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The 3 Series, launched in 1987 by respected Swedish manufacturer Scania, has been a big success for the company. Going strong for over 25 years, it has helped to pick up where the 2 Series had left off in terms of providing drivers with a range of medium to large-sized trucks and versatile tractor units.

As expected, the 3 Series has a range of engines, payload sizes and cabs available. The most powerful engine available in the range is the DSC 14 V8, which comes with the 44-tonne tractor units. The cabs available in the 3 Series include sleeper, day cab and crew cab for vehicles such as fire engines and tankers. Payloads range between 18 tonnes and 44 tonnes, the smaller ones being used for tipping on construction sites.

The most commonly sold variant of the 3-series is the P93 - a flexible workhorse and popular rigid truck for many applications.  thre is always a good selection of these used Scania P93 trucks at trucklocator.

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Scania 3 Series  R420 6x2 mid lift sleeper cab 443653 miles (2007)
Scania 3 Series R420 6x2 mid lift sleeper cab 443653 miles (2007) POA
2007 | Tractor Unit | 44000kg This is used SCANIA truck for sale from Oswestry-based truck exprt specialists, commercial vehicle dealer, N A Commercials.
N A Commercials Ltd
Scania 3 Series R500 6x2 T/Unit
Scania 3 Series R500 6x2 T/Unit POA
2008 | Tippers | 26000kg Mid Lift Axle, Twin Steer, Eminox Twin Stack Exhaust System, Tipping Gear, Add Blue Engine, Heated Seats, Kelsa Roof Light Bar, 13 Speed Manual Gear Box, Air Con... TRACTOR UNITS 6X2
Scania 3 Series 94D- P260
Scania 3 Series 94D- P260 £10,950.00
Airport Autos (Hire Division)
Scania 3 Series 113
Scania 3 Series 113 £15,999.00
1994 | Tractor Unit | 40000kg EXCELLENT CONDITION, TBS CAN BE ARRANGED, WATTS APP OR TEL- 00447866720330, WWW.GWE-TRUCKS.CO.UK.............
GWE Trucks
Scania 3 Series 113 360
Scania 3 Series 113 360 £8,999.00
1990 | Tractor Unit | 40000kg ( STOCK NO - 1144) , , 4X2 ON STEEL SUSPENTION, GOOD CONDITION, WATTS APP OR TEL- 00447866720330, WWW.GWE-TRUCKS.CO.UK....
GWE Trucks
Scania 3 Series 93 250
Scania 3 Series 93 250 £9,999.00
1990 | Tippers ( STOCK NO. 1119) , 6X4 STEEL BODY TIPPER, GOOD CONDITION WATTS APP OR TEL- 00447866720330, WWW.GWE-TRUCKS.CO.UK...............
GWE Trucks
Scania 3 Series 113 6X2 TRUCK RECOVERY
Scania 3 Series 113 6X2 TRUCK RECOVERY POA
1993 | Recovery Vehicle Excellent working order with the equipment recent new body fitted call Richard 07815 564541 Tony 07979 510216 office +44 1482 500564

Click on the dates in the timeline below to view interesting events in the Scania 3 Series's history. Click on the circles in the timeline to view key model updates and face lifts
Scania 3-Series launched as the successor to the 2-Series.
Truck of the year
3-Series named the truck of the year.
Production ceased
Production seized after the introduction of the 4-Series.
A Trip down memory lane for the 3 Series Scania when
launched back in the 1980s

As they were eventually phased out in 1998, the 3 Series range truck aren’t quite as powerful as their successors in the 4 Series. As proof of that, the 1995 Scania 3 Series 93 280 has, despite weighing 28 tonnes, a modest engine producing 280 bhp, less than you might expect of a truck of similar size produced more recently.

Due to the fact that they’ve not been in production for so long, not all of these trucks are compliant with the latest emission standards, although some have been modified by their previous owners. Nevertheless, they’re pretty efficient and reliability isn’t too much of an issue, as many are able to cope in all kinds of weather, hence their enduring popularity.Scania 3 series 143

As with its predecessor, the 2 Series, many trucks in the 3 Series can be used as a fire engine as proved by the 3 Series 250. The newer models in the range happen to be pretty well-equipped – the 3 Series 93M, for example, has many pieces of kit you would expect in something much newer.

Scania 3 Series in a nutshell

Highly-commended by many owners, the 3 Series has what many people would want from a truck – safety, durability and significant levels of versatility. Choice is the byword with this range, as there are many different types of truck available for various needs.

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Reliable and efficient but a bit underpowered and basic by today’s standards. 4/5 by Graham Paul I had one of the later Scania 3 Series trucks, a 1996 6x2 rear lift tractor with sleeper cab. I bought it in 2002 and ran it for five years until 2007. It was probably a wee bit underpowered by... Read full review
Great workhorse - sell well abroad now too 4/5 by Davey Trucker I can sell these all day long to Africa


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