Recycling Vehicle Trucks For Sale

The waste industry is changing, along with attitudes to sustainable disposal methods, which is why recycling vehicles have become far more common across the UK. Companies can use them to live up to their own eco ambitions, or contractors can harness them to serve local authorities. And if you are buying a recycling vehicle second-hand, there are some things you should know about these trucks that will likely sway your purchasing decision.

Recycling vehicles are cut from the same cloth as traditional waste transporters, in that they usually feature a crew cab up front and a rigid body in the rear which has been adapted to allow for the collection of waste materials - whether from kerbside receptacles or large containers. What makes recycling vehicles different is that in some cases they offer several different compartments to allow for the collection and transportation of recyclable items which have been separated for ease of processing further down the line. Models designed for the handling of mixed recycling which have a single compartment in the rear are available but are less convenient for the work that is required in the current age of increased responsibility.

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Isuzu NQR 7500kg
Isuzu NQR 7500kg £12,495.00
2010 | Recycling Vehicle | 7500kg choice of 2 2010 10 and 59 reg Isuzu 7.5 ton RCV fitted with trade bin lift designed for food waste collection but will handle general waste and glass. Very clean and tidy. Onsite Warranty available. London Compliant with side bars.

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recycling truckBecause recyclable waste is still generally put in bins by households and businesses, recycling vehicles will often feature hydraulic binlifts that allow operators to quickly unburden one, two or more of these receptacles simultaneously.

Check the Binlift

Binlifts can accommodate different receptacle designs, and so it is important to choose the right type for your requirements. You should also look at whether a used recycling vehicle loads from the top, the rear or the side, as the type of access that it allows to its compartments will determine the type of area in which it can operate. If a truck satisfies all the points on your bespoke checklist, then it will likely be a good purchase.

Tipping Recycling Bodies

Another asset you may wish to look for in a recycling vehicle is a tipper body, which has obvious applications for unloading that other models that lack this will not. Tipper body recycling vehicles can quickly dump the transported materials when they reach their destination, improving their overall efficiency. Of course, the hydraulics controlling the tipper body and any other elements of the truck, such as the binlifts, should be checked to ensure that they are operation and in a satisfactory condition so that the person who procures a used recycling vehicle is not going to be facing expensive repairs.

With variable loads and materials types on board, and regular use in urban areas and other aspects of deployment that are likely to put strain on the body, suspension, cab and other components, a used recycling vehicle needs to be inspected inside and out by any prospective buyer. Cleanliness may also be an issue if the truck has previously been used to handle organic waste. Some sellers will even provide a new paint job to ensure that a second-hand unit looks pristine even if it has spent years in service. So there are lots of good options available.

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