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First manufactured in 1990, the Magnum was renowned for being the flagship truck made by Renault. Like a lot of their more established ranges, the Magnum was discontinued in 2013, but has managed to enjoy some popularity among drivers throughout Europe. Earlier models were seen as inferior, although newer versions of the Magnum were much-improved.

The Magnum mainly comes in the form of a tractor unit, although drawbars are also available for use as skiploaders. Magnums are known for having pretty spacious cabs, making for comfortable journeys, while the flat floor, as used for the Magnum lorries, was seen as revolutionary when first revealed back in 1992. More recent models are up to scratch emission-wise.

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Renault Magnum  500 Midlift Tractor Unit
Renault Magnum 500 Midlift Tractor Unit £7,950.00
2008 | Tractor Unit | 44000kg 2008 Renault Magnum 500 DXI 6x2 Midlift Privilege Cab, 12 Speed Gearbox, Twin Bunks, Radio/Stereo, Full Wind Deflector Kit, Excellent Condition - We can organise shipping to any Worldwide Destination - Contact for a quote
Law Exports Ltd
Renault Magnum  460
Renault Magnum 460 POA
2007 | Tractor Unit 2007 Magnum 4x2 Dix 460 manual gear box nice truck Left Hand Drive on Irish plates.. Left Hand Drive
Peter Gilder & Sons Limited
Renault Magnum  460.18DXI
Renault Magnum 460.18DXI POA
2007 | Tippers 2007 Magnum 4x2 Dix 460 manual gear box nice truck Left Hand Drive on Irish plates.. Right Hand Drive
Peter Gilder & Sons Limited
Renault Magnum   430
Renault Magnum 430 POA
Shelton Motors
Renault Magnum  500DXI
Renault Magnum 500DXI £5,000.00
2008 | Tractor Unit MAGNUM 500 DXI Euro 5, Automatic, year 2008. £5000.. Right Hand Drive
Renault Magnum  500
Renault Magnum 500 POA
2008 | Tractor Unit Breaking 2008 Magnum, 500dxi, automatic, 6x2 Tractor unit,
SBS Spares Ltd
Renault Magnum  480
Renault Magnum 480 £14,995.00
2010 | Tankers Magnum 6x2 480. Big tanks / leather / fridge. 665000 kms. Owned and operated since new by us. Choice of 2. Mileage may change as vehicles in daily use. Call 01304 827800 or mail [email protected] £14995
Renault Magnum  480
Renault Magnum 480 £14,995.00
2010 | Tankers Magnum 6x2 480. Big tanks / leather / fridge. 665000 kms. Owned and operated since new by us. Choice of 2. Mileage may change as vehicles in daily use. Call 01304 827800 or mail [email protected] £14995
Renault Magnum  480
Renault Magnum 480 £7,750.00
2007 | Tractor Unit | 97003kg 2007 Magnum 480 6x2 tractor unit, auto gearbox, double sleeper cab, Axle Type: 6x2Number of Beds: 2; 6x2. Right Hand Drive
Airport Autos (Hire Division)
Renault Magnum   440 LHD
Renault Magnum 440 LHD £3,000.00
Shelton Motors

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Click on the dates in the timeline below to view interesting events in the Renault Magnum's history. Click on the circles in the timeline to view key model updates and face lifts
The Renault Magnum was launched, taking the breath away with its futuristic design and revolutionary flat floor. Originally called the AE it wasn't until 1992 that it was called the Magnum.
Truck of the year
The Magnum is named Truck of the Year.
Restyled version introduced
A restyled version of the Magnum was launched.
Production ceased
After over two decades, the Magnum range ceases production. It is replaced by the Renault T truck range.
V8 Engine Fitted
The Magnum gets the American Mack E-7 engine V8 rated between 500 to 560 hp
12-Litre Engine Fitted
The Magnum gets the 500hp 12-litre DXi 12 rated at 440 or 480 hp and a choice of a new manual ZF 16 speed gearbox or the automated Optidriver II speed gearbox
New 13-Litre for Euro 4 & 5
The Magnum gets Renault Trucks' DXi 13 engine to comply with Euro 4 and 5 regulations. Magnum gets Optidriver Gearbox.
Redesigned Cab
The Magnum gets a makeover and a revised cab with as much as 2m headroom
Magnum E Tech
Revised engine and better economy in the Magnum.
Celebration Edition 'Legend' Launched
To celebrate 20 years of Magnum, Renault brought out a limited edition called the Legend. EEV Euro 5 13-litre at 520hp, lots of leather interior and all the style of the Magnum
Renault Magnum truck video

The engines for the Magnum, which is among the biggest trucks Renault has ever produced, were pretty powerful. Earlier models had engines with power ratings of 460 bhp and 500 bhp. With the new 13-litre engine rated at 480 and 520 bhp, power and speed have never really been issues with the Magnum.

Despite having so much power in front of the wheel and more recent models using SCR at Euro 4 and 5, fuel economy has fallen some way short of its rivals. The payload as well as MPG suffers due to the weight of each truck, the majority of them weighing 44 tonnes.Renault Magnum

Due to their size, some Magnums aren’t particularly aerodynamic. Moving in tight spaces is a tricky thing to do in one of these, but what they lack in manoeuvrability, they make up for in terms of durability.

It’s possible to find many early Magnums on the road today in full working order. The older ones tend to be pretty well-equipped too, coming with the tech needed on the dashboard from electric windows to ABS. Newer Magnums come equipped with the Optidriver+ gearbox as standard.

Renault Magnum in a nutshell

Although not perfect, the Magnum is worth a look for those who need an extra-large truck to get from A to B without much fuss.

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Renault Magnum Tractor Unit

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