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The fact that Scania Trucks receive the highest number of searches of all brands here on is a clear indicator that they just keep going from strength to strength. Purpose-built for everything from long haulage to construction, there’s a Scania truck for every business or personal need.

The excellent reputation of the Scania V8 engine helps with Scania Trucks’ standing as a manufacturer with rock solid residual values. Previously family controlled for many years, Scania is now alongside MAN under the control of Volkswagen as part of their ever-expanding automotive empire.  Scania is keen to protect its unique identity and has distanced itself from other group companies, although it is likely that there will be some sharing of technology with MAN over time.

Find out more about which of the Scania trucks for sale on is suitable for your business.

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Scania R Series R400
Scania R Series R400 £55,000.00
Scania R Series R440
Scania R Series R440 £8,500.00
2009 | Tractor Unit | 40000kg 2009 R440, TOPLINE, 4x2, 3 PEDAL OPTI CRUISE, SIDE SKIRTS, LEATHER SEATS, TIDY, AVAILABLE NOW!!!.
Scania R Series R440
Scania R Series R440 £10,995.00
2010 | Tractor Unit | 44000kg R440 6x2 Tractor Unit (PX10 EKY) s/n 2713. Year: 2010 44 tonnes, 12 speed manual/auto, opti-cruise with clutch pedal, sliding 5th wheel, rear lift, air con, air kit, twin fuel tanks. MOT June 2018. Clock reads: 656741 kms H: 3.8m W: 2.5m L: 6.6m
GS International Trucks Ltd
Scania P Series P400
Scania P Series P400 POA
JGE Truck & Plant Ltd
Scania G Series G450
Scania G Series G450 POA
2018 | Skiploaders (2018) G450 8 x 2 Rigid fitted with VDL Hook Lift Gear and Attached Muldoon Trailermate.Comes with Rear Lift & Steer, Air to Drive Axle, Hydraulic Legs, Adjustable Neck and Drawbar Spec. Includes Opticruise with Clutch, Air Conditioning and Electric Windows.You can choose your own specifications.Available for lease or rent to purchase.
Macs Truck Sales
Scania P Series P320
Scania P Series P320 POA
Thomastown Trucks
Scania R Series  R450 Topline 6x2
Scania R Series R450 Topline 6x2 POA
2016 | Tractor Unit | 44000kg *******Please quote Ref no: t101619****** Cab White - Chassis Grey - 1 Owner - 1 year PSV - Full Contract service mileage history - ( Tipping & Pumping hydraulics not fitted (( but optional if required )) - Suspension 2 leaf front & air rear - Full A.D.K - Single bed - Euro 6 - Diesel inline engine - 450 hp - Adblue - LEZ Compliant - Fuel tank 540 ltrs - Digital tachograph - Fixed fifth wheel
NR Trucks
Scania 3 Series R520 6x4 Draw Bar Log Carrier With Crane
Scania 3 Series R520 6x4 Draw Bar Log Carrier With Crane POA
2015 | Crane Vehicles High Line Single Sleeper, 1183 Crane With Log Grabber, 13 Speed Manual Gear Box, Alloy Wheels, Fridge, Air Con, Cruise Control, Retarder, Tyre Inflation Control Unit, Half Leather Seats, Electric Mirrors And Windows, Comes With 2015 Robinson Distribution Tri Axle Trailer, M.O.T Until April 2019 RIGIDS
Scania G Series G440 6x4 T/unit
Scania G Series G440 6x4 T/unit £27,000.00
2011 | Tractor Unit Twin Sleeper Cab, Walking Floor And Tipping Gear, Electric Mirrors And Windows, 2 Pedal Auto Gear Box, Air Con, Half Leather Seats, Fridge, Exhaust Brake, Cruise Control, Steel Suspension, Double Drive. TRACTOR UNITS 6X4
Scania P Series P230 4x2 Rigid Demountable
Scania P Series P230 4x2 Rigid Demountable POA
2010 | Demounts Day Cab, Demountable Equipment, 21.10ft Of Chassis Behind Cab, Locks Are 4.8mtr Apart, Electric Mirrors And Windows, Anteo Tuck Away Tail Lift, 3 Pedal Opti Cruise Gear Box RIGIDS
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Click on the dates in the timeline below to view interesting events in Scania's history
Scania Start on Railway
Railway carriages were the name of the game in the early years of what would become Scania. The initial company, Vabis, with which Scania soon merged, started to develop trucks and cars before the turn of the century.
First Scania Trucks Produced
Scania produced its first truck two years after becoming officially established in Malmo, Sweden.
Scania merged with Vabis
Scania merged with Vabis to become Scania-Vabis and continue to compete for business across Europe.
First Diesel Engine
The Scania diesel engine makes its first appearance.
Scania Start Modular System
Scania’s modular system came to the fore in the company’s first instance of the use of standardised components in a diesel model, namely the Royal.
Direct Injection Diesels Used
The robustness of the engines in Scania trucks was further bolstered by the inception of direct injection diesel engines.
Scania Expands Production into Netherlands
International expansion continues into the Netherlands.
Scania Merges with Saab
Europe sees the most powerful engine ever produced for a truck in Scania-Vabis’ 14-litre V8, which boasted a remarkable 350bhp. In the same year, the company merged with Saab to become Saab-Scania.
Scania 2 Series Introduced
After rapid international expansion throughout the 1970s, Scania introduced its 2 Series.
Scania 3 Series Introduced
The 3 Series saw international recognition and awards, whilst the manufacturing process enabled bespoke customer trucks to be made.
Scania 4 Series Launched
The 4 Series sees a new 12-litre engine introduced alongside an updated cab and new chassis
1,000,000 Truck Milestone Reached
Scania manufactures its one millionth truck.
VW Acquired Majority Voting Rights in Scania
The ownership of Scania is shifted to Volkswagen as it acquires almost 70% of the voting rights of the company.
Scania Register First Euro 6 Trucks
Ahead of the rest of the market, Scania registered the first Euro 6 truck as soon as the standards were adopted
Scania Euro 6 Range Complete
The first manufacturer to achieve Euro 6 with a V8 engine, the company led the top power tractor unit race into 2014
Scania truck video
Take a look at Scania's New Euro 6 truck range



