Prison Van Trucks For Sale

The unique design requirements of vehicles for transporting prisoners are encompassed by the range of prison vans that are available second-hand. Based on standard van platforms, these vehicles have a range of special adaptations that make them suitable for the important tasks with which they are charged. This is because they not only need to accommodate passengers in the rear as they are being transported between facilities safely and securely, but they also provide protection for the officers responsible for driving the van.

The most common prison vans in the UK are those built on the underpinnings of typical panel vans, with room for two or three crew members upfront and a body on the rear which is customised to house an array of occupants during normal operations. The body may offer access solely from doors at the rear or feature additional points of entry, depending on the size and capabilities of the vehicle. Interior compartments set up to keep prisoners separate during transport can be present in some models, while others will feature a more open-plan approach, meaning that officers and other officials can take the journey at the same time without being confined in this way.

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Iveco Unknown 50C15 PRISON VAN
Iveco Unknown 50C15 PRISON VAN POA
2004 | Prison Van 4 & 6 Cell custodial vehicles 4.5t & 5t available Call TONY 07979 510216 & RICHARD 07815 564541

Prison Vans for saleInspect all Ancilliaries

Restraints, fastenings and other physical features of the van body should be inspected by those looking to buy a used prisoner transport vehicle. Some security contractors have been reported to have installed additional technical features on the inside to ensure that prisoners remain calm while they are in transit, which can include TV screens and media playback facilities. In addition, many vans of this kind operating in the UK feature darkened windows along the rear body, allowing in ambient light from the outside while preventing prying eyes and camera lenses from being able to see in.

Prison van cabs will usually have been equipped with their own set of extra features that allow the operators to fulfil their roles effectively. This might include a radio unit for two-way communications, positioning systems for added security and containers which can be used to store the tools of the trade. Whether such features are retained in used models may vary, so consult the seller's description thoroughly so that you know precisely what is going to be included and what may be removed before it is resold.

In many cases a second-hand prison van will need to be completely decommissioned before it can be passed on to a new owner, which may ultimately result in it being returned to a state similar to that of a standard panel van. Alternatively, the conversion may need to be funded by the buyer, in which case there are other costs to consider when selecting former prison vans for purchase. Because these vehicles may have been driven at high speeds by specially trained professionals, a thorough examination of things such as the suspension, tyres and other elements will be required, and a full MOT and recent service will be desired by any buyer that wants to prevent additional expenses from mounting up.

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