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The Scania P Series is the company’s offering in the medium weight distribution sector. There is often confusion about the naming of the Scania models. From 1995 to 2004 Scania sold the 4-series range. This was made up of the Scania 9-litre 94, the 11-litre 114, twelve-litre Scania 124, the 14-litre 144 and the top power 16-litre 164 (the common 4 at the end denoting the 4-series range).

Since 2004 Scania have changed the way their truck range is branded with the P series, G series and R Series taking over. The P Series is the smallest cab in the Scania range and usually appears with the model number Scania P230 meaning the 9-litre engine five-cylinder is rated at 230hp. Larger power outputs are available from the P-series in rigid form – all from the same 9-litre five pot using Scania Xpi injection technology.

The P280 is rated at 280hp whilst the P320 is rated at 320hp. The Scania P series rigids come with the Scania GR875 8-speed gearbox as standard, but operators can opt for the GR905 which has an extra crawler gear. Also available is the 12-speed GR895 – available with Scania’s Opticruise automated gearchange system. 

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Scania P Series P400
Scania P Series P400 POA
JGE Truck & Plant Ltd
Scania P Series P320
Scania P Series P320 POA
Thomastown Trucks
Scania P Series P230 4x2 Rigid Demountable
Scania P Series P230 4x2 Rigid Demountable POA
2010 | Demounts Day Cab, Demountable Equipment, 21.10ft Of Chassis Behind Cab, Locks Are 4.8mtr Apart, Electric Mirrors And Windows, Anteo Tuck Away Tail Lift, 3 Pedal Opti Cruise Gear Box RIGIDS
Scania P Series P380 8x4 Tipper
Scania P Series P380 8x4 Tipper POA
2008 | Tippers | 32000kg Day Cab, Rouse Bodies Bulk Aluminium Bulk Body, Electric Mirrors And Windows, 9 Speed Manual Gear Box, PM1300 On board Weigher, Exhaust Brake, Alloy Wheels, Half Leather Seats, TIPPERS
Scania P Series  P400 8 X 4 ALUMINIUM INSULATED TIPPER - 2011 - BK
Scania P Series P400 8 X 4 ALUMINIUM INSULATED TIPPER - 2011 - BK £24,750.00
2011 | Tippers | 32000kg Scania P Series Day Cab. Scania 400 Bhp Turbo Air To Air To Air Charge Cooled Euro 5 Engine. Scania 9 Speed Syncromesh Manual Gearbox. Scania Single Reduction Drive Axles C/w Diff And Cross Locks. Steel Drive Axle Suspension. Full Drum Braking System. Aluminium Insulated Tipping Body C/w Split Air Operated Tailgate, Front Gantry And Steps. Electric Easy Sheet C/w In Cab Controls. Binotto Front End
Walker Movements
Scania P Series P380 8x4 Chassis Cab
Scania P Series P380 8x4 Chassis Cab POA
2007 | Chassis Cabs | 32000kg 2007 (57 Reg) Scania P380 8x4 Chassis Cab Manual Gear box. Sleeper Cab. 32 T Gross. 1,029, 228 kms
Roy Howell Commercials
Scania P Series P230 4x2 Rigid Flat Bed With Crane
Scania P Series P230 4x2 Rigid Flat Bed With Crane £39,500.00
2013 | Crane Vehicles Day Cab, 17.4ft Flat Body With Aluminium Drop Sides, Hiab XS 099 Hi Duo 2 Extension Crane, With Remote Control, Half Leather Seats With Lumber Support, Reverse Camera, Exhaust Brake, Electric Mirrors And Windows, Euro 5 Engine RIGIDS
Scania P Series P340 8x4 Bulk Tipper
Scania P Series P340 8x4 Bulk Tipper £16,000.00
2008 | Tippers | 32000kg Day Cab, Rouse Bodies Aluminium Bulk Body With Sheet System, 9 Speed Manual Gear Box, Air Con, Cruise Control, Electric Mirrors And Windows, PM 1300 On Board Weigher TIPPERS
Scania P Series P320 4x2 T/unit
Scania P Series P320 4x2 T/unit £8,750.00
2009 | Tractor Unit | 40000kg Low Roof Day Cab, Side Skirts, Half Leather Seats, Electric Mirrors And Windows, Exhaust Brake, Exhaust Brake, Air Con, Cruise Control, Aluminium Plated Cat Walk. TRACTOR UNITS 4X2
Scania P Series P270 4X2 Cab/Chassis
Scania P Series P270 4X2 Cab/Chassis POA
2005 | Chassis Cabs Scania P270 4X2 Cab/Chassis, Day Cab, Manual Gearbox Rigid Trucks
Willenhall Commercials Ltd
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Click on the dates in the timeline below to view interesting events in the Scania P Series's history. Click on the circles in the timeline to view key model updates and face lifts
Scania P-Series introduced.
Scania revamped the P-Series to bring its appearance in line with the G and R-Series.
Scania install 13 litre in P Series
Top power now available in the P Series with 360 and 400 hp available from Scania's 13-litre EGR engine

