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One of the manufacturer’s more unique-looking trucks, the Unimog stands out from the crowd of heavy-duty trucks. The main reason for that is every model is four-wheel drive, making them perfect for use as military vehicles. For civilian use, they’re just as handy, especially as tippers and pickup trucks on busy construction sites and are known for being as powerful as they look.

The most recent models come in three varieties – the smaller U20, the medium-sized 405 series and, at the higher end of the scale, the 437 series, known as the UHN. The most powerful of the lot comes with a diesel engine providing a whopping 280bhp. Most models both old and new tend to come with manual transmission, although some automatic models are available.

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Mercedes-Benz Unimog  430
Mercedes-Benz Unimog 430 POA
2017 | Tippers Productspecweb: Model - UGE U430 HP - 299/6 CYL Colour - White Chassis - 3150mm Tyres - 445/70 R24 Michelin C/W Options - Central tyre inflation (CTIS) Vario-Pilot (dual mode Left/Right hand steering) Front implement mounting plate (din76060) Air-suspended driver/passenger seat Rear view camera and monitor in cab Sun visor, exterior transparent Working gears Automatic gear shift (EAS) Tipping
Mercedes-Benz Unimog  318
Mercedes-Benz Unimog 318 £119,999.00
2016 | Tippers Productspecweb: 2016 ex Demo in stock Model - UGE U318 HP - 180/4 CYL Colour - White Chassis - 3000mm Tyres - 425/75 R20 Michelin, agri Warranty – remainder of 3yrs conditions apply. (Warranty would have started due to ex demo) No 0% finance as ex demo C/W Options - Vario-Pilot (dual mode Left/Right hand steering) Front implement mounting plate (din76060) Air-suspended driver/passenger seat,
Mercedes-Benz Unimog  530
Mercedes-Benz Unimog 530 POA
2017 | Flats Productspecweb: Model - UGE U530 HP - 299/6 CYL Colour - Carbon Black Chassis - 3350mm Tyres - 445/65R 22.5 Michelin C/W Options - Central tyre inflation (CTIS) Vario-Pilot (dual mode Left/Right hand steering) Front implement mounting plate (din76060) Air-suspended driver/passenger seat Rear view camera and monitor in cab Sun visor, exterior transparent Working gears Automatic gear shift (EAS)

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Click on the dates in the timeline below to view interesting events in the Mercedes-Benz Unimog's history. Click on the circles in the timeline to view key model updates and face lifts
First prototype developed in post-war Germany to be used as agricultural equipment. It was designed with equal-sized wheels, a mounting bracket in front, a hitch at the rear and loading space in the centre to make it a multi-purpose vehicle that farmers could use in the field or on the road. First prototype equipped with a gasoline engine as the development of the OM636 diesel engine had not been finished.
Production launched
Unimog went into production. OM636 Daimler Benz Diesel engines became standard equipment.
Manufacturing moved
Vehicles began to be manufactured in Gaggenau.
Enclosed cab launched
Enclosed cab vehicles became available.
Unimog 404 S launched
Unimog 404 S series produced. This was intended to be a mobile cross-country truck instead of an agricultural implement.
New Models Introduced
The larger U3000 and U5000 models were introduced.
406 Series introduced.
406 Series introduced. These were equipped with a four cylinder Diesel.
Unimog given Euro 5 engines
All Unimog models were made complete with BlueTec, designed to make them greener and more responsive.
Unimog 425 launched
Unimog 425 series introduced as an additional heavy line. The new, angular cab had a large, forward hood sloping at the nose, flowing down to a wide, black grille. The appearance of this cab remained the same for more than 25 years.
424 launched
New angular 424 middle series of Unimogs were produced. All Unimogs were quipped with four wheel disc brakes, years before this safety equipment was mandated for trucks.
Production of the U404 ceased
Production of the U404 ended.
Introduction of the 407 and 427
Introduction of the light and medium range 407 and 427.
Introduction of the 437 series
Production of the 406 and 416 ceased. Introduction of the 437 series.
Manufacturing of the MB Trac ceased
Manufacturing of the MB Trac series ended.
introduction of the 408 and 418
Introduction of the new light models 408 and 418 with newly designed cabs to replace the predecessor models. A completely re-arranged cab with a high roof offered more space than previously and a new very diagonal front portion gave operators a good overview.
Mercedes-Benz Unimog truck video

New 2013 model UnimogThe Unimog is, as you might expect, not the fastest truck going. The U300, U400 and U500 models have a top speed of 56mph. However, the power is sufficient enough to lug around a significant payload, ranging from 156bhp to 286bhp. The newer models come complete with BlueTec, which reduces particulate emissions and improves fuel economy.

Typically, when buying a newer Unimog, you’re likely to have just the one cab type to choose from. Despite looking small on the inside, the cab does provide panoramic views from the front, while newer versions have been ergonomically-designed for maximum comfort.

Arguably the greatest asset possessed by the Unimog is its off-road ability. Equipped with chunky off-road tyres, it has been built for some of the more difficult jobs that truck drivers tend to do, especially when driving on sand or rocky terrain.

Payload capacity tends to vary between models. The larger ones can be expected to carry several tonnes, while the majority of Unimogs tend to weigh around 7.5 tonnes including attachments.

Mercedes Unimog In a nutshell

The Unimog is as rugged as trucks come and would be the perfect vehicle for any logistical off-road jobs that need doing.

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