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Long-haul transport duties are required of many trucks, and if you are looking for a well-equipped and efficient example with modern design features and technologies, the Renault T Range may provide you with a model that suits your needs.

With many elements of the body reinforced and extreme-conditions tests conducted during development, there is no question of the durability of these trucks, making them a good second-hand option for operators looking to cut costs without making other sacrifices. And with models weighing 18 to 26 tonnes while offering up to 520hp, it is no surprise that the T Range was voted International Truck of the Year in 2015.

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Renault T Range T460 T6X2 PUSHER AML E6
Renault T Range T460 T6X2 PUSHER AML E6 POA
2015 | Tractor Unit | 44kg
Allports Truck Centre
Renault T Range T520
Renault T Range T520 POA
2015 | Tractor Unit 2015 65 PLATE T520 6x2 TAG, FULL LEATHER INTERIOR, FULL R&M
Renault T Range T460
Renault T Range T460 £32,750.00
2014 | Tractor Unit Half leather seats,air conditioning,electric windows/mirrors,cruise control,exhaust brake,Bluetooth Radio/Cd player c/w USB/Auxillary sockets,hill assist,multifunction steering wheel,electric sunroof,fog lights,sliding fifth wheel,full air kit,sunvisor,Optidriver gearbox,outstanding condition,CHOICE,for more info please phone 0121 326 6950 or visit,for the latest stock updates
Junction 6 Commercials Limited
Renault T Range T460
Renault T Range T460 POA
2014 | Tippers 2014 64 Reg Sleeper Cab 460 Auto 8X4 Insulated Tipper In Test & Manufactures Warranty POA8x4
Barnwood Commercials
Renault T Range T460 6X2
Renault T Range T460 6X2 POA
2014 | Tractor Unit | 44000kg High Roof Sleeper Cab, Extended Cab Storage, Fridge, 2KW Cab Night Heater, Automatic Gearbox, Cruise Control, CD Player with USB port & Bluetooth, Fuel Economy Pack, Leather Steering Wheel, Adjustable Roof Deflector, Additional Manwalk, Drawer Under Bunk, LED Daytime Running Lights, Reverse Buzzer, 5th Wheel Lead up Ramps
Allports Truck Centre

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Renault t RangeFuel savings are not just achieved through the improved efficiency of the modern Euro 6 engines found on board the T Range. Care has also been taken in aligning elements of the body to keep it aerodynamic and also improve handling. Even the headlamp unit has a deflector built into it so that air can flow over the front of the truck while it is in motion. Meanwhile, the incline of the windscreen has been increased to allow the latest T Range models to beat older alternatives in terms of overall fuel consumption. The rest of the work is done electronically, with the Optidriver automatic gearbox and cleverly programmed cruise control settings allowing each truck to ascend hills and cope with long, flat stretches of road without wasting a drop of diesel.

Inside the cab of a T Range truck from Renault there are many comfort features, from the ergonomically designed driving position that puts all the controls within easy reach to the larger overall size of the cab, complete with rest area and the option to include a bunk in the higher-roofed sleeper version. The engineers have even considered the need to make it easier for a driver to get in and out of the cab in the line of duty, as may be necessary on a regular basis. And with maintenance access also streamlined, it should be possible to keep a T Range truck in good condition for many years, which will be helpful when thinking about resale value.

Renault Trucks' T Range Tractor Unit

Safety features for the T Range of trucks from Renault start with the basic set-up of the windscreen and the rear-view mirrors. There are two rear-view mirrors mounted on each wing - one is a standard unit and the other provides a wide-angle view of the area surrounding the truck, cutting back on blind spots and allowing the driver to be aware of all obstacles. The headlights have also been updated to provide greater visibility and illumination irrespective of the weather conditions with which the truck is faced. Intelligent and efficient braking, as well as a range of other safety features that monitor the truck at all times to keep it in check, will be reassuring for any buyer. And since the T Range was introduced relatively recently in its current form, second-hand models which are available today should still be well maintained and able to offer a lot more long-haul performance for buyers.

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