,250.00
1997 | Stepframe Tri-Axle Step Frame Flat Trailer.Air Suspension.M.O.T. March 2015.Ex-Works.
De Mulder Enterprises
Trailer DON BUR
1995 | Stepframe Twin Axle Step Frame Flat Trailer POA
Trailer CUSTOM TRAILER £12,750.00
2005 | Stepframe King GTS44 Tri Axel Semi Low Step Frame Trailer with Hydraulic Fold Down Ramps (2005)Generic specification:•Model: King GTS44 Tri Axel Semi Low Step Frame Trailer•Yr: 2005•Tri axel•Hydraulic folding ramps•Outriggers•Tyre size: 285/75 R 17.5•Red paintwork
Trailer Andover
Trailer Andover POA
2001 | Stepframe 2001 Andover 46ton Tri-axle Stepframe Trailer, Flipover Hydraulic ramps c/w Side Shift, Over neck Ramps
Trailer King  GTS 44 Stepframe
Trailer King GTS 44 Stepframe £19,500.00
2010 | Stepframe King GTS44 triaxle stepframe,hyd side shift flip tow ramps,front lift axle + rear self tracker, outriggers,test till feb 2018
Thomtrucks Ltd
Trailer Faymonville 75ton
Trailer Faymonville 75ton POA
2006 | Stepframe 2006 Faymonville 75ton 4 Axle 2 Rear Steer Extendable Stepframe Trailer, 9ft Wide c/w Outer Riggers, Neck Ramps, Side Shift & Hydraulic Rear Ramp....
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Stepframe TrailerBeavertail ramps can generally be found at the rear of these trailers, with hydraulic operation being the most convenient method of raising and lowering the ramps to provide access to the load bed. Stabilising struts may also be featured, and some models offer integrated extendable sliders to alter the length of the trailer depending on the load that is being handled.

When it comes to manoeuvring heavy equipment into place, a winch may be included so that operators do not require secondary equipment to get the job done. Modern models may even boast hydraulic steering on the trailer for enhanced handling and improved performance through tight turns. With so many variations of the stepframe trailer on the market, including slopebed models that will have a gradually inclining loadbed rather than a two deck set-up, it is important to research the market thoroughly.

Curtainsider Stepframes

Curtainsider stepframe trailers are not built for equipment haulage but instead have the ability to make the transporting of goods more efficient. Rather than leaving much of the interior volume wasted, a stepframe trailer gives you greater capacity and more room to accommodate an upper deck. Hydraulically or mechanically adjustable upper decks may be featured on some models, which can help with varying load sizes and also to streamline unloading. Lifts and other elements may also be included, and the versatility of this kind of trailer configuration will lead to custom models being created to suit the needs of race teams. The used stepframe trailer market really is packed with different options for buyers.

Used Stepframe Trailers

When looking at used stepframe trailers, you will want a prospective model to feature systems which not only meet your needs but also operate as advertised. Checking the state of the tyres, suspension, hydraulics, frame and decks will allow you to choose a reliable stepframe trailer.

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