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With a used Scania P Series hookloader you do not have to settle for second best. Instead you can procure a cost-effective machine designed to load containers quickly for the briefest of turnarounds. The P Series may be a compact platform, but these 32-tonners are no lightweights when it comes to productivity.

Big cabs, reliable engines and respected third-party hookloader mechanisms abound on the used market. You simply need to select a model that matches your budget and check that it is both in the right condition and possessing the correct credentials to get to work straight away.

The hookloader models in the P Series built by Scania adopt the standard 8x4 axle configuration required of this type of vehicle, although smaller 6x4 26-tonners can also be sought if necessary. This keeps them grounded during loading and when transporting large skips filled with heavy loads. 

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Scania P Series P340
Scania P Series P340 POA
2008 | Hookloaders p340, 8x4 hookloader, multi lift eqpt.58 reg, tested.1 owner.. Right Hand Drive
Zoemick Commercials
Scania P Series P420
Scania P Series P420 POA
Scania P Series P340
Scania P Series P340 POA
2002 | Hookloaders | 32000kg Boughton hook loader with sheeting system - direct from councilMoT Due Mar 18log book present
Hopkinsons Fairdeals Ltd
Scania P Series P340 Euro 4 EGR DC-12 11.7 litre 6-cylinder 340hp
Scania P Series P340 Euro 4 EGR DC-12 11.7 litre 6-cylinder 340hp POA
2008 | Hookloaders 2008 Scania P340 8x4 Hookloader c/w Sheeting System, HYVA Gear, Manual Box
Scania P Series P360
Scania P Series P360 POA
2012 | Hookloaders 2012 P360. 6x2 hook loader with sheet, Drawbar spec with tandem Truckmate Trailer also with sheet.. Left Hand Drive
Macs Truck Sales
Scania P Series P340 Euro 4 EGR DC-12 11.7 litre 6-cylinder 340hp
Scania P Series P340 Euro 4 EGR DC-12 11.7 litre 6-cylinder 340hp POA
2003 | Hookloaders | 32000kg scania P340 rolon-off, lez compliant, boughton equipt with hydraulic easy sheet call mike

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Container compatibility can vary, so check the length of the wheelbase as well as the lifting capabilities of the loader mechanisms that are included on any used model. The integrity of the chassis is also important, because repeated use can lead to weak points and excessive wear. So inspecting a second-hand P Series hookloader is not a bad idea if this is an option.

The convenience of a P Series hookloader is increased if it offers an automated sheeting system, which is certainly true of the majority of used models on the market. This lets you cover containers and skips quickly once they have been hauled on to the body of the truck. And with manufacturers such as Transcover represented, you can be certain that this equipment will have been built with care. The smooth operation of the hookloader is as important as the state of repair of the sheeting system, so do not forget to inspect every element before you buy if you are on the lookout for a P Series unit that is ready to roll.

In terms of cab size and equipment, the P Series hookloader should be competitively appointed compared to rival units on the market. Day cabs with sun visors, air conditioning and good seats help keep drivers in a comfortable environment while they are working. CD player capabilities are to be found on many models, while reversing cameras help with manoeuvrability and cruise control keeps the truck ticking over at a steady pace to save fuel on motorway stints.

Engine technology has evolved several times over the past decade, and this is reflected in the various power plants that are found within the second-hand P Series hookloaders that are on sale today. Euro 4 and 5 engines are worth seeking out for the fuel efficiency they offer, while the latest models are starting to allow Euro 6 engines to trickle through to the used market. Scania’s engines are not just efficient but also built to be light while requiring less maintenance than the competition. So if a used model is running well and has no immediate problems to report, it may be worth making a P Series hookloader your next truck of choice.

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