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Known for their solid build, Renault trucks are considered to be hugely dependable by an increasing number of companies in the UK. Many delivery, distribution, construction and long haul companies are moving away from the Swedish and German badged trucks, and consider Renault trucks to be a cost-effective as well as a fuel efficient solution to their transportation needs.

These reliable and durable trucks are a solid investment. The selection of Renault trucks on the TruckLocator website are solid contenders to brand new lorries, yet the trucks have maintained the same imposing style they had when they first left the factory floor.

Find out more about which of the Renault trucks for sale on is suitable for your business.

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Renault Trafic Sl27 Energy Dci 120 Business Van
Renault Trafic Sl27 Energy Dci 120 Business Van £11,100.00
2016 | Panel Vans ABS, Airbags, Bluetooth, Bulkhead, Electric mirrors, Electric windows, Ply lining, Three Seats Located at our Southall branch.
Van Monster Bridlington
Renault Trafic Sl27 Energy Dci 120 Business Van
Renault Trafic Sl27 Energy Dci 120 Business Van £10,950.00
2016 | Panel Vans ABS, Airbags, Bluetooth, Bulkhead, Electric mirrors, Electric windows, Ply lining, Power steering, Three Seats Located at our Doncaster branch.
Van Monster Bridlington
Renault Trafic Sl27 Energy Dci 120 Business+ Van
Renault Trafic Sl27 Energy Dci 120 Business+ Van £11,500.00
2016 | Panel Vans ABS, Airbags, Bluetooth, Bulkhead, CD player, Electric mirrors, Electric windows, Ply lining, Power steering, Three Seats Located at our Doncaster branch.
Van Monster Bridlington
Renault Kangoo Ll21dci 90 Crew Van
Renault Kangoo Ll21dci 90 Crew Van £5,400.00
2014 | Combi Vans ABS, Airbags, Bulkhead, Electric mirrors, Electric windows, Ply lining, Power steering Located at our Doncaster branch.
Van Monster Bridlington
Renault Premium  450
Renault Premium 450 £8,500.00
2009 | Tractor Unit Sliding 5th WheelMidlift AxleRun Up Ramps for SemitrailerTractor UnitSleeper CabAir KitDouble SleeperCab Sunvisor. Right Hand Drive
MV Commercial Ltd
Renault Kerax
Renault Kerax POA
2012 | Hookloaders | 32000kg KERAX 380 8X4 HIAB MULTILIFT KOOHLOADER WITH EASY SHEET REVERSE CAMERA ONLY 286,000 KM Hookloader
First Choice Commercials
Renault Premium RHD   450 6X2 M LIFT TRACTOR
Renault Premium RHD 450 6X2 M LIFT TRACTOR POA
2008 | Tractor Unit | 44000kg Sleeper DXI11 450 Diesel Automatic 811341km Air
Tuxford Exports
Renault Premium RHD   450 6X2 M LIFT TRACTOR
Renault Premium RHD 450 6X2 M LIFT TRACTOR POA
2008 | Tractor Unit | 44000kg Sleeper DXI11 450 Diesel Automatic 495713km Air
Tuxford Exports
Renault Premium RHD   450 6X2 M LIFT TRACTOR
Renault Premium RHD 450 6X2 M LIFT TRACTOR POA
2008 | Tractor Unit | 44000kg Sleeper DXI11 450 Diesel Automatic 648150km Air
Tuxford Exports
Renault Premium RHD   450 6X2 M LIFT TRACTOR
Renault Premium RHD 450 6X2 M LIFT TRACTOR POA
2007 | Tractor Unit | 44000kg Sleeper DXI11 450 Diesel Automatic 550039km Air
Tuxford Exports
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Click on the dates in the timeline below to view interesting events in Renault's history
Renault Beginnings...
Marius Berliet designed a single cylinder engine, creating his first petrol car.
Louis Renault develops front wheel drive
Louis Renault developed a small car with a quarter horse power. The front-wheel drive is developed.
First 4x4
The first 4x4 truck is built by Latil.
First Tractor Unit from Renault
Renault are the first brand offering a tractor unit for roads. Engines are fuelled by gas from burning wood.
First Diesel Renault Truck
The first truck powered by a diesel engine is introduced.
Trucks division formed
Savium merges with Latil forming the Trucks division of Renault.
Renault Trucks officially formed
Renault Vehicules Industriels – the Trucks division of the Renault group is formed when Berliet and Saviem merge. They are the only HGV manufacturer in France.
Renault Acquires Dodge
Renault Vehicules Industriels acquire Dodge Europe.
Renault Acquires Mack Trucks in USA
The acquisition of American Mack truck helps Renault Vehicules Industriels build an internationally renowned group.
Renaming to Renault VI
Renault Vehicules Industriels is rebranded as Renault V.I.
Renault Trucks are taken over by Volvo Group
The brand are acquired by the Volvo group and are rebranded as Renault Trucks.
Renault Trucks relaunches complete new range for Euro 6 Operation
In front of thousands, the new Range D for distribution, C for construction, K for heavy duty off-road applications and T for long-distance transport.
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One of Europe’s largest truck manufacturers, Renault Trucks offer a range of trucks that tick all the boxes; whether you’re in the market for solid, sturdy, reliable trucks or comfortable, dependable transportation. While the French truck manufacturer was originally owned by Renault, the Volvo group has owned the company since 2001, developing a new line of Renault Trucks. Renault Trucks boast high-performance fuel efficient trucks that are sturdy and fit a diverse range of transportation purposes. Renault trucks are designed with fuel efficiency as a priority - particularly a feature you’ll find in the long-distance range.

