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Rigid curtainsiders that form part of the popular Scania P Series can take demanding distribution work in their stride. Whether intended for daily use on regular routes around towns and cities or for long-haul journeys with overnight stops involved, you can find a used P Series curtainsider truck that will be just right for the role in question.

As you would expect from one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of commercial vehicles, Scania has kept the P Series up to date with new engines and in-cab tech over the years. So with this in mind, you will need to examine second-hand units and find out precise specifications to make sure the truck you buy is all you expect it to be.

The cab of a P Series curtainsider is explicitly designed to be compact, both in terms of height and width. This keeps the truck as manoeuvrable as possible when deployed on congested roads across the country. If you need to turn in a tight space, move past parked vehicles and back up through narrow thoroughfares, this is the kind of distribution truck you need. The compactness of the cab does not stop the interior feeling spacious, with good levels of visibility and plenty of equipment to keep drivers content. Sleeper models are available, while day cabs are not uncommon for quick and efficient distribution over a smaller area.

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Scania P Series  P230
Scania P Series P230 POA
Thomastown Trucks
Scania P Series P260
Scania P Series P260 POA
E M Rogers
Scania P Series P320
Scania P Series P320 POA
Curtainsiders Scania P320 - curtain sided 2 Available 2010 and 2008 Rear Steer Moffet fork lift kits
Steer Commercials Ltd
Scania P Series P270
Scania P Series P270 POA
2014 | Curtainsiders 2014 P250 – Euro 6 – Sleeper cab – Fitted 26ft curtainside body with tail lift – Low mileage .
Macs Truck Sales
Scania P Series RHD  P-SRS P230 4X2 CURTAINSIDER
2007 | Curtainsiders Sleeper, DC911 230, 1241564km, Manual, Air, Diesel,
R. C. Tuxford Exports
Scania P Series RHD  P-SRS P310 4X2 CURTAINSIDER
2005 | Curtainsiders Sleeper, DC911 310, 650950km, Manual, Air, Diesel,
R. C. Tuxford Exports
Scania P Series P270 6x2 10 Tyre Curtainsider
Scania P Series P270 6x2 10 Tyre Curtainsider £11,950.00
2005 | Curtainsiders | 26000kg 2005 Scania P270 6x2 10 Tyre Rear Lift Sleeper Cab Curtainsider, 8 Speed Gearbox, Wind Deflector Kit, Single Bunk, Radio/Stereo, Excellent Condition - We can organise shipping to any Worldwide Destination - Contact for a quote
Law Exports Ltd
Scania P Series P310
Scania P Series P310 POA
Scania P Series P280 Euro 4 & 5 EGR 9-litre DC9 5-cylinder 280h
Scania P Series P280 Euro 4 & 5 EGR 9-litre DC9 5-cylinder 280h POA
2010 | Curtainsiders | 26000kg Sleeper cab, Air suspension driver’s seat, Electric windows/mirrors, Cruise control, Trip computer, CD Radio with USB input, Night heater, External sunvisor, Overhead storage, Parrott handsfree system. 8 speed Manual gearbox, Traction control, Exhaust brake, Rear lift axle, 24ft5 x 6ft6 Curtainside body, 6ft2 side aperture, 1500kgs cantelever taillift with 6ft platform, Toolboxes and fire
Scania P Series P230
Scania P Series P230 POA
2008 | Curtainsiders 26' Curtainside truck with tailift , long test , low profile tyres , air suspension , immaculate in cab , good condition
Iver Commercials
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Curtainsider bodies available on P Series trucks from Scania do not rely on a one-size-fits-all approach to satisfying customers. Instead there are a number of different configurations you can choose, with standard models offering flexible load space, while some variants have a double-deck arrangement on the inside to give you yet more options. Others even come with integrated attachments for transporting a forklift at the rear. The type of curtainsider body you choose will largely depend on what type of goods it will be used to transport. You will also need to consider whether a tail lift is included and how much weight this mechanism can handle per cycle, as this will determine the efficiency of loading and unloading the truck.

Scania has an impressive array of engines on offer for the P Series curtainsider range, with the cutting-edge Euro 6 units further stamping down on emissions to keep these trucks in line with current regulations. Buying used means you will find trucks with older Euro 5 and 4 power plants which are still capable of providing reliable power day in, day out while also requiring as little maintenance as possible. Many models take advantage of the Opticruise system to augment the engine’s innate efficiency, allowing for both long-distance fuel management as well as low consumption in the kind of stop-start scenarios that distribution vehicles regularly encounter. The P Series curtainsiders should be replete with driver assists and safety features, particularly if a modern iteration is in your budget and you are happy with the condition of any used vehicle which is on offer. All in all, these trucks can be a good choice on the second-hand market.

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