Skeletal Trailer Trucks For Sale

A skeletal trailer provides the underpinnings for a truck body which can then be adapted to whatever purpose the owner requires, with both fixed and extendable models available used in the UK. Skeletal trailers are usually intended to bear the weight of shipping containers, allowing them to be quickly loaded straight off the ship and then transported to their final destination. However, you can also find skeletal trailers that have been altered to cope with the transport of other more specialised loads, such as steel coils, canisters and other items with irregular shapes. Working out which type of load a trailer can accommodate is the first step to selecting the best second-hand unit to buy.

Fixed skeletal trailers are a sensible choice for organisations that will be handling containers of roughly the same size, shape and weight on a regular basis. They are affordable and, if well maintained, can last for decades. Checking the structural integrity of the trailer frame, looking out for rust and keeping an eye on the other components when buying a second-hand example will be important. Tandem or tri-axle fixed trailers are common, while some models will have optional extras such as safety bumpers and side protection struts which may be desirable.

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Trailer Dennison 20 foot
Trailer Dennison 20 foot POA
2005 | Skeletal Trailer 2005 Dennison tandem axle 24 foot 6 inch skeletal trailer with 20 foot pins. MOT March 2017 choice of 2
J & L Commercial Vehicles Ltd
Trailer SDC Tri Axle Skeletal Sliding Skeletal Trailer
Trailer SDC Tri Axle Skeletal Sliding Skeletal Trailer £22,500.00
Skeletal Trailer BPw Axles. Price Of £22500 is for stack of 5. Individual trailers sold for £4500 each. Britcom
Trailer Dennison Trailer
Trailer Dennison Trailer POA
Skeletal Trailer | 4400kg Chioce of x2 triage skeleton trailer one 2001 other one 2004 bother in excellent condition good tyres etc world wide exports
Richard Vero Commercials
Trailer Dennison Export
Trailer Dennison Export POA
20052008 | Skeletal Trailer 5 stack skeletals, BPW axles - Call for more information 2005 to 2008 available ROR axles also available Drum brakes Drum brakes Axle made by BPW 4.42m overall height
HLL Davies Limited
Trailer Montracon Skeletals
Trailer Montracon Skeletals POA
2004 | Skeletal Trailer Also available in stacks 14 lock Drum brakes MOT until 07/16 Drum brakes Axle made by ROR
HLL Davies Limited
Trailer Skeleton 13.6 Tri Axle Trailers
Trailer Skeleton 13.6 Tri Axle Trailers POA
Skeletal Trailer Choice of 4 2003/05 Skeleton Tri Axle Trailers ROR Axles Tested In Good Condition Stock Number: N/A Year: Choice 2003/05 Mileage: N/A
Trailer SDC Skeletal
Trailer SDC Skeletal £3,995.00
2008 | Skeletal Trailer (08) SDC SKELLY TRAILER, REAR STEER (08) SDC Sliding Skelly trailer, One owner from new Rear steer, New BPW Disks, Pads and tyres all round MOT runs out Feb 2017, Perfect for an owner driver (08) Volvo FH also available
1996 | Skeletal Trailer FIXED SKELLY AND POTATO BOX. Type of Brakes: Drums Stock No:6018
Rothdean Ltd
Trailer Kassbohrer K.SHF.S
Trailer Kassbohrer K.SHF.S POA
2016 | Skeletal Trailer 3 Axle Skeletal 5th wheel height 1,250mm Flexibility to carry 20ft, 30ft or 40ft containers SAF Axles, Drum Brakes 1st Axle lift Tool/Strap box Wheel chocks
HRVS Beechs Kassbohrer
Trailer Dennison
Trailer Dennison POA
2007 | Skeletal Trailer Sliding Skeletal, 14 Locks, BPW Axles, Drum Brakes
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Sliding Skele trailerSliding Skeletals

Extending skeletal trailers can be more expensive but offer increased versatility and the opportunity to accommodate different-sized loads without any space being wasted. Where slider mechanisms are present to allow for an increase in trailer length, look out for wear and tear that may have occurred during use. Some skeletal trailers will offer enhanced frames which feature hydraulic tipping mechanisms, which makes upending containers filled with loose material much easier. It is merely a matter of assessing whether or not this kind of technology will be a practical benefit or an unnecessary luxury for your particular business.

Steel Vs. Air Suspension

Skeletal trailers will feature either steel suspension or air suspension, with the former being a cheaper and less versatile alternative to the smooth performance and adjustability offered by the latter. Drum brakes are effective but basic for speed management on these models, so you may wish to seek out trailers with disc brakes included. Examining the state of the tyres on a used model, as well as things such as the suspension and braking assemblies, will be worthwhile if you want to ensure that no unexpected and expensive repairs are going to be necessary in the future.

Skeletal trailers are deliberately designed to be light and durable, with steel structures ensuring they can shoulder the burden of containers without showing the strain. Trailers of this kind can manage loads of up to 70 tonnes in many cases, although specifications will differ from model to model and you should establish the capabilities of used units early to avoid disappointment. Modern trailers may be safer, sturdier and easier to maintain, but lower upfront costs can be found with quality used skeletal trailers which have seen plenty of work over the years but are still in a good state of repair.

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