Designed and built for efficient transportation, Renault offers a whole host of trucks available with tighter turning radius for prime manoeuvrability. Renault offer the broadest ranges of commercial vehicles in the industry from 2.8 to 44 tonnes, from the Renault Master to the Renault Magnum.

Which Renault Truck is right for me?

Kerax SeriesRenault Kerax Tipper

First launched in 1997, these medium and heavy-duty off-road trucks were designed for heavy duty construction work, usually as tippers. Built to operate under even the most severe working conditions, these trucks are able to carry maximum loads yet maintaining optimal performance and offering excellent driving comfort.

These were given power ratings of 330, 380 and 440hp before the revised 11-litre engine was introduced in 2009. The ratings for the Euro 5 Dxi 11 are 380, 430 and 460hp and offer 16 speed manual gearbox or automated 12-speed gearbox.


Excellent for rough terrain and road driving the Lander series are designed for construction, especially worksite supply. The Lander series are a reliable solution for building materials distribution and industrial waste transport.

When payload and comfort is a top priority, the Lander series is a suitable option, offering high power and lower fuel consumption. Also suited to road maintenance works, these fuel-efficient trucks are multifunctional and a versatile option for demolition works.

Renault MagnumMagnum

The Magnum series have been designed to a more modern specification with aerodynamic side deflectors further optimising fuel consumption. The cab has been designed with comfort as a priority. The Renault Magnum tractor unit is the perfect choice for long-distance haulage.

The cab itself has been designed with comfort in mind. The spacious cab boasts impressive 2m of headroom with a comfortable bunk space as well as ample storage capacity. Considered the flagship of the Renault Trucks range, the Magnum is most commonly used as a tractor unit throughout the UK.


This heavy duty diesel truck was made available in the UK and Europe from 1999 and was discontinued in 2010. A 3.0L version of the Master that is rear wheel drive (RWD) vehicles look a lot like those in the Master series, but are capable of carrying heavier loads.


The cab is designed with a cab width of 73.6in and a maximum length of 195.3in, boasting a compact turning radius of 189.0in, making it ideal for driving in towns and city centres. The cab-over-engine design is well-suited for construction and environmental trades and is available as 3.4 and 3.5-tonne versions in Britain and strikes a compromise between being compact in size whilst also being spacious inside.

