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The Renault Premium is coming of age. Launched in 1996, it lasted until its 19th birthday in 2014, before being replaced by Renault's new Euro 6 range.  Now's a good time to have a look back at the life of the truck. It has won lots of friends over the years due to its relatively low purchase price and good economics.

It’s a versatile truck too, starting off as an 18 tonne rigid and going all the way through to a full-spec long-distance cruiser Renault tractor unit with Global cab. A combination of high seating position and large glass area with thin pillars gives excellent visibility and the air-suspended seats also make for a comfortable ride.

The dash seems well laid out and the wraparound shape adds to the ergonomic feel of the truck. On later Premiums you can find all sorts of creature comforts, including a Bluetooth MP3 radio, optional TV, fridge and deluxe sun visors. Build quality is adequate but plastics tend to look and feel cheaper than more refined makes. Overall, however, it is solid and up to the job.

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Renault Premium  450
Renault Premium 450 £8,500.00
2009 | Tractor Unit Sliding 5th WheelMidlift AxleRun Up Ramps for SemitrailerTractor UnitSleeper CabAir KitDouble SleeperCab Sunvisor. Right Hand Drive
MV Commercial Ltd
Renault Premium RHD   450 6X2 M LIFT TRACTOR
Renault Premium RHD 450 6X2 M LIFT TRACTOR POA
2008 | Tractor Unit | 44000kg Sleeper DXI11 450 Diesel Automatic 811341km Air
Tuxford Exports
Renault Premium RHD   450 6X2 M LIFT TRACTOR
Renault Premium RHD 450 6X2 M LIFT TRACTOR POA
2008 | Tractor Unit | 44000kg Sleeper DXI11 450 Diesel Automatic 495713km Air
Tuxford Exports
Renault Premium RHD   450 6X2 M LIFT TRACTOR
Renault Premium RHD 450 6X2 M LIFT TRACTOR POA
2008 | Tractor Unit | 44000kg Sleeper DXI11 450 Diesel Automatic 648150km Air
Tuxford Exports
Renault Premium RHD   450 6X2 M LIFT TRACTOR
Renault Premium RHD 450 6X2 M LIFT TRACTOR POA
2007 | Tractor Unit | 44000kg Sleeper DXI11 450 Diesel Automatic 550039km Air
Tuxford Exports
Renault Premium  460
Renault Premium 460 £7,000.00
2010 | Tractor Unit Premium, year of production 2010, mot until end of May 2018, 726464 km price £7000 plus Vat contact number 07511 357191
Renault Premium
Renault Premium POA
2013 | Tractor Unit | 44000kg 2013 Renault Premium Route 460.25 6 x 2 LD TML Tractor Unit. Automatic Gearbox with 460 BHP and Euro 5 Engine. Low Mileage, Excellent Overall Condition Inside and Out with 2 Seats in Sleeper Cab with Modern Feel, Microwave Oven and Electric Windows. Delivery can be arranged anywhere at an additional cost, for more information please call. Worldwide Shipping available (prices subject to exchange
Pawson Commercials Vehicle Sales
Renault Premium   385 LHD
Renault Premium 385 LHD POA
Shelton Motors
Renault Premium 410 8x4 Tipper 2010 EURO 4 MANUAL GEARBOX
Renault Premium 410 8x4 Tipper 2010 EURO 4 MANUAL GEARBOX POA
2010 | Tippers | 32000kg Premium 410 8x4 Tipper 2010 EURO 4 MANUAL GEARBOX Charlton Steel Tipping Body, Steel Suspension, Day Cab, Edbro Front Mounted Ram, Easy Sheet, Auto Tailgate, Reverse Camera, Hub Reduction, Vertical Exhaust, Beacon Bar, Cruise Control, Sunvisor, Sunroof, Electric Windows/Mirrors, Radio, CD, Digital Tachograph, 16sp Manual Gearbox. - MOT Marchá 2018 - STOCK NO. R368 á
C J Leonard
Renault Premium   PRIVILEGE 460 DXI 6x2 TRACTOR UNIT 2013 FY63 HVG
Renault Premium PRIVILEGE 460 DXI 6x2 TRACTOR UNIT 2013 FY63 HVG £13,450.00
2013 | Tractor Unit | 44000kg Renault Premium Privilege High Roof Twin Sleeper Cab Renault/Volvo 460Bhp DXI Turbo Air to Air Charge Cooled Euro 5 Engine c/w Ad-Blue System Multi Position Engine Brake Renault Opti Driver / I-Shift Semi Automatic Gearbox Single Reduction Drive Axle Ecas Drive Axle Air Suspension c/w Hand Held Raise Lower Controls Air Suspended Midlifting Axle Full Disc Braking System c/w ABS/EBS Control
Fleet Ex Global Vehicle Sales
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Click on the dates in the timeline below to view interesting events in the Renault Premium's history. Click on the circles in the timeline to view key model updates and face lifts
Renault Premium launched, intended originally for medium length driving.
European Championship award
Premium won the European Championship.
Hybrid version launched
A truck hybrid diesel-electric 340hp vehicle was produced.
Launch of the new ranges to take over
It is announced that the Premium brand name will be dropped for Euro 6 models. Replaced by the new Euro 6 T Range and D Range.
Renault Premium truck video

Renault Premium Fridge Truck

The engine range is good and the DXi11 is a particular standout, offering 450bhp and a whopping 2140Nm of torque in a flat curve between 1,100 and 1,300 rpm. These engines have antifreeze protection, electronic idling control and an electronic air braking system.

They also feature an automatic engine cut-out system that shuts the engine down after five minutes of idling. The Optidriver+ auto gearbox is an excellent unit with 12 forward and three reverse gears. It can safely be left to its own devices to make the right cog selection almost all of the time or can be controlled manually via stalks mounted on the steering column. The automatic system tends to try to minimise gear changes and will only step in when necessary and sometimes the driver may feel inclined to drop a cog or two to maintain progress.

The chassis of the Renault Premium is uncluttered and the suspension setup is the familiar steel to front and air to rear configuration. This is combined with the use of telescopic dampers and stabiliser bar. The Renault Premium also has a remote control system for the raising or lowering of the rear air suspension according to the load being hauled. On the whole, the Renault Premium’s wide chassis and suspension setup make for excellent road-holding and stability. Later models with air-suspended cabs also enjoy great comfort levels and the steering is tight enough to negotiate challenging manoeuvres.

If the Renault Premium has a pretty basic build quality in the cabin, then this is more than made up for by a choice of excellent engines, a first-class transmission and admirable handling. The low acquisition cost and cheap parts and maintenance make it a good ongoing bet too. A second-hand Renault Premium could indeed be an excellent and cost-effective choice of wagon.

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The Renault Premiums have great engines and comfortable cabs. Build quality is probably better than 3/5 by Tommy Paton I own a 2008 Renault Premium 6x2 tractor 450 DXI. It has the 450hp Euro 5 engine and a 16 speed ZF gearbox. The cab is the high roof sleeper version. For me, this truck delivers exactly what I need in... Read full review
Great value - a cheap truck does the job 3.5/5 by Dave Douglas No need to spend a load of money on a Merc, one of these will do the job.


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