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One of the lesser-known models produced by Scania, The T Series is the bonneted truck, easy to spot by its unique bonneted design. Affectionately known among by drivers as the Scania Bullnose, it has a protruding bonnet at the front of what is an otherwise standard Scania cab.

The T Series was never made available for commercial sale in the UK, made for other markets such as mainland Europe and North America. The T Series was made to help accommodate bigger engines, thereby providing more power in front of the wheel for those trucks which need to carry a larger payload. They were made to be the successor to the 4 Series T models, which had been phased out back in 2004.

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Scania T Series LBT141
Scania T Series LBT141 £15,000.00
1980 | Flats 009 141 6x2 1980 from Italy, very good cab, runs very sweet, ideal for cutting down to a 4x2 unit £15,000Left Hand Drive

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T Series replaces T 4-series
The T Series was launched as a direct replacement for the 4 Series T model.
Wins Truck of Year
The T Series was awarded International Truck of the Year
Last bonneted T Series
Production of the T Series ceased, replaced by other parts of the R, P and G series of trucks.

The T Series, as part of the wider PRT Series of trucks, was awarded the International Truck of the Year award in 2005. This is as great an endorsement as any of how good they are. Its capability as a tipper on construction sites is one of many reasons behind its initial success.

Although it is no longer being made, the T Series is still available for sale in some parts of the world, even in the UK where it wasn’t made available for general sale. However, the T Series, where sold, has been altered to cope with driving on UK roads.

T Series models have been very well-received by those who have been able to drive them. Eccentric design apart, they have all the equipment needed in the dashboard, ABSW, a roof deflector and cruise control, something which was a recent innovation for most trucks at the time of production.

The biggest trucks in the T Series range weighed 44 tonnes, as is the case with most other ranges of trucks from Scania. The bigger trucks are recommended, as they’re in their element when lugging around a huge amount of goods, especially over long distances.

Scania T Series in a nutshell

Despite its rarity and short lifespan, the Scania T Series is worth a second look, especially for those looking to get themselves a powerful truck capable of doing the biggest possible jobs.

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A powerful left hooker with real quality 3/5 by Hamburg Harry I must be one of the few people in the UK who has driven one of these. I was working in Germany in 2007-2008 and the distribution firm I was with has a couple of these in 4x2 tractor guise. I spent a... Read full review


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