Refrigerated Box Trucks For Sale

Over the past decades, the food industry has evolved dramatically. Supermarkets now offer fresh produce from around the globe and their chilled cabinets are full of ready-prepared food which can be heated in the oven or microwaved in a matter of minutes.

This change in our cooking and eating habits has had a direct effect on the haulage industry. The food must be kept fresh and be delivered quickly in good condition and this means that there are more fridge trucks than ever on our roads. The fridge truck is certainly one of the more complex trucks to buy as it involves technology not associated with standard trucks.

Truck drivers may know much about engines and transmissions, but until recently they have had less need to know about refrigeration units. When buying a used fridge truck, however, it could help to understand a little about the technology involved here.

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Mercedes-Benz Sprinter  2.1TD 313CDI LWB Chassis Cab 2143cc Fridge
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2.1TD 313CDI LWB Chassis Cab 2143cc Fridge £6,250.00
2011 | Refrigerated Box 2011 60 Registered Mercedes 313cdi Fridge,Eurofrigo Chiller Unit,3 Seats,Cat Guard,Double Opening Rear Doors, Or Buy Just For The Chassis Cab As Its FANTASTIC VALUE AT THIS PRICE, Choice In Stock
DH Commercials
Volvo FH 16-750 6x2 T-Unit
Volvo FH 16-750 6x2 T-Unit POA
2012 | Refrigerated Box Globetrotter XL Cab,Mid Lift Axle,Euro 5 Engine,I Shift Gearbox,Fridge,Alloy Wheels,Leather Seats,Air Condition,Electric Windows. TRACTOR UNITS 6X2
Mercedes-Benz Atego 2528L 6x2 Rigid
Mercedes-Benz Atego 2528L 6x2 Rigid £8,000.00
2004 | Refrigerated Box | 26000kg Excellent truck owned by us the last 6 years. not being used, been parked up the last 6 months, delivery can be arranged.
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter  11ft6' Fridge Unit
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 11ft6' Fridge Unit POA
2011 | Refrigerated Box Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Fridge, Soloman Fridge Body, Split Front & Rear Compartments, Hubard FZ114 Fridge Unit, Overnight Standby, Rear Folding Step, Factory Fitted Immobiliser, CD Player, Remote Control Centrol Locking, Electric Windows, Excellent Condition, Choice Of Two.
Brandrick Commercials
MAN LE2000 TGA18-440 Left Hand Drive T-Unit
MAN LE2000 TGA18-440 Left Hand Drive T-Unit POA
2006 | Refrigerated Box Euro 4 Engone,auto Gearbox,Low Height Unit,Air Front & Rear,Large Fuel Tank,Fridge,Air Condition,Electric Windows. TRACTOR UNITS 4X2
Lambert Unknown S4-V
Lambert Unknown S4-V POA
2005 | Refrigerated Box 2005 Lambert Triaxle Fridge Trailer, 13.6M, CARRIER Fridge Unit, BPW Axels, Drum Brakes, Air Suspension, TUCKUNDER Tail Lift, Rear Barn Doors.
M&M Trucks Ltd
Trailer Montracon
Trailer Montracon POA
2009 | Refrigerated Box 2009 Montracon Fridge Trailer, 16.3MTR, 4.49MTR, BPW Axels, Drum Brakes, Vector 1850 Fridge, Air Suspension, Tail Lift, Rear Barn Doors
M&M Trucks Ltd
Scania T Series T164-580
Scania T Series T164-580 POA
2004 | Refrigerated Box 2004 Scania T Cab T164-580 6x2 Tag Axle,left hand drive, Twin Stacks, Side Pipes, Twin Bunks, Aircon Pod, Electric Pack, Alloy Wheels, Button Leather,Set of Kelsa Bars + Beacon's, Chassis Infill, Fridge, Dutch Headboard, Griffin Spec, Can be Painted to Suit Customers Needs, Fully Serviced + Tested, not many of these left. Priced 90,000 plus vat.
M&M Trucks Ltd
DAF LF45 LF 45.150
DAF LF45 LF 45.150 POA
2005 | Refrigerated Box | 7500kg Aire truck bodies GAH chiller 70/30 split with 30% chiller 70% general and tailliftMoT Due May 15log book present
Hopkinsons Fairdeals Ltd
Fiat Unknown Burstner
Fiat Unknown Burstner POA
2007 | Refrigerated Box | 5000kg Burstner Argos A748-2 7 Berth large fix rear double and large over cab double as well as garage and under floor heating also a large fridge freezer and full kitchen facilities reversing camera seperate shower and cassette toilet awning in cab A/CMoT Due 14/05/15log book present
Hopkinsons Fairdeals Ltd
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The fridge unit has three major elements, namely the evaporator, condenser and compressor. The compressor’s job is to suck in the refrigeration gas and compress it. fridge TruckThis pressure causes the gas to turn into a liquid, releasing heat and causing that liquid to cool. The condensing unit then takes this cooled liquefied gas and cools it still further. This is achieved by passing the liquid gas along tubes, where external fins transfer heat to the outside world. This is similar to how the large surface area of a truck’s radiator cools the engine. The evaporator unit then allows the liquid to expand and it becomes a gas once more. This process causes it to heat up and it does this by sucking in heat from the surrounding environment - in this case the fridge body of the truck. The warmed gas is then transferred outside the truck to cool and the process begins again.

The type of fridge truck you should buy depends upon the loads you will be carrying. Some fridge trucks are more like freezer trucks, rated to keep food frozen. Others are intended to keep fresh food chilled. Not all trucks can do both jobs, so it is vital that you check the fridge truck meets the regulations for the specific food types you will be hauling. As with buying a normal truck, size is a factor when buying a fridge truck, but be wary of the complications. In order for the fridge truck to function effectively, there should be clear space all around the load. This means buying a larger body than normal for the size of load.Refrigerated Traier

The fridge components are normally covered by separate warranties and service agreements to those of the main truck, so these need to be inspected and understood. The insulation of the body itself is a vital component of the fridge truck and this should be in good order. If it’s damaged or of poor quality, it will need more energy to chill and that means more fuel consumption. Drivers should check the insulation for cracks or gaps, and it is a good idea to ask if the fridge unit and insulation are factory-fit or aftermarket additions. Also check for bad smells, which can be difficult to eradicate and taint fresh produce, potentially resulting in complaints from clients.

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