Combining excellent manoeuvrability and payload the Maxity is also ideal for general deliveries, able to drive smoothly through urban centres as well as the ability to manoeuvre into spaces that other commercial vehicles might struggle to do.


The Midlum series are lightweight trucks that are ideal for distribution purposes. With an array of features from excellent manoeuvrability and comfort to boasting an unmatched payload, these trucks also offer greater loading volumes. Introduction of the new Euro 5 engine has increased power yet really optimises fuel consumption.

To make driving less tiresome, the Midlum series have been designed with comfort as a priority, with a dashboard-mounted gear-lever reducing effort when changing gear.

PremiumRenault Premium

Originally launched in 1996, the Renault Premium is a mid-weight distribution truck that’s powerful, imposing and stylish. The Premium series offer an impressive payload as well as excellent fuel-efficiency. For long-distance haulage, the Premium tractor unit features windshield of impressive dimension as well as low cut windows for improved side visibility.

The interior of the cab boasts a high level of comfort and excellent storage and space. The design of the dashboard optimises driving comfort with a wraparound layout – ensuring that all controls are within easy reach of the driver.

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French Flair - Swedish backing 4/5 by Ed Grainger Swedish engineering and French design make this one a winner in my book. I'm on my second Magnum now. This one has the Volvo engine and for me that is key. What you have here, essentially, is a Volvo... Read full review


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Renault Curtainsiders

When looking to buy a used Renault curtainsider truck, you will need to keep a checklist of the specifications that you are seeking alongside an appropriate budget for the purchase in order to make the process less complicated. There is a good amount of choice for this type of commercial vehicle from Renault, with models taking on distribution duties, urban delivery runs and comprehensive... Read more

Renault Tippers

Construction companies could not function without tipper trucks to help cart away excavated materials or bring in loads to help move the building process forward. And there are many Renault tippers on offer for contractors that require a second-hand example of this kind of vehicle to help lower costs. Tippers from this manufacturer come in a variety of sizes and feature various body types, with... Read more

Renault Tractor Unit

When it comes to hauling a variety of trailers, a Renault tractor unit can be a reliable second-hand purchase. As well as being affordable, these vehicles are available in a range of operating weights, from 12 tonnes to 40 tonnes or more. So if you need a tractor unit to pair with an existing trailer and replace an outgoing model, consider the machines made by this French manufacturer. Renault... Read more

Renault Kerax Tippers

The Renault Kerax tipper range was in production for almost 16 years, during which time it was completely overhauled once in order to help it remain competitive in the construction market. With the last examples rolling out of the factory in 2013, there are plenty of second-hand Kerax tippers available on the market with minimal miles on the clock and lots of life left in them. There are also... Read more

Renault Magnum Tractor Unit

The Renault Magnum range enjoyed almost a quarter of a century at the pinnacle of the truck market, making light work of heavy-duty haulage tasks and winning various accolades in the process. This means that if you want a used Magnum tractor unit, you will have no shortage of options available to you. Magnum models from throughout its production life are still on offer, with both left- and... Read more

Renault Premium Crane Vehicles

Renault’s truck range is extremely competitive, meaning you can find commercial vehicles of all kinds both new and used from this manufacturer. And the Premium is one of its most popular models on the second-hand market, with many different body styles added to the reliable chassis that unifies many models in the range. You can select from used Premium crane vehicles for those times when... Read more

Renault Premium Tractor Unit

Renault Premium tractor units are capable of cruising comfortably and safely for mile after mile of trans-continental motorway use. The range may have been replaced by the manufacturer in recent years, but you can still find Euro 5 engines on board used Premium trucks, meaning that these models can stack up against modern equivalents without too many compromises. Space and sleeper cabs deliver... Read more