Scania Trucks Info

As one of the UK’s most recognisable industrial vehicle manufacturers, Scania prides itself on providing superior products at incredible value for its customers.

Its reputation is built on customer retention through the obvious quality of its trucks, buses and coaches.

What began in the late 19th century as a railway carriages outfit has become one of the world’s most trusted vehicle manufacturers, producing instantly recognisable trucks and heavy goods vehicles everywhere.

It all started in Sweden, but the Scania Group has, over the course of more than a century, expanded its operations into the Netherlands, Argentina and France to produce the wide variety of trucks you can see on today. 


Which Scania truck is right for me?


Scania 2 Series - A 1988 Example kept in top condition
2 Series Scania



2 Series

The 1980s saw the introduction of the 2 Series, Scania’s rigid and robust heavy truck. It’s suitable for local and regional distribution.  Now becoming collectable as a historic truck of significance, as it was the first modern cab to come out of the Swedish manufacturer.  

If you find a clean one, snap it up!



Scania 3 Series - A 143 500 6x4
3 Series Scania

3 Series

First introduced in 1987, the 3 Series is a heavy truck class with a conventional body style. The variety of engine sizes available means that it’s still a truck suited to almost all jobs.  

It is becoming a little long in the tooth and is now often seen in breakers yards, heading for export or, if it is a particularly clean example, heading for a classic truck collection.


4 Series Scania Topline from 2002
4 Series Scania

4 Series

1995 saw the introduction of the now familiar curved edges on Scania trucks. There are five engine combinations on the 4 Series. It was succeeded in 2004 by the G, P and R Series.  

Click through to the 4 Series page and you will find our explanation of the complicated numbering system Scania uses to describe the 2, 3 and 4 series range.



Scania G Series G480
G Series Scania

G Series

Available as a rigid or tractor unit, the G-Series has a choice of five different cab types: three sleepers, a day cab and a short cab. They are larger than the P-series and come with a wider choice of engines.  Looking for a larger cab still? Then you need to look at the R Series, Scania's top sized cab - especially the Topline Griffin model.