In rigid format the P series comes with the comes in 4x2 or 6x2 axle configuration, (option for rear steering third axle). The Scania P series is also available as a distribution tractor unit in either 4x2 or 6x2 format. The same choice of cabs is available as for the rigids, but the tractor units are powered by Scania’s DC13 13-litre, six-cylinder engine with Scania XPI. The entry level is the P360 4x2, but you can also order a Scania P400 tractor unit in 4x2 or 6x2 which uses the same DC13 rated at 400hp.

Scania's Off-Road Version of the P Series

At the end of 2011, Scania revamped the P-series to bring the appearance in line with the G- and R-series making changes to the frontal area to cope with the extra cooling needed for for Euro 6 – mainly wider grill openings. Even thought the Scania P Series is the smallest cab in the Scania range, it is available in a choice of three cab types whether sold as a rigid or tractor unit – the short, (day cab), the Sleeper cab and the P-Series Highline cab which gives the driver an extra 20cm headroom over the sleeper cab.Scania P Series

Models in the Scania P Series range: P230 Euro 4 & 5 EGR 9-litre DC9 five-cylinder 230hp P270 Euro 4 EGR (prior to April 2009) 270hp P280 Euro 4 & 5 EGR 9-litre DC9 five-cylinder 280hp P310 Euro 4 EGR (prior to April 2009) 310hp P320 Euro 4 & 5 EGR 9-litre DC9 five-cylinder 320hp P340 Euro 4 EGR DC-12 11.7 litre six-cylinder 340hp P360 Euro 5 EGR DC13 12.74 litre six cylinder360hp P380 Euro 4 EGR DC-12 11.7 litre six-cylinder 380hp P400 Euro 5 EGR DC13 12.74 litre six cylinder400hp Scania has also made a lightweight version of the P-series tractor unit for Pet regs operation – weighing in at just 6.1 tonnes unladen and a lightweight 8x4 mixer coming in with an unladen weight including 8 cubic metre body at 13.5 tonnes. In October 2011 Scania introduced a new range of P-series Off-road tippers with extra sturdy components and tougher styling.The P Series Cab Range

Scania’s P-Series is an excellent truck in the local and regional distribution sectors and is also a strong contender in the construction business. Variants are deployed in all sorts of specialist services and all manner of short-range transport work. The cab offer is varied too, with five options available. These consist of three sleepers, a short cab and a standard day cab. The cabs are particularly adept at offering the maximum space in a smaller unit and provide operators with lots of working and living space and excellent cab accessibility. P-Series trucks have a high payload and that easy access can make them useful on busy multi-drop routes. The short cab is also ideal in such situations. This setup allows the front axle to be placed to allow the tightest turning circle and makes the P-Series particularly manoeuvrable in tight urban and construction site situations.

A range of powerful and economical high-torque engines extends to 450hp and these are paired with Scania’s renowned Opticruise transmission. This offers the choice of a fully automated box with no clutch or a standard setup incorporating a third pedal. Later versions of the Opticruise system were upgraded to include data on engine performance, weight, incline and accelerator position when choosing the right cog. This system does an excellent job and is as close to a faultless auto transmission as it is currently possible to get. The system is particularly smart on the down changes when encountering an incline, making sure that speed and momentum are maintained. Operators can also specify the Scania Retarder, Scania Ecocruise and adaptive cruise control systems. The engine and transmission combination gives a responsive performance, which again is ideal for coping with the traffic on busy urban streets.

This characteristic is helped by the electro-hydraulic automatic clutch, which allows the most precise manoeuvring at low speeds. The system will automatically choose the best starting gear by considering load and incline without the driver having to intervene. It can also allow for rocking automatically by comparing the movement of the drive wheels with that on the front wheels. The Scania Active Prediction system, meanwhile, improves the gear selection still further by predicting the inclines on the road ahead. There are also lane departure warnings and electronic assistance for the brakes.

The later Scania P-Series models also offer a range of systems, such as Scania Driver Support, to coach the driver to operate the truck in the most economical and safest manner. The P-Series is a lightweight, compact truck that is good on manoeuvrability and payload but the specification is clearly comprehensive. For construction work or regional transportation, they are among the very best trucks around.


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