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Renault has designed the C Range trucks to cope with the rigours of construction, equipping them with a range of powerful engines that can pump out between 250hp and 520hp. Coupled with a range of cabs and body options, as well as an underlying level of adaptability, these are robust and versatile machines which are perfectly matched to the expectations of modern buyers.

And since the C Range has started to appear on the second-hand market, they can be affordably harnessed today. In the construction of the C Range trucks, Renault has taken seriously the task of reducing the unladen weight of each as much as possible so that the maximum payload can rise to class-leading levels. This means that many models come with aluminium fuel tanks and wheels to shave a significant slice off the gross vehicle weight. Disc brakes further this cause, while models which feature air suspension can feature an integrated load indicator that makes it easy to access information about not only the total weight of the payload, but also its position within the body of the truck.

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Renault C Range C280
Renault C Range C280 £78,500.00
2018 | Mixers Brand new and unregisted, 18 tonne McFee Mixers. 4m3 Capacity. 280HP Chasis. Automatic. Never Been Used. 2.3m, Day Cab, 4x2, Euro 6 Choice of 2.4x2
Renault C Range C280
Renault C Range C280 £78,500.00
2018 | Mixers Brand new and unregisted, 18 tonne McFee Mixers.4m3 Capacity.280HP Chasis.Automatic.Never Been Used. Delivery mileage only. 2 for sale.4x2
Renault C Range C380
Renault C Range C380 POA
2015 | Beavertails | 28000kg - 6x2Rear Lift Beaver Tail - Opti Driver Automatic Gear Box - Day Cab - Fassi F235 Crane
Cormac Leonard Commercials

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With day cabs, sleeper cabs and crew cabs on offer, the C Range is capable of coping with whatever construction task it might face. And yet even with things such as safety and driver comfort taken into account, Renault has also managed to make the cab design more efficient through aerodynamic compliance so that the cumulative fuel savings can really begin to mount. The drag coefficient is 12 per cent better on the latest C Range trucks than on any of the preceding equivalents, while the use of a trapezoid shape for the cab not only cuts fuel consumption but also results in better handling, which is welcome.

2.3 metre cabs are available on the lower-powered 18 to 26 tonne C Series models, while 2.5 metre cabs are found on the larger, more powerful units that weigh in at up to 33 tonnes unladen. Of course, it is the Euro 6 engines that are the stars of the show in terms of both pulling power and efficiency. Common rail injection ensures power output and torque are unquestionably on offer to drivers with heavy materials or equipment to move. And each model in the C Range comes with an off-road mode as standard, since of course the slippery conditions that may be encountered on construction sites are a little more taxing than those of the tarmac alone.

The cab is comfortable and quiet, as well as being a safe place for drivers and passengers to cover mile after mile. There are even an impressive number of storage spaces littered throughout the cab for an added layer of convenience. In-cab visibility has also been improved thanks to new rear-view mirror positioning, with even the windscreen being altered to ensure that seeing the surrounding environment, whether on the road or on a construction site, is not inhibited by obstructions. With a litany of accessories to add, including reversing cameras and other safety kit, used C Range trucks from Renault can offer all the bells and whistles you would look for in a modern machine.

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