P Series

Scania P Series Tractor Unit with Pet Regs
P Series Scania

The P-series cab comes in five different sizes: three sleeper cabs,a day cab and one short cab. P-Series customers are usually involved in the construction industry or regional and local distribution.  

The truck is particularly suited to petrol tanker operations or 'pet regs'.  These are typically super-lightweight and have a smaller mid-lift axle to maximise legal payload of the tanker operation.

R Series

Pair of R Series Scania Tractor Units from 2011
R Series Scania

Available as a tractor or rigid, R Series trucks, Scania’s flagship, are particularly optimised for long-haulage. It’s the series with the most powerful of all production trucks, the R730.

T Series

The T Series completed the new range of trucks for Scania, alongside the R and P Series. It’s geared up mainly for long-haulage and construction. Now discontinued, the bonneted cab is a much sought after used truck both in the UK and abroad in export markets.  If you can find one keep hold of it, as they will definately become even more collectable.

Scania T Series Cab
T Series Scania
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Scania Curtainsiders

Used curtainsider trucks need to be reliable in spite of their age and must be equipped with enough cab features to keep drivers happy. And buying a vehicle of this kind with Scania’s distinctive name tag attached will deliver on both counts. You will tend to encounter models from this firm in the weight category of 18 tonnes and up, with curtainsider bodies that can accommodate a range of... Read more

Scania Tippers

A tipper truck has to be a tough customer or else it cannot hope to compete in the current market. And Scania’s tipper trucks are certainly durable, with many models managing to survive for decades and come back to the market to be sold to new owners looking for an affordable way to procure just such a vehicle. 4x2, 6x2 and even 8x4 variants are available used, with Scania making tippers... Read more

Scania Tractor Unit

Scania tractor units are a good choice on the used truck market, because this firm is well known for making machines that can go the distance and endure the tests and trials thrown up on the open road for mile after mile. Being able to couple a range of bodies and trailers to one of its powerful vehicles is an advantage for a variety of reasons. And from modern R Series models to legacy units... Read more

Scania 4 Series Tippers

The Scania 4 Series tipper truck range was designed by a team that knew all about the demands which would be placed on this type of vehicle. And the number of used examples still available is evidence of how well these trucks have fared over the years, even in a line of work that can be relatively punishing. Tipper bodies should be resilient and reliable, making construction jobs easier, whether... Read more

Scania 4 Series Tractor Unit

If you need a truck tractor unit that pulls no punches, then the Scania 4 Series should shine out as a compelling option, especially on the used market where there are many fine examples available at a lower price than you might have anticipated. The last of these 32 to 44 tonne machines were registered in the UK in 2005, having since been superseded by the G and R series tractor units. But the... Read more

Scania G Series Tractor Unit

Scania G Series tractor units are created to occupy an all-rounder role within the firm’s truck range, meaning that they are just as well suited for construction work as they are for distribution and long-distance haulage. When buying a used Scania G Series, it is important to consider things such as the power and efficiency of the engine, the in-cab features and the condition of the... Read more

Scania P Series Curtainsiders

Rigid curtainsiders that form part of the popular Scania P Series can take demanding distribution work in their stride. Whether intended for daily use on regular routes around towns and cities or for long-haul journeys with overnight stops involved, you can find a used P Series curtainsider truck that will be just right for the role in question. As you would expect from one of the world’s... Read more

Scania P Series Hookloaders

With a used Scania P Series hookloader you do not have to settle for second best. Instead you can procure a cost-effective machine designed to load containers quickly for the briefest of turnarounds. The P Series may be a compact platform, but these 32-tonners are no lightweights when it comes to productivity. Big cabs, reliable engines and respected third-party hookloader mechanisms abound on... Read more

Scania P Series Tippers

Scania P Series tippers may come with a more compact cab than those available on the firm’s larger long-haul trucks, but they can still put in a good day’s work and act efficiently to transport loose loads for construction, demolition or waste management purposes. Standard steel body tippers are featured in this range, as are bulk tippers with alloy containers on the rear. Old and new